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Feb 6, UC Bans Dating of Faculty, Students the proposal began in but gained momentum after the widely publicized episode. between professors and undergraduates, as well as graduate students under their supervisors. 2/2/, Dating at Stanford 4/27/, The little grad student - `Paid for my work` 5/24/, PhD - Episode 1 .. 10/11/, Undergrad research. Dec 6, Undergraduates have no clue what graduate students do. Some undergrads get excited about the possibility of dating a graduate student, and that's 78 episodes of 30 Rock while eating popcorn and Nutella with a spoon.

For small classes with only 1 TA this might mean the professor grades the undergrad-in-question's assignment, or the department will switch the TA to a different course. In my opinion, I think the TA only needs to inform the professor that a personal relationship exists.

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The TA should not be forced to reveal which undergrad it is unless it is necessary to preserve academic integrity as in above paragraph.

I do not think the school or program has any right to prevent professors, graduate students, and undergraduate students from dating each other also undergrad are also TAs in many places. In the best case, the TA would never grade their SO's work, but if that is unavoidable, the school has not right to assume that because the personal relationship exists, that there will be something inappropriate happening. The school would have to prove that the TA is guilty of doing something wrong! To answer the OP's questions: I would not say it's common in the sense that most graduate students will have a relationship with an undergrad.

However, I think it is not rare at all. I think most graduate students will know of at least one graduate-undergraduate relationship. I know of at least 4 including professor-student ones. What kind of trouble can a grad student get into if it's not reported? Depends on the school's policy for not following their policy! But do you know for a fact that this isn't already reported privately?

Depression and Anxiety in Graduate School

By the end of it, I was thoroughly sick of my project, wildly ready to get out the door and see what the post-doc life was going to be like and very much wondering if it would turn out to be more of the same, in a different location. I saw examples of just those situations mentioned above, with people unable to make a real start in research or unable to write up at the end of it.

And there was one flat-out suicide attempt, very nearly successful and permanently damaging to the person involved. At my own worst moments, I would be standing there in the lab feeling like a pitcher out on the mound who had just shaken off every pitch he knew how to throw.

Waiting for me was my reward at the end of twenty-odd linear steps, the chance to risk all my hard work by trying finally some new chemistry that would probably not work and might well destroy my starting material in the process.

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Up at around step 9 I was still in liter-sized flask territory I was ready to work up the whole batch after a late-night reaction. I added some ammonium chloride and extracted the black mixture. I evaporated it down to a bunch of black oil and loaded it on a big gravity column of coarse silica gel — from prior runs, I knew that would hold the black crud at the top and allow a big yellow band of product to elute.

Except this time the whole column turned black. Must have overloaded the column with this big pile of material, I thought.

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Reserving worry, I set up another column on that stuff, and this time the whole column turned black again, and nothing at all came out the other end but slightly discolored solvent. I had, in fact, destroyed my entire huge batch, because at 2 AM I was too groggy to remember that I was supposed to work it up with saturated bicarb, not ammonium chloride. Ruined, all that batch of material that was going to finally get my synthesis finished and get me out of this place.

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I shook my head, cursed loudly, and went home, and to my surprise I fell asleep fairly quickly. What else was there to do? I woke up the next morning and went through that terrible disorienting feeling when after a few seconds you suddenly remember that something bad happened the night before. And then I got up and went to the lab, and set up an even larger batch back at the beginning of the synthesis, step one. Looking back, that night and that morning were a key episode in my graduate career and my life in general, because that batch I started that next day really did get me out in the end.