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Many of these professionals work for federal contractors, nonprofit research organizations, research universities, as well as federal and state government agencies.

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This annual conference is the time for the asset management professionals to exchange ideas and best practices. There are many opportunities to improve the processes and realize value from deploying an automated enterprise asset management system. Jackie believes that it is important to share these insights with other asset management professionals. Textron Systems is a leading provider of mission critical systems to the U.

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Early this year, its Hunt Valley-based businesses selected the eQuip! As a government contractor, Textron Systems is responsible for tracking the receiving, recording, maintenance, and retirement activities of all the government property in their custody. Given that they manage many large projects located throughout the country, with different business process and reporting requirements, Textron Systems needs a system that is able to support large scale deployment, as well as individual customizations.

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We have learned a lot during this implementation from their Government Property team and their IT team. This has helped us to improve our product, which in turn will benefit our growing customer base. It is committed to supporting the eQuip! It has just added inventory audit service provider ProBar to its network of solution partners, with a joint project supporting the Department of Justice. The solutions include the implementation of a web based enterprise asset management software system, inventory audit, asset tagging, and mobile applications.

Their team manages each step in these auditing tasks thoroughly and efficiently. As a result, they deliver the most value to our customers. E-ISG Asset Intelligence has been expanding its solutions into this segment, to help the school systems meeting the state and federal requirements on equipment inventory management. The president of ProBar Inc. It is a good fit to our customers in county school systems, and government entities.

So we are excited about the partnership.

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When deploying the eQuip! However, they are often challenged with that. By partnering with inventory audit service providers such as ProBar, E-ISG Asset Intelligence offers a solution to their customers to remove that critical dependency. NCI joins the growing family of eQuip! In providing mission critical support services, NCI manages a significant amount of government property, including government-furnished property and contractor-acquired property.

Government Property Management system to support its business processes in asset management. The implementation of the eQuip!

This tool will support our efforts to achieve this for our customers. For more information, visit www. NCI is a leading provider of enterprise solutions and services to U.

Many of these charter schools receive Federal grant funding, and they are subject to Code of Federal Regulations CFR and most recently the Uniform Requirements on equipment inventory and asset management. Managing the equipment purchased with federal grants to meet the CFR requirements is an operational challenge for many charter schools.

It is the largest annual gathering of charter school teachers, school leaders, administrators, board members, and advocates from across the country.

This two and a half day event provides engaging keynote sessions, relevant breakout sessions, and myriad networking opportunities for more than 4, charter school professionals and policy-makers. Its equipment management software eQuip! Its CEO Jackie Luo is a subject matter expert on the business processes and technologies for enterprise asset management.

Jackie is very encouraged to see that the National Charter School Conference has recognized the importance of the equipment management function.

This inaugural event is focused on public safety and transportation issues. Enterprise Asset Management software is the top choice for many government contractors for managing Government Property while supporting mission critical operations for the Federal Government, including the Department of Defense. The software is easy to use, easy to integrate with other systems, mobile, and low cost. Government Property Management System is integrated with CostPoint, a popular accounting software used by many government contractors.

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List of Knights of the Baltimore City College

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