Galaxy angel dating sim game

Galaxy Angel Date Sim Date RPG Game

galaxy angel dating sim game

stats for all characters, health and money. You accidentally crashed you ship into another ship but not all is bad as this ship is fully of super hot women. You have to try and get these hot women to go on dates with you in Galaxy Angel sim date RPG. Galaxy Angel is a dating game that takes place far off in the future and in space. After a period of hibernation, you wake up aboard the Angel Base. Galaxy Angel Sim Date RPG. Cheatbook is the resource for the latest Cheats, tips , cheat codes, unlockables, hints and secrets to get the edge to win.

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HP is needed not only to live through battles and train, but also to talk to the girls. Each time you talk to them, you lose 30 percent. You can restore HP in two places: Missions Five days of the week, the five girls of the ship have a mission to complete. You can check the schedule on the Ship's Bridge. If you take the mission off their hands, it will significantly boost your points with that girl. You can check your points with any girl by clicking the "Menu" button.

The girl will tell you what you need to complete the mission, but it usually involves going somewhere -- usually a planet or the archive -- and finding something to bring back. The angels get generally more powerful the more they like Tact even when not on their "route"and your chosen Angel will be bonkers powerful once you commit to them.

galaxy angel dating sim game

This fact is exploited to the max during Eternal Lovers by Wein. Your chosen girl once her affection scores are high enough, yes, even Vanilla. Pretty much lying around willy-nilly, apparently. The discovery of one by a disgraced Prince kicks off the plot of the first game.

galaxy angel dating sim game

Love Makes You Evil: It is hinted several times that the main reason behind Eonia's coup'd etat was his love for the Moon Goddess Shatyarn.

In Eternal Lovers, Chitose on her route, as she subconsciously transfers all of her romantic feelings about Tact over to Lester, the latter more closely matching her image of the ideal soldier. One that makes good coffee.

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Played straight in every single one of the games, where the antagonist's army is composed mostly of unmanned ships with only a very few organic beings around. Probably done in order to keep the line between good and evil clear. Forte's Emblem Frame, the "Happy Trigger". In the original trilogy, Happy Trigger possesses the highest firepower and second best defense out of all available Emblem Frames.

Correspondingly, it is also the slowest. Great for destroying heavily armored opponents, not good when pursuing fleeing ones. Being a snarky telepath, having her powers reversed essentially a thought broadcast instead of mind-reading really puts Mint down. But after all is said and done, and the people whom she snarked about came forward with their own take on things, it all sets up for a big Aesop on trusting other people and honesty. Oh, and trusting your own lover.

And she can't control it, so a bunch of insulting thoughts about the other Angels came tumbling out of her head. Due to a combination of this and other factors, Mint tried to isolate herself from everyone else.

galaxy angel dating sim game

Tact's managed to lure her out with a heartwarming speech over loudspeaker, but Mint is still worried that the Angels will all hate her now. Then the other Angels actually show up, and Mint braces herself for the hatred and scorn, setting up the Milholland Relationship Moment Forte doesn't like Mint's extra set of ears, since Forte is jealous that Mint is doing something nobody else can pull off.

Ranpha is jealous of Mint's small body, but only because if Ranpha was small like Mint, Ranpha could wear cuter clothes. Milfeulle says sometimes Mint can be surprisingly harsh with her jokes and sometimes Milfeulle starts crying. Chitose thinks Mint should try to be less sarcastic. Finally, Vanilla asks Mint to please stop pulling on the space rabbits' ears when she plays with them.

And Tact himself chimes in that he'd prefer it if Mint didn't enjoy teasing other people so much. Well, now they've all told Mint how they feel, does Mint hate them now? Mint says of course not Mint should have a little more faith in them.

A Million Is a Statistic: Played straight in the first game. The opening movie shows Eonia's army bombarding the surface of Planet Transbaal. Both scenes depict the destruction from orbit in a very detailed way, to the point even the good guys comment they cannot estimate the numbers. To her credit, though, Milfie is pretty freaked out by all the death occurring around her in the opening movie, and a small subcurrent of her plotline involves dealing with the staggering amount of suffering she's seen.

