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by Leticia Velasquez on Sep 10, in Featured, History, International In light of this, Leticia Velasquez interviewed Eduardo Verastegui, one of the film's actors . . So it would be a perfect date, but we are still finishing post-production. President Obama · presidential election · Presidential Elections · pride · Pride and . Aug 5, Eduardo Verástegui, Model & Actor List used Verástegui's voice in a robocall campaign to sway Latino voters to vote for Mitt Romney in Eduardo Verástegui José Eduardo Verástegui Córdoba (Spanish messages supporting abortion by the Barack Obama campaign during the presidential race. [7] Testimony about his pro-life position", YouTube, Retrieved on . The women discover that their boyfriend has been dating all three of them at the.

Before following the life of a celibate thirteen years ago, Verastegui was like any other regular guy. He was famous and handsome and indulged in sex. But being raised in a practicing Catholic family was a kind of a boon for the famous actor. Before his celibacy, he found success in music industry and in soap operas.

He later decided to pursue a career in Hollywood. Inbefore filming began, the actor took voice-coaching lessons to improve his English pronunciation from a coach who was also a devout Catholic.

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It was then when Verastesgui re-discovered his faith and vowed to change his lifestyle. His celibacy and faith toward Catholicism are the reasons why, the actor is still single at the age of The actor who, unlike most of the Hollywood celebs, voted in favor of Proposition 8 in order to band gay marriage, neither has a girlfriend nor a wife.

The Little Boy actor and producer might have had flings in the past but he is currently single. It was important to show that he died for his faith on the camera, in a very dramatic way. A lot of people were complaining because The Passion was too violent. Actually if you read the book of the Prophet Isaiah, it describes the death of Jesus. It says you can count His bones.

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What we saw in The Passion was nothing. So the director and the producer, the reason they did that was to make it more watchable for the people who are more sensitive to violence. They wanted to reach them too, and they wanted to bring the volume a little bit down so you can still see the essence of the film, and the message and the heroes.

What so you think is the lesson of the witness of Bl. Its how a simple man who is a lawyer, who loves his family who is living a beautiful life in Mexico, working hard, a man of faith, a man of character, loyal to his faith, to his family, a man who wants to be a saint, and who loves God very much, he is trying to allow the love of God to enter into his heart so he can love people with the love of God.

A how, a simple man is living his life in the middle of peaceful Mexico, and boom, everything is threatened, so he has three choices, do I leave for a country where I can continue to live my life with my family try to live my Catholic faith where I am not going to be persecuted, or do I join the army of the Cristeros and start killing people, justified by defending my faith, since it was the government who started it, or take the opportunity of being a martyr, being a saint, of trying to defend my faith with peaceful means?

That example changed many people, things like that, impact more people after his life than before. This film generated a lot of thoughtful discussion about violent vs. When we can expect to see Little Boy in theatres? So it would be a perfect date, but we are still finishing post-production.

It will be finished in November. Are you working on a feature film version of The Butterfly Circus? I heard they ordered the script and its ready and they want to make the film. My pastor is showing this film to our parish youth group, and the kids love it. It is showing all over the world, in universities and colleges and conferences. It has a universal message of hope and love, and vocation and dignity of life.

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I have some questions from Facebook. There are mothers who want you to know how much they appreciate your witness to a life of faith and chastity out in the world.

They want to know how to talk to teenagers who are obsessed with Hollywood. What advice would you give to parents? Well, I said the other day, that this generation needs more testimony than teachers. The best thing thing the parents can give to their children is lead by example. Who is God for you at that time, but your parents?