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Sep 18, Jun Jin's Kakaotalk profile picture has been an affectionate couple shot of SPICA has already gained much popularity for having exceptional vocal skills. Out of Shinhwa, HOT, and G.O.D, only a member from G.O.D has. Sep 17, Love has blossomed between Shinhwa‘s Jun Jin (age 32) and SPICA‘s Park Joo Hyun (age 26). Sources say, “Park Joo Hyun debuted this year and started her official SPICA activities. Jun Jin and Park Joo Hyun’s relationship is already quite well known amongst fans. Apr 25, spica, spica profile, kpop spica, boyoung, boa, juhyun, narae, featured in Heo YoungSaeng's “Let It Go” MV; She dated ShinHwa's JunJin.

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  • SPICA Members Profile
  • SPICA Members Profile: The Brightest Stars in K-Pop
  • Me? Check. Mandu? Check. Favorite Kpop Artists? Check!

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junjin dating spica member profile