Ultimately, though, the game's a fair bit too light-hearted to really pursue the idea in detail. After Rhome is devastated, all of the pilots will have some "cockpit chat" about what happened and how they're trying to cope mentally in various ways. Mint suffers from this, in multiple ways.

galaxy angel dating sim game

Her ability to read minds caused her problems when growing up since she could see people's true intentions, and her father's mind-reading abilities caused problems when her father would read what Mint wanted but not why she wanted it. In Moonlit Lovers, she relies on her mind-reading so much that when it starts to fail, it puts a serious strain in her relationship with Tact.

Finally, in Eternal Lovers, after Mint suffers a head injury because Tact had to shoot down her malfunctioning Trick Master, her telepathic powers malfunction and broadcast her thoughts to everyone else.

Almo and Coco pretty much fills this role. More Friends, More Benefits: Nowhere in the game does it offer you any sort of a chance of two-timing with any other girl than your chosen one. Needless to say, Harem Endings are also out of the question.

Pulled spectacularly by Wein.

Galaxy Angel Sim Date + Love Hina cheat #1

After managing to steal Unit 7, with the Chrono Break Cannon attached to it, he was pursued by Tact and his Angel Brigade sans one, who was out of commission. They caught up with Wein who has rendezvoused with a sizable defensive force. After the battle is done, Tact corners him, only for Wein to reveal that he can activate the superweapon that he stole, on top of holding Lushati hostage.

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After he gets Tact and the Angels to back down, then he reveals that he has an even bigger fleet coming, and the whole thing was just a ruse to begin with. To top it all off, the superweapon gambit he pulled was not a bluff and he fires it at Tact, the effect of which makes you start with much less health in the next battle. Some paths' Chitose, arguably, and definitely the manga version of her. Also Shatoyan and Lushati. Vanilla's specialty is being able to work with nanomachines.

While this is mostly used for healing, her control over it is such that her Nanomachine pet can be more accurately described as an extension of her self.

It turns out that it's neither. Eonia Transbaal broadcasts one of these after executing a coup'd etat in the beginning of the first game. Tact can respond fiercely against it, carefully consider all sides, or even agree with Eonia which of course, carries a penalty to the girls' Relationship Values.

If any one of the Angels gets shot down in battle, she automatically withdraws back to the hangar so her Emblem Frame can be fixed.

But after the battle she scolds you for your subpar orders. The Transbaal Navy ships also automatically retreat when "destroyed". Happens to the heroes side and the antagonists, in EL when Wein makes Unit 7 grow wingsis a collective moment for the Elsior and the Angels. Older Than They Look: Mint is practically an adult, going by her age. On her route she actually comments with some despair that she seems to have stopped growing entirely, and seems partly worried about how that might reflect on Tact.

Before the engines can be repaired however, more enemy ships arrive, and rather than risking discovery, Commodore Lufte takes command of the remaining fleet and draws the enemy ships away, while the Elsior remains and makes its way to Rhombe, fighting off enemy attacks along the way, including elements of the Imperial Fleet changed sides to side with Prince Eonia.

galaxy angel dating sim game

While attempting to meet up with the 3rd fleet stationed at Rhombe, the Elsior discovers destroyed remnants of the 3rd fleet and runs into a trap by Prince Eonia's main fleet. While fighting the forces, they receive another message from the 3rd fleet with a new rendezvous point, after fighting their way through the enemy fleet to the rendezvous point, allied reinforcements arrive and force the enemy forces to retreat, Commodore Lufte having evaded enemy forces and reached the Rhombe System ahead of the Elsior.

Afterwards, the Loyalist fleet launches an operation to destroy Prince Eonia's main fleet at the Nadler system, and they inflict a serious defeat on the enemy and the commanding admirals and other high-ranking officers of the Imperial Navy decide to hold a ball in Prince Shiva's honour, and plan to transfer Meyers away to command another fleet while the Angel Wings and the Elsior remain behind to guard Prince Shiva on Fargo, an orbital city around the planet Rhombe.

On a routine visit to the ship's hangar, Meyers bumps into a strange girl called Noah, who wants Meyers to give him one of the Emblem Frames. When Meyers refuses, Noah gets angry, says that she will make more and stronger ones, and runs off, disappearing just around the corner. Shrugging the incident off, Meyers takes his chosen love with him to the ball, and while there Prince Eonia shows up with several soldiers to try and take Prince Shiva into his Custody, although Prince Shiva refuses.