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gia bachelor pad dating sim

ABC promises some drama in the second season of Bachelor Pad. are currently dating, there is recent bad blood between Gia and Vienna. Bachelor star Gia Allemand committed suicide by hanging herself on Within hours he received a phone call from his girlfriend's mother. Former Bachelor and Bachelor Pad star Gia Allemand has died, Allemand at the Papavero Funeral Home in New York, but the date has not.

gia bachelor pad dating sim

They called the eventual Bachelor winner out on her manipulation and backstabbing, which prompted Vienna to insist she could care less what people thought of her. But clearly they got through to her, since Vienna was in tears moments later. Gia's boyfriend speaks out on the tragedy 3. Gia managed to leave enough of an impression on Jake this early on in the season without a one-on-one date. For you Bachelor experts, you know that's no easy feat. Hometown Honesty, Episode Six: Gia made it all the way to the hometown dates, and although her mom insists that Jake really has love for her, she needed more than that to honestly believe he's already in love.

That episode showed Gia had a good head on her shoulders and wouldn't easily buy into the fairy-tale aspect of The Bachelor.

gia bachelor pad dating sim

Plus, seeing Gia interact with her family was really endearing to watch. The Bachelor's most memorable moments 5. A Graceful Exit, Episode Seven: Even though Jake said during the episode that Gia had grabbed hold of his heart, Jake made the decision to let her go in the end.

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And unlike many other eliminated contestants of Bachelor past, Gia handled it the best way a lady can. He spent most days reading the Bible. When he did eat it was just apple sauce and yoghurt.

gia bachelor pad dating sim

Sleeping was the same, often requiring a family member to sleep next to him at night. He felt in many ways responsible for what had occurred that fateful August night. Finally he began to heal through the support of his family.

Now the athlete is back playing with the Pelicans. One of Gia's friends, Becca Cohen, told Sports Illustrated that the star was prone to the 'highest of highs and lowest of lows'. Although, Becca was quick to point out: Since college, I was worried about her, because she lived so much of her life for other people. Some people have their lives planned out and what they want, and it's very hard to deal with disappointment.

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Unfortunately my daughter needed professional help. She must have had demons inside. When it came to relationships, she always felt men would abandon her.

Ryan moved home after the incident, pictured at Gia's funeral Star-making: