Jewish girls dating arabs

Vigilantes Patrol For Jewish Women Dating Arab Men : NPR

jewish girls dating arabs

Israeli drive to prevent Jewish girls dating Arabs. Women disuaded from breaking once-strong taboo that many equate with 'national treason'. An Israeli group of prominent rabbis' wives has urged Jewish girls not to date or work with Arabs, underscoring the rising power of the religious. A couple hold hands at a gathering of Jewish and Arab youth. that campaigns to prevent Arab men from dating Jewish women has opened a and about Arabs who are pretending to be Jews in order to catch Jewish girls in.

Hotline lets callers inform on Jewish-Arab couples

Stop, stop, one minute. That's them over there. Check if there is a Jewish girl in that car over there.

Arab-Jewish couples take to social media

Every night, David, who asked not to be called by his real name, patrols this and other neighboring Jewish settlements. His mission is to find Arab-Jewish couples and break up their dates. Through translator My heart hurts every time I see a Jewish girl with an Arab. How did we get to this situation? How did we descend to this level?

It is a serious step backwards, in our eyes.

“I’m a Jewish Girl and He Was an Arab Boy; What Was I Thinking?”

David is the leader of a group of vigilantes that goes by several names, including Fire For Judaism and Love of Youth. They say they number between 30 and 40 men and patrol the streets each night.

Officially, they're on the lookout for any mixed couples, but T. Through translator These men approach the girl in a nice way. They buy her things. They build trust with the woman so that given some time, the girls just blindly follow them.

Israel's Fear of Jewish Girls Dating Arabs | Al Bawaba

And with time, one friend follows another, and soon enough, you have a commune made up of these kinds of girls. Comparable groups have formed across the country. In Petah Tikva, an industrial city in Israel's center, the municipality has formed a special division to address what it sees as the problem of underage Arab-Jewish couples. But in Pisgat Ze'ev, the couplings are an unforeseen byproduct of the growing number of Jewish settlements that have been built across largely Arab East Jerusalem.

The small stretch of benches outside Pisgat Ze'ev's only mall seems to be ground zero for teenagers here, no matter what religion. Alona Levy pha year-old Jewish teenager, says that she gets approached by Arab men every day. Through translator We were walking on our own to the mall and a group of Arab boys drove by and were yelling at us, hey hot girls, and we didn't pay them any attention. We aren't interested in them.

This happens to us almost three times a day, at least.

jewish girls dating arabs

But she and her friends understand why some girls decide to defy local norms and date Arab men. Through translator There are a lot of girls that go out with Arab men because Arab boys are wild. Some girls like that.

jewish girls dating arabs

Today, the pair are one of only a few hundred Jewish-Arab married couples living in Israel and unions like theirs - though rare - are a source of deep anxiety for some Israelis who believe intermarriage could ultimately mean the end of the Jewish state. The issue of mixed marriages has rocketed into the national debate after Israel's education ministry banned a book that tells the story of love affair between an Arab man and a Jewish woman. Over the course of 16 largely happy years of marriage and raising children, the couple have had to vault hurdles thrown up by the Israeli state and their respective societies.

Rabbis' wives call on Jews not to date Arabs

He grew up in a family with little education but who had Jewish neighbours on a nearby kibbutz. His parents were unfazed when their son presented his Jewish partner to the family. The location of the wedding was not entirely about being close to Varda's family: Jews and non-Jews are unable to legally marry in Israel. The marriage registry in Israel is controlled by the Orthodox chief rabbi who refuses to administer weddings for Jews who marry outside the faith.

jewish girls dating arabs

Bringing up their three children has also involved compromises and improvisations. Varda was adamant that her children would have bar or bat mitzvahs but the family mixes Jewish and Muslim traditions at Friday night dinner. Both Arabic and Hebrew are spoken in the house. The kids go to a mixed Arab-Jewish school but when they are 18 they will be eligible to be conscripted into the military by a state that considers them Jewish because their mother is a Jew.

Both parents are determined their children will not serve in the army and will fight to try to exempt them.