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Atheist Comedian Jamie Kilstein Says If God Exists He's a 'Sociopath'

Sydney Atheists Podcast Episode 11 - Addressing Our Critics, Feb 26, , Listen Sydney Atheists Podcast: Jamie Kilstein interview, Apr 03, , Listen. #Newsfail: Climate Change, Feminism, Gun Control, and Other Fun Stuff We Talk About Because Nobody Else Will by Jamie Kilstein and Allison Kilkenny is the. Podcast, Guest(s), Attraction, Date. · Joey Diaz, Uncle Joey, 12/ · Bill Burr, stand-up comic, 12/ · Gad Saad, evolutionary.

The American mindset works as follows if you are not a Republican you are a Democrat. If you are not a Democrat, you are a Republican. American media can be compared to the commercials.

It appeals to both sides, and the outcome of the game not really mattering in their ability to exist or more importantly make a profit.

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Citizen Radio and Newsfail upholds that deeper, old fashioned journalism and not the sanitised newscasts of today. With no corporate sponsors, they are free to broadcast without fear of losing their big financial supporters. They report the stories that so called liberal media misses or misrepresents For example, in the chapter about our rape culture, legitimate rape, real rape, and those poor boys in Steubenville, Ohio who raped a girl, and became the center of the story.

Other news networks reported the boys had so much promise and now all that will be gone because they are going to jail. What will be the lasting effect on these boys of having to serve a juvenile sentence. That was reported, in that tone on CNN, supposedly a bastion of liberalism.

Liberal media is not so much liberal, but corporate. Newsfail examines several issues that the authors feel are being under reported, misreported, or simply ignored.

They also let in on their personal story to let the reader know they are not discontent rich kids or doing this as a some cool hipster trend. They believe in what they do, and they are articulate, funny, serious, sarcastic, and thought provoking. In addition to climate change, feminism, gun control, the other fun stuff includes class warfare, Occupy Wall Street, human rights, foreign policy, and veganism. The chapters are organized by subject and topic and are all self contained.

The writing is clear, concise, and serves a purpose. Deacon Perry was playing a different game though and chose not to get into evidence from social and neuroscience. I guess a comeback might be: He ceded the territory of being critical of the Bible, but within faith.

To him the Bible is a pre-modern document, but it is the source of divine inspiration take it on faith, I guess. I should note here that Deacon King seems to talk about the Bible mostly in terms of the New Testament. We've golden an silver rules for quite a while. How do we confront the absurdity of their truth claims?

One thinks of Paul Kurtz observation that: To the request that we need a more secular society the Deacon could only suggest that Norway has more suicides than the US not true it turns out to be true — Norway has about the same rate. There is an effect for the absence of sun in winter which shows up in many countries so Finland has a higher rate than the US.

Which cultures are happiest? Don suggested the secular, Scandinavian ones. Again this is supported by UN survey studies based on not only longevity and prosperity but also the belief you can count in others in times of trouble, perception or corruption, generosity etc.

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There were many of these statistical skirmishes throughout but Don was clearly in better command of the facts and supported conclusions.

It was equally interesting to see emotion-laden topics dealt with. When the idea of Hell was introduced as based on human experience Don could parry that, yes, hellish experiences are real and we learn from them but there is no supernatural Hell. Paul Kurtz might fall into the accommodationist category if only because he worried that New Atheism confrontation was an unproductive strategy.

One like look to A.

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Grayling on this idea of certainty and knowledge. Both Perry and Don cited the value of critical thinking, but Perry urged that we not try to wipe out all of tradition and world views found in myths.

They have a special truth one supposes and we should be informed by people who came before us. I could see some of this behavior at the debate. Perry would occasionally invite Don to come to service — we hope to convert you yet. Don had actually read Chardin and groaned noting that that Chardin had his own brand of confusion. But a pre-conscious tendency to learn from others makes us vulnerable to being misinformed if not duped. Evolutionary Psychologists speculate that we have developed a defense.

Better to be converted by truth and not tolerate manipulation. And so on to the question of what should be tolerated.

Is there an atheist “movement”, and is it afflicted with toxic misogyny? « Why Evolution Is True

Religions have more control over women. And by the way should a LGBT person respect a homophobe? One of the first ones was whether Don say religion going away and what would replace it. Don pointed to Sunday Assembly as an alternative.