Fullmetal alchemist cap 23 latino dating

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fullmetal alchemist cap 23 latino dating

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It wasn't quite what we got, but at least we got some of it. I believe that there is an intense connection between a show's opening and the audience's willingness to appreciate it. It is very likely that the intensity of many fanbases is in part due to the ability that openings such as these have to maintain feelings in regards to the show, oftentimes perhaps even distorting or altering memories of the show itself into what the opening would have you believe the show was like rather than what it was actually like.

Remember how those shows were absolutely nothing like that? For starters, the writing is often clunky and awkward, but that's not the main issue. It's because most of them are not really characters: They're entirely predictable, not because they feel like real people but because they do the same things over and over again.

Al talks about what he'll do when he gets his body back. Ed talks about how they'll find a way and how they will atone for their mistakes and etc. It's not that it's melodrama: It wasn't until sometime past episode 30 that Ed stopped sounding perpetually like a broken record and started to feel as though he were actually developing, but even then he was really just defined by his arc and not by any amount of complexity.

And that's the pitfall that so many of these characters fall into. If your character's only real traits beyond their development for the sake of the show are "hates being called short" and "hates milk" they're really more of a tool with some googly eyes stuck on to them.

Other characters are even worse: His sister is more manly. Mustang wants to be Fuhrer and avenge Hughes he's even got this great relationship with Hawkeye that could have been seriously compelling if they ever had any real conversations about anything besides "we must overthrow the government" and "Hughes! Winry likes Ed and automail. Ling wants to be emperor. B is a complex, busy show. I could understand if it didn't have the time to make these characters anything more than chess pieces for its grand and elaborate plot, giving them a few distinguishing traits because that's really all it can manage without dragging itself out immensely.

But it DOES have the time: It has all the time it spends having Armstrong pull of his shirt and yell about being manly. It has all the time it spends having Ed and Al talk about getting their goddamn bodies back over and fucking over again as though I would somehow manage to forget it.

Ling passing out from lack of food. May fawning comically over Ed. Mustang is antisocial LOL. The same gags, over and over again, barely even rehashed in any original way. Not only do they become painful to watch, they devour all of the development that this shallow cast of characters could have had to make me actually invested in them. They're far too static, with most of them having a single change or revelation over the course of the show's 64 episodes in order to indicate that they have grown as a person.

But a good character has so much more than that: Who are their role models? What books do they like? What are their favorite places to eat? What do they appreciate in the people they're close to??

fullmetal alchemist cap 23 latino dating

What are their personal histories I didn't mean to ask that last one! Please, I take it back!

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (TV)

Yeah so I forgot to mention something. Screw all that stuff about making these characters possess complex personalities, FMA: B has a better way to define them. It's a harsh world, sure.

Now this isn't Angel Beats bad, where horrible things happen to perfectly innocent people for no reason. Most of the tragedy is partially a result of the decisions of the characters involved, and their resulting struggle is a combination of having to cope with the consequences and with themselves and their mistakes.

A supplement, sure, but I still remember in episode four when Ed and Al meet a state alchemist who literally introduces himself with something along the lines of "my wife left me because we were too poor" before he even tells them his goddamn NAME. Here, come on in! Would you like some sorrow pie or tragic backstory cake? Winry's parents were murdered in cold blood. Mustang had to kill lots of people. Armstrong had to kill lots of people.

fullmetal alchemist cap 23 latino dating

Everyone had to kill lots of people. Scar watched everyone he loved get killed, and then had to kill lots of people.

Intimidating and threatening, BS

These are always the first things we find out about people, and then for the rest of the show they are defined almost exclusively by them. If anyone is overly happy and wholesome, it means something horrid is going to happen to them. It's basic emotional manipulation. Look at this adorable little girl and her dog! Look at this smiling, picturesque family! Everyone innocuously happy has to die or lose someone close to them. The more broken and internally conflicted you are, the safer you are.

There's no need to pile more grief on Scar, so he's relatively safe. Yes, the characters suffer from repeatable and preventable problems. They exist mainly to function as morals-in-a-bottle with gags tacked on to them. They're difficult to relate to, because all we know about them is whatever themes they embody and one or two dumb jokes. I did give the characters a 6 though, and there are reasons for that.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 14.rész

First off, despite their lack of humanization the characters complete their tasks of being walking themes with relative effectiveness. This isn't anywhere near Log Horizon S1 bad. These characters are here for a reason, they represent something, and they represent those things well. Sure, they could have easily been better, but they fulfill their purpose and for that alone they are not failures. I will also give special mention to Scar, who, while still actively defined by his trauma was executed far more impressively than the other characters.

Most of my complaints thusfar have been leveled at the shows protagonists. They are the ones that suffer from dismal repetition and blatant violation of show-don't-tell. Where the show does excel is with its antagonists. There are seven homunculi in the show, incarnations of the seven deadly sins, and they so utterly clobber their "good-guy" counterparts in terms of being engaging, personable subtle characters that it isn't even funny.

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fullmetal alchemist cap 23 latino dating

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