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jj tvb artist dating

Since their alleged breakup, beautiful JJ Jia had many suitors, including the unlikely martial arts actor, Louis Fan (樊少皇)!. Louis and JJ had. 年3月25日 Chinese Hongkong Taiwan Artist Celebs Gossip TVB Drama. Tabloids reported that Louis fan has a wife and two teenage children in Hong Kong, while dating JJ Jia. On August 23rd, Louis released a.

Many years ago, I have already separated from the mother of my children due to incompatibility in our love relationship and lifestyle.

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When I was 23 years old, when I was rash and immature, I decided to live with the mother of my children. We agreed to not get married at the time. While living together, we had two children. While living together for many years, the initial rashness faded, while the communication and incompatibility issues continued to grow.

jj tvb artist dating

Our love relationship became broken. Since I spent the majority of my time in mainland China, I was unable to save the relationship in time. To at least fulfill my responsibility as a father and in order to visit my children, this became the reason for me to wish to return home.

jj tvb artist dating

However, the problems over the last 10 years and the continual long-distance separation did not help advance our relationship. I promised to continue to love my children as in past years and give the majority of my filming income to them.

I do not think that this was the best solution, but for me, this is the only solution I can think of for my children. JJ felt that Louis is a good person.

They were currently getting to know each other and had wanted to further develop their relationship.

JJ Jia doesn't plan to become a full-time mother

If somebody said that, then I feel that the situation is not that simple. JJ claimed that she had never thought of it. She was only a normal girl looking for innocent man to date and eventually get married and have children.

In her Weibo post on August 23rd, JJ indicated that she felt that her initial response to the media may have been misinterpreted.

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First, she pretended to trip and fall, conveniently throwing the contents of her plastic water bottle at the reporter. Furthermore, following her "act," Lillian opened her eyes wide and blatantly lied 1: JJ's fans wrote numerous letters expressing their unhappiness and disapproval; Lillian then hastily closed her on-line photo album to the public.

Since then, they've been very low-key and secretive; a few days ago, she was recognized at an audition for a program's host's assistant.

jj tvb artist dating

She hid in the dressing room and refused to accept an interview or any questions. JJ, however, has generously admitted to earnestly pursuing her, and has expressed the hope that everyone give them some space.

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The pair first browsed for DVD's at Asia1, on the second floor; before long, labelmates By2 and other friends showed up, and they went in to the movie together. Following the show, however, it seems that the observant JJ had noticed that there were reporters in the vicinity; he, Lillian, and the others first ducked into a safe corner to come up with a plan to avoid the cameras. When the waiting reporters rushed up to interview them, the five of them immediately-- in an attempt to ward off the reporters-- whipped out their own cellphones and began snapping pictures.

jj tvb artist dating

Their actions were fast and deliberate; obviously, they've practiced this many times. The reporter asked when Lillian and JJ's relationship would be made public; unexpectedly, Lillian began to lose control.