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Elijah Wood was showing a very different side earlier today as he filmed The film sees Elijah play a serial killer who works at a shop that sells. The two agree to go on a first date of sorts to Fun World with the four kids in tow. . Again, Robin does show compassion towards Bebe's kids near the movie's end, but it In fact, the scene just before his change of heart shows him abandoning the kids Later, Robin and Jamika kiss but it doesn't lead to anything further. A clip from this episode can be seen in first four seasons of the show's opening It is the scene where the Snowman comes to life and strangles Cartman. Kyle looks to Stan to continue helping him, but Stan has a date with Wendy at Stark's Pond. Kyle is asked first and says "dare", only to have to kiss Bebe on the lips .

Harris accepts, and arrives to find three more children joining them. At the very least I expected to be entertained and, for the most part, I was. Let me share the things I liked about the movie first before delving into some of its problems.

While it could have been explored by overwhelmingly incorporating multiple avenues, the movie keeps its focus and sets the bulk of its action in one primary setting, a Disney-esque amusement park called Fun World. Plotwise, the movie is based on the standup comedy of the late Robin Harris. In the movie, these children are given names — LaShawn, Kahlil, and baby Pee Wee voiced by rapper Tone Loc — and are under the temporary watch of Jamika, who has a son of her own named Leon.

The two agree to go on a first date of sorts to Fun World with the four kids in tow. As stated, this is a fun premise and the movie manages to keep its focus. And while they never cause any real harm, they damage quite a bit of property as well as torment and scare park goers. Out of the four children, I liked Leon the best because he at least tries to behave himself even when egged on by the other children. Though he has no father in his life, he loves and respects his mom and even shows respect to Robin by being polite.

While I suppose it would have been expecting too much for some of his manners to rub off on them, he at least does his best not to get dragged down to their level. However, sometimes the movie feels a little too fast as there is no significant character development or growth here.

Aside from this, none of the other characters display any sense of growth other than Leon who begins to see the value in standing up for himself. Otherwise, the characters we met at the start of the movie are the same personality and temperament-wise by the time the end credits roll. First, the movie harbors a rather polarizing view regarding race. On a positive side, I appreciate the fact that this was the first all-Black-cast animated movie and it presents aspects of Black culture by not relying too heavily on stereotypes.

Whites fall into one of two camps, either as villains, especially as enemies to the Black characters, or as unhelpful, mindless morons. However, most times Bernie acted out of the best interest for the children, so his good deeds, even if done grumpily, far outweighed his displays of frustration.

He leaves them unsupervised and even tries to escape the park without them. But my question is — how? In fact, the scene just before his change of heart shows him abandoning the kids and encouraging Jamika to do the same. He seems okay, even after being trampled by a herd of cattle; that is until Officer Barbrady runs him over with his police car. Cartman still doesn't believe in the "visitors", despite Kenny's death.

Cartman says "screw you guys, I'm going home" and he does. At the pond, Stan keeps throwing up in Wendy's presence. Wendy suggests that they use Cartman as bait to bring the out in the open.

They tie him to a tree, hoping that he will fart enough to bring the visitors. Even when an eighty foot satellite dish appears about his ass, Cartman still doesn't believe in the aliens.

Their ships arrive and the "visitors" appear in front of the boys. Kyle pleads for the return of his little brother.

When they don't appear to be complying with his request, Kyle reads them the riot act. Kyle spots his little brother on the "visitors" ships and pleads with him to leave the ship, which Ike finally does.

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Meanwhile, the "visitors" meet with the cows of earth, finding them to be the most intelligent and wise creatures on Earth. They leave the cows with a gift before they leave. Cartman is sucked into "visitors" ship as it starts to leave. Everything is over, leaving Wendy and Stan with some time to spend together, which they do by talking about the contents of Stan's latest throw up. At the bus stop Kyle and Stan wonder what became of Cartman and what it was that the "visitors" gave to the cows.

The cows use their new device on Officer Barbrady. Cartman is dropped from the sky by the aliens just in time to go to school. He tells them about his dream, which they tell him all really happened, including getting pink-eye from Scott Baio. Kenny dies when he's run over by Officer Barbrady. Trey ParkerMatt Stone d: That real picture next to Cartman's couch is a picture of one of the creator's sister.

There are more versions of this pilot episode that are viewable in some South Park websites on the internet.

Movie Review – “Bebe’s Kids”

Volcano The boys are off on a hunting trip with Stan's Uncle Jimbo and Jimbo has brought along his war veteran friend Ned. They learn about some of the technicalities of hunting, such as how to shoot at endangered species, legally. When Stan looks a rabbit in the eye, he decides that he can't shoot it, disappointing his Uncle Jimbo.

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Meanwhile, in the background, Mt Evanson, the volcano located just outside of town starts rumbling. Local geologist Randy Marsh reports to the mayor that South Park is "totally screwed".

Movie Review – “Bebe’s Kids” – Sci-fi Fantasy Lit Chick

Chef informs the mayor that the children are up in the mountains camping; so the mayor mobilizes the media and the citizens to save South Park and the children.

Meanwhile, Kenny wins the favor of Jimbo, much to Stan's dismay. Cartman tries to scare the others with the story of "Skuzzle-butt," a monster with a hand of celery, leg of Patrick Duffy and a penchant for weaving wicker baskets. Of course, they don't believe him. So Cartman disguises himself as "Skuzzle-butt," but starts running for his life when Jimbo and the other begin hunting him.

Then the volcano erupts and the trench dug by the town cuts the boys, Jimbo and Ned from safety.