How to deal with dating an actor

how to deal with dating an actor

Actresses are known for being beautiful and creative. There's no question why men are drawn to them. But does your average Joe know what it. Here is what dating an actor could entail and some tips to help you make the best of judgmental people around, very liberal and a great deal of fun to be with. It takes a secure person to date a celebrity and handle the attention that they may get from fans who take their devotion a bit too far.

Here comes the next audition! Every call and meeting with producers and agents is an emergency. But after she cancels on you for an audition for a Charmin' ad again, you start wondering whether being left high and dry is your idea of fun.

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Which contributes to the next problem… 3. Actors have funny schedules. Film shoots happen at midnight; callbacks pop up out of nowhere. And if she lands a really big job that shoots on location, she could be gone for 3 months.

They are constantly exposed to rejection, hurting their self-esteem. I once accompanied a girlfriend to an audition for a commercial, just to see how the other half lives. What I saw was quite enlightening: You can imagine that this could wreak silent havoc with the self-esteem of anyone not made of stone.

Dating an Actor - Tips and Advice

The dating problem arises because psychologists have found a phenomenon called the marriage shift: That doesn't sound like a party to me. They are in constant danger of being criticized publicly and therefore feel insecure. If you have a regular job, chances are that you receive your periodic work review in private behind closed doors.

But there are a few jobs out there whose job reviews comes out in public — in a newspaper article or worse, on a magazine cover. Their self-absorption leaves little room in their lives for others. The work of a good actor involves total focus on the physical self so it becomes an instrument of expression. Because of this self-absorption and the aforementioned perpetual state of emergency, she will call on you to be understanding and be patient.

However, she will not have the time and energy to be understanding and patient in return.

how to deal with dating an actor

They are incapable of sustained, deep happiness. One of the characteristics of meaningful work is that it gets rewarded.

how to deal with dating an actor

For the reward to register in the human brain, it has to arrive immediately after the completion of a task — within seconds to minutes. Unpredictable timings One of the perks of being an actor is that you are not restricted to a nine-to-five routine.

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Thus you can take off with your boyfriend to enjoy a sunny day at the beach even if it is in the middle of the week. Or you can party till the wee hours of morning knowing that he does not have to get up to early to go to an office. Flexible working hours means that he has more time for you and you can do the things you like with each other at odd hours of the day.

However actors still have to make a living and a good deal of their waking hours are used up by auditions, rehearsals and performances.

how to deal with dating an actor

At times he may have to drop everything for a last-minute audition or a screen test. In fact actors too can have a crazy work schedule if they ever have to shoot something or rehearse for a play. Also your actor boyfriend may be out of town days on end if he is performing with a touring company or has acting assignments in other cities. Then again if you are yourself involved in a regular job, you may not be able to hang out with him till late at night or during the afternoon on a working day.

Emotionally insecure For an actor success depends wholly on acceptance from the paying audience or the public at large. This is unlike the work of an engineer or doctor where professional success can be measured in terms of how a machine has been repaired or how quickly an illness has been diagnosed. This situation of an actor makes him particularly vulnerability to praise or criticism from others as a mark of self-validation. So when your partner may not be getting the kind of roles he wants or the kind of acting fee he feels he deserves, he may become emotionally needy and insecure.

Constant rejection and criticism in a professional life means he will look for constant praise and validation from you. Lover of the limelight Since an actor spends such a large part of his time under the arclights, it is natural for him to seek all the attention in a relationship too. Very often you may find your social life revolving around his social and professional commitments rather than your friends and interests.

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Also a vacation may be more about him working a tan on the beach rather than you enjoying in the view in the mountains. In your daily life too you may be irritated at your routine being structured around his rehearsals or shoots and all emotional issues boiling down to an unfavorable review of his play or a role being grabbed by a competitor. If you cannot bear the prospect of your partner hogging the limelight all the time, maybe you should think twice before dating an actor and especially being in a relationship with one.

Trust issues It is very common for actors to be unfaithful to their partners; one could blame their crazy working schedules which compel them to be with co-actors for long periods of the day and at all ungodly hours. Or it could be the natural consequence of being around good-looking people all the time.

The bottom-line is that you should be strong enough to take flirtatious advances to your partner in your stride.

Try to have a level head instead of giving way to jealousy and tantrums when you notice your partner paying a generous compliment to a sexy actress. In fact you should nurture your own physical and intellectual gifts so that you are self-assured as a person.