Good questions to ask a man when dating fireman

good questions to ask a man when dating fireman

These men (I'll stick to male firefighters that's what I know) may the things you find desirable, it's why you want to date them to begin Tell him you would love to see where he works, or ask if you might bring some cookies by the station. If he jumps at the suggestion and offers a good time to do that you're. What are your five top tips for dating a firefighter? about forming a lasting relationship with someone in a profession which is The details of the job are not only great conversation starters: asking question about them also. When it comes to questions to ask a guy on a date, you don't want to Asking questions is a great way to get to know someone quickly, but .. Typically doctors , lawyers, firemen, whatever, are happy to tell you what they do!.

Dating a Fireman - Tips and Advice

If it is going to work out they will adjust on their own, but pushing early is a deal breaker. Keep conversations light, avoid serious topics or overly intellectual subjects. The easiest conversation is to have him talk about himself.

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Why is he a firefighter? What is the best part about the job? Has he ever been scared at a big call? Get to know the man, he wants to be accepted as the man doing the job, not as a character in a movie. This can happen in two ways, the best thing you can hope for is an invitation to visit the station.

good questions to ask a man when dating fireman

You might even suggest it in a non-stalker way. Tell him you would love to see where he works, or ask if you might bring some cookies by the station.

good questions to ask a man when dating fireman

It will be after normal duty hours generally after the evening meal, when we have some down time. Understand the testosterone laden environment you will be entering, you will rightly or wrongly be evaluated on your attractiveness.

Nothing like making the night for a bunch of hardworking men by having some pretty women stop by the house, remember there could be more single guys there. But ask first, if he agrees, bring it on. If he is hesitant or unsure drop it and go by yourself. The other introduction to his guys will be the meeting out on the town. We have our favorite watering holes and stomping grounds, once again be prepared for what is to come. For the most part firefighters are still gentlemen and will treat a lady with respect.

Casual dating by kalyani10 Firemen often figure among the most-wanted list of dating partners for women. Their physical prowess coupled with a quick mind and a sense of duty towards the community make for a potent cocktail of desirable qualities which lots of women would like to have in their partners.

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So if you are keen on dating a firefighter, here are a few tips to help you along. Click here to see pics and videos of single women and men in your city looking for dates. Look in the right places Pubs and bars around fire stations have always been popular with firemen chilling out after duty or looking to grab a quick bite during the lunch break. So if you are interested in meeting attractive firemen, you could frequent these watering holes. Other than that find out about community events hosted by fire stations.

Fire departments in towns and cities often visit schools, libraries and other important places in a neighborhood to talk about fire prevention and other safety issues. Make it a point to attend such events whether alone or kids in tow since these are good opportunities for meeting firemen when they are not stressed and more than happy to interact with members of the community.

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Also remember to drop off treats and donations regularly at your local fire station which apart from letting you come across the boys there, would also make you a well-known and welcome face at the station. Volunteer Yet another useful way of crossing paths with attractive firemen is to offer your services to your local fire station. To do this you need not actually get down to firefighting — that can be only done by professionals who have taken and passed the relevant courses — but instead you can look for other ways to help out the brave men who risk so much for the safety of the community.

For instance, you can volunteer your typing services or offer to look after their filing system for a certain period. Every department of public service is bound to have a great deal of paperwork to sort out and your local fire station may be grateful to have someone to help them on this.

good questions to ask a man when dating fireman