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gossip girl jenny relationships dating

Last night's Gossip Girl escalated the relationship drama straight to the Rufus tells Jenny to pack her bags because they're moving back to Brooklyn. Vanessa and Dan pretend that they're both dating other people, and. There have been many couples over the show. Only nate. Only as a tim burton exhibit? Gossip girl writing staff learned recently, serena. My entire gossip girl. If Gossip Girl were a guy instead of a TV show, he'd be the really sexy guy Could a normal relationship withstand an attempt to sell the girlfriend for a how Chuck attempted to sexually assault Jenny in the first season, and.

Blair offers to forgive Jenny for everything if she fixes her dress; which she does, causing her to miss Alison's opening all together. As a result, Alison warns Jenny to think hard about the kind of person she is becoming. Later that night, she overhears a conversation between Dan and Serena and learns that Blair slept with both Nate and Chuck in the same week.

The next day, the rumor comes out on Gossip Girl and Jenny confirms the rumor to Nate, who breaks up with Blair. Due to Blair's downfall, the other minions take over ruling the school and allow Jenny to hold a higher position within their group.

Meanwhile, Jenny is struggling to keep up with the luxurious lifestyle of her new friends and steals a dress from Hazel Williams ' mother's closet to wear at the birthday dinner they are planning for her. At the same time, Blair works with Rufus to plan an embarrassing party for Jenny; where it's revealed that she stole Hazel's mother's dress. While the girls are angry at first, they decide to forgive Jenny rather than give power back to Blair.

However, she quickly realizes she made a big mistake after Asher reveals that he is gay and only using her as a beard. At a joint party Asher and Jenny throw together, Blair and Eric reveal Asher's sexuality to everyone. After finding out, Jenny's friends become angry at her for lying about sleeping with Asher and kick her out of the group All About My Brother.

After school begins and Jenny becomes worried about Blair's clique targeting her she begins to skip school to work at the atelier. However, Blair quickly figures out what Jenny is doing and alerts Rufus; who attempts to put a stop to it. When he confronts Jenny about it she tells him that she isn't planning on returning to Constance The Serena Also Rises. Soon after, Nate moves into the Humphrey loft after Dan and Jenny discover that he is living off the bare minimum in his house.

At the same time, Jenny is taking on more responsibilities at Waldorf Designs and befriends a model, Agnes Andrewswho convinces her to quit letting Eleanor rip off her designs and start her own clothing line. Later that day she hangs out with Agnes and ends up dancing with her shirt off while Agnes' boyfriend, Max, takes photos.

Nate escorts her home but kisses her on the way out. They successfully do so, and Dan kicks Nate out of the loft after he witnesses him kiss Jenny.

However, Rufus is angry with Jenny for sabotaging an event and almost has her arrested. Afterwards Jenny moves out to stay with Agnes.

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In Bonfire of the Vanity Jenny becomes increasingly annoyed with Agnes' cavalier behavior towards the future of their line. After she blows an important meeting, Jenny steals her list of contacts and begins to meet with them secretly. When Agnes finds out she burns all of Jenny's dresses and kicks her out of her apartment. Jenny then goes home to ask Rufus to sign papers giving permission for her to start her own line.

He refuses and Jenny goes to stay at the art gallery. The next day, she meets with a potential investor who suggests she emancipate herself to get the ball rolling on next steps. Lily finds Jenny's emancipation papers and immediately calls Rufus to tell him. She arranges a meeting between the two and Rufus tells Jenny that if she really truly wants him to sign the papers, he will. She mulls it over before ripping the papers up and tells Rufus that she doesn't want to not be his daughter.

At Thanksgiving dinner, Vanessa finds a letter Nate wrote to Jenny where he admits he has feelings for her and she steals it before Jenny can see it. Jenny makes her a dress with zero lining, rendering the dress see through, and they arrange for Vanessa to have a spotlight shown on her.

When Nate finds out what Jenny did he tells her he has no interest in her anymore It's a Wonderful Lie. In Gone with the Will it's revealed that Jenny, Dan, Serena, and Eric share a half sibling due to Rufus and Lily having had a son before any of them were born.

However, Blair is unsatisfied with the way she is running things and steps in. After this, Jenny begins to take her new role more seriously and becomes much like the way Blair was.

Soon after, Jenny is tested when she chooses being queen over her friendship with Eric and the two begin to fight How to Succeed in Bassness. He brings Jenny onto his operation and the two become close, eventually beginning to date in The Lady Vanished. However, since Damien is older than Jenny, he becomes interested in wanting to have sex with her. On the one hand, they were childhood sweethearts.

It's hard to want a couple to be together after that and he briefly ruined a friendship. It was obvious Nate and Blair never would or should have stayed together from the beginning. Their relationship seemed to exist to be the source of conflict in season 1 for Blair and Serena's friendship.


After that, there was no reason for it to continue. The only good thing to come of it was them realizing in season 2 they were truly over. Dan and Vanessa Dan and Vanessa's relationship was one that needed to be explored at some point on-screen. Was it one that should have lasted? Was it one that could have lasted?

It was clear from the very start that Serena and Dan would end up together. If the Gossip Girl reveal didn't change that, nothing could. Dan and Vanessa's relationship may not have lasted, but they were two outsiders that got caught up in the drama of the Upper East Side. However, Dan and Vanessa deserved better as a couple than they got. She was the one who got his story published in The New Yorker as unbelievable as that was.

Maybe they would have had a chance if their romantic connection didn't have a scandalous beginning, thanks to Olivia. Chuck and Jenny On the one hand, leaving the city was best for Jenny. That was something that Dan and Rufus agreed on when Gossip Girl's identity was revealed in the series finale. A GG blast made that possible. In the pilot, Chuck tried to take things too far with Jenny on a rooftop.

Dan and Serena intervened and saved her. It was the wrong move and one of the worst things to ever happen in the series. Serena and Nate Yes, Serena and Nate may have first gotten together behind her best friend's back.

Their hookup was the moment that started everything, really. Who knows what would have been different, if not for that? Anyone who likes anything that happened on Gossip Girl has them to thank. It took until season 3 for the two to give a relationship a try. If Dan didn't exist, it's possible that they could have worked and ended up together. There would have been no reason for Serena and Dan to drift back together.

In the end, they sadly didn't have enough drama to last, which says something given their history. That's also why it would've been preferable to see them end up together, rather than Dan and Serena. Remember when Dan wanted to be with someone normal?

gossip girl jenny relationships dating

Somehow, the two ended up dating briefly. There seemed to be one thing after another when it came to their relationship. Vanessa briefly interfered with their relationship over a toast at a dinner. Olivia lied about dating a co-star and she told an embarrassing story about him to Jimmy Fallon. Olivia and Dan's relationship may have been a short, but it was packed with drama. He tried to keep her from filming a movie with a list of things college students needed to experience.

They, along with Vanessa, did everything on the list, including some experimentation. It inevitably led to some jealousy.


Olivia ended up leaving to film a movie and was never seen again. So, what was the point of their relationship? Featured Today 13 Saved: Dorota and Vanya In the earlier seasons, Dorota was only really seen as the Waldorf's maid but changed as the series progressed. She was also a fan favorite character and a popular guess for Gossip Girl's identity.

There were even Chasing Dorota webisodes. Her relationship with Vanya, a doorman in Lily's apartment building, was never really a main focus of the series. However, it benefited from that because they could just be that sweet, romantic couple on the fringe of the other relationships' problems.

His proposal is reason enough to love their relationship. Rufus and Ivy Only on Gossip Girl could someone pretend to be someone else and then stick around. Not only did Ivy stay after everyone found out she wasn't Charlie Rhodes, but she even got some money. That wasn't the worst of it. In fact, the worst of it wasn't even the mess that was her and William's relationship.

No, that honor belongs to her and Rufus' brief romance. It was completely unnecessary since it wasn't like it was the final straw that kept Rufus and Lily apart. By that point, that relationship had run its course. Instead, it seemed like the only point of Rufus and Ivy's relationship was so Dan could walk in on them.

No one needed to see that. Serena and Carter Serena and Carter would never have lasted, even if Dan wasn't her endgame.

However, it wouldn't have been the worst thing to have Blake Lively and Sebastian Stan's characters together longer.

gossip girl jenny relationships dating

Carter really tried to show Serena that he changed and tried to redeem himself. He started out as someone she would not be with and he had his problems. However, when they were together, he showed he'd changed despite others conspiring to try to prove otherwise. He was at his best and wanted to take responsibility for his past actions when he was with her. Lying about knowing where her father was wasn't the right move, but it's still better than being Gossip Girl.

Nate and Jenny If ever a relationship never should have progressed beyond a one-sided crush, it's this one. It all started when Nate mistook her for Serena because of a mask at a ball. After that, the two became friends and that was where their relationship should have stayed. Instead, after he moved into the Humphreys' loft in season 2, he and Jenny got closer and eventually briefly dated. Vanessa took a letter he wrote meant for Jenny. In return, Jenny planned to get revenge by giving Vanessa an unlined dress to wear at a ball.

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It was childish and probably never would have happened, if not for Nate and Jenny moving past her crush. Oh, and let's not forget why Jenny decided to go to Chuck. She tried and failed to get back together with Nate. Rufus and Lily Anyone else wondering why Rufus and Lily didn't end up together? He would have been the better option for her than William. She would have made more sense than Lisa Loeb.

gossip girl jenny relationships dating

Sure, their children got married, but even if Rufus and Lily had gotten back together, they weren't related. Yes, Lily's relationship with Bart got in the way of them being together more than once. Having them finally get together was the right move by Gossip Girl. The drama that followed as Lily hid her cancer treatments and William tried to win her back wasn't either.

However, for the most part, they were good together and it's just too bad that they couldn't reconcile. Blair and Prince Louis Blair and Prince Louis' relationship was just one of the many roadblocks in the way of the show's endgame. Blair and Chuck were clearly going to end up together. Having Blair be with a prince wasn't going to change that.

In fact, having her date Prince Louis wasn't even a problem. Blaire and Prince Louis' had a sweet relationship, but you could tell Blaire wasn't truly in-love with Louis. Why this couple hurt the series is that they got married. Blair actually went through with the wedding, even after a Gossip Girl blast including her love for Chuck. At the very least, that video should have meant the end of that royal relationship. The fact that it didn't and all the drama that resulted from it including Blair's pregnancy and Louis paying Chuck's therapist made it a painful storyline.

Eric and Jonathan There were few same-sex couples on Gossip Girl.