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jeannine kaiser dating

Cupid's Playbook by Jeannine Kaiser, , available at Book Cupid's Playbook: How to Play the Dating Game to Win!. Mandates to True Love | Mating maxims from Danville dating expert Jeannine Kaiser. Freshly divorced in the mid-'90s, Jeannine Kaiser found herself falling. Jeannine kaiser dating iq Casual Dating With Sweet People.

We talk for over an hour between bites of pizza and gulps of ice tea. We have a lot in common. I try to tell my tragic story in a way that does not make me look pitiful. I always tie in that I am doing well and my children are doing great. Now it is his turn to tell his story. He tells me that he recently broke up with someone.

He has been in love with her for years. He truly thought they would get back together. Just that day, he learned she was dating someone he knew from his softball team.

I could see the pain on his face. He tried to assure me that he was over her. I would be the rebound girl. The week following our first date, we had a few great conversations and exchanged several text messages and finally he set up another date.

We chatted until the movie was about to start. We went to see the American Sniper which I had already seen. I never told him I had seen it. The evening ended awkwardly. It is a hard thing to be…rebound girl.

Their heart is somewhere else. So, I sent him a text in the morning telling him that I woke up thinking about him. And then he went DARK for another whole day.

The silence was all I needed to be clear. I sent him a text. Let me know if something changes. I would rather not be the rebound girl. I do hope he finds happiness. He was a nice guy. On to my next dating adventure! Cupid's Playbookdating coachfinding loveJeannine Kaiserlove letterrelationship advicerelationship experttroubled marriage.

We would have been married 15 years this Saturday. We would have been together for 19 years.

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I miss him every day. He was a good man and he made my life amazing. I challenge you to look at your relationship and see why you fell in love with your husband or wife. Those reasons are still there. I challenge you to keep the flame alive. If you are single, I challenge you to fall in love again. God made love between us and it is the glue to any great relationship. Jeannine Kaiser Dearest Keith: Very few people meet and marry their soulmate. We were among the fortunate people who experienced that deep love, an amazing understanding of each other, that incredible respect and passion.

Cupid's Playbook : How to Play the Dating Game to Win!

We had a love that people only dream of having. We continually worked on our marriage. Our love got deeper and deeper through the years and we weathered several difficult times in our marriage and came out stronger and more committed to each other. I miss so many things about you. I miss how you looked at me…as if I was the most beautiful woman on the planet. I miss how you would leave me phone messages during the day just to tell me that you were thinking of me. I loved how you never left the house without kissing me goodbye and telling me that you adored me.

I am open to hearing for you all. Two men I have been dating told me that if we got serious, they would want me to quit my job and be available for travel. I could be a gym rat, sip ice tea by the pool, go shopping, get my nails done, go for massages and hang with my gal pals.

I would be well taken care of by them and their wealth. Call me crazy, but I said NO! I like using my mind! I love the women I work with! I love the challenge. Why would I give that up? It felt as if they did not see what I do as respectful, important or valuable.

She turns him down! She wants the fairytale. Once in my life, I quit a good job to take care of my kids. Credit cards and bank accounts were canceled by that person. I had to beg for money. I swore I would never let that happen to me again! My reaction was a result of my experience! I walked away from both men. Am I being an idiot? They did not want to negotiate! So what do you think? Jeannine Kaiser, dating and relationship expert.

jeannine kaiser dating coach

Leave a Comment Date number three with the promising man I described in my last blog crashed and burned. I had spent a part of my day getting my nails and hair done and putting on a cute sexy outfit in anticipation of our dinner date.

The text messages flying back and forth between us were flirty. Serious showed up for the date, I was quite surprised. The date felt like an interview and I felt that I was justifying why I would make a good partner for him. It would be a blast to be able to jet off anywhere in the world and spend a couple of months somewhere exotic.

But what would I do the other weeks and months of the year? Hang by the pool sipping on ice tea waiting for him to come home or become a gym rat? I am not a gold digger. It seems he is looking for someone who will be dependent on him.

I am a woman who makes a difference in the world. I am not arm candy, although I turn a lot of heads still in my rocking high heels. As a matter of fact, our conversations were clearly about our work.

Would I retire if given the right circumstances? But how can you commit to doing that with someone after a third date? I moved to a town where I knew nobody for the right man. I commuted my kids to their schools an hour each way for an entire year for the right man.

jeannine kaiser dating

I flew to Colorado every other week for 6 months for the right man. The fun guy that showed up the first date was nowhere to be seen. The kiss was a peck and I was done. I am looking for great love. I am not looking for someone to change or to change me. So, today will involve a little retail therapy and a a few pairs of cute dating shoes and back to the game. I am getting closer to what I want. I am more clear than ever about what I want. This was not it. It only took three dates to figure it out.

Wishing you all great dating and great love. I am getting closer to that. Over the past few weeks, I have begun to meet some very good men. It gave me goosebumps. I literally could not stop thinking about him. We had made a date. Then I started to worry. What if, what if, what if? I almost shouted out loud for the voice in my head to shut up and stop ruining my hopeful fantasy. Our date approached and I felt excited and nervous.

These are interesting emotions because for me, they signal the possibility of me being able to fall for someone. He is a southern man with southern manners. He opens doors for me. He stands when I enter and leave a room.

He is respectful of waitresses and service staff. He is a gentleman. When he looks at me, I feel like the only person in the room. This is one of the things I want to feel. We have so many connections including our favorite dessert being key lime pie. What are the chances?

Then I learned that he was Special Ops, like my husband.

jeannine kaiser dating

Again, what are the chances? We are both life coaches and share the same passions. He has two daughters and a son, like me.