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don stop believin love hina dating

From Glee to The X Factor, Journey's Don't Stop Believin' became inescapable in Americans have had longer to live with it. Cain dates the song's resurgence back to its tongue-in-cheek cameo in But this cultural carpet- bombing can only explain why people have heard it, not why they love it. “I love songs like this,” he says of the tune, a Max Martin–penned ballad from “I'm a . Perry begged them to reconsider, but then postponed the date of his big surgery. . Perry wrote “Don't Stop Believin'” with Journey keyboardist Please try again later. Switch camera. / Live. Don't Stop Believin' Lyrics: Just a small town girl / Living in a lonely world / She took the midnight train / Going anywhere / Just a city boy / Born and raised in.

And they made me swear that I would not tell anybody. In November it was announced that this track had become the first song, which was available in the pre-digital era, to sell more than 2 million downloads through iTunes. The track's popularity increased significantly after its appearance in the final episode of The Sopranos.

It also became one of the most popular Karaoke songs in America in the late '00s. In May a remake by the cast of the Fox TV musical comedy Glee debuted at 4 on the Billboard Hotfive places higher than Journey's version ever reached. It was performed in the season pilot and became part of the soundtrack album Glee: The Music, Volume 1. By the end ofthe digital download had earneddigital sales. The Glee version was performed on Sesame Street with monsters portraying the cast. The bit featured the letter G, so the lyrics were adapted to "Don't stop G-ing.

When Randy Jackson, who used to play bass with Journey, was a judge on the singing competition American Idol, he asked Perry to come on as a guest judge. Perry turned him down, saying, "I don't feel good about sitting in judgment of anyone's honest passion to perform or their talent. If someone has a passion to perform, they should do it no matter what anyone says. That was the moment that changed my life and I'm still forever grateful to him for believing in me.

The hardest part is to keep believing in what you love when others tell you that you are not good at it. The band made a Spartan performance video for it in an empty arena, apparently at a soundcheck.

They made a better one with footage from a Houston stop on their Escape tour, which became the official video that shows up on their VEVO account.

Neither video got much love on MTV, which preferred concept videos. In the UK, this song peaked at 62 when it was first released. Joe McElderry won the competition, and franchise boss Simon Cowell wanted to release his version of the song as the single in the aftermath of the teenage singer's victory.

He wanted to re-do the song with a different arrangement. We listened to it. There was nothing wrong with the original version - if it's not busted, let's not fix it.

But we stuck to our decision. It was the first instance of two versions of the same song sitting at back to back positions on the chart since December when Alexandra Burke's take on " Hallelujah " was at 1 with Jeff Buckley's version one place behind. The song starts with Perry singing about a young couple from two different backgrounds: Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world She took the midnight train goin' anywhere Just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit He took the midnight train goin' anywhere But hang on a sec, any good Motor City citizen will tell you, there is no location called South Detroit; Detroit, Michigan, distinguishes only between an East Side and a West Side.

If you go south in Detroit "down-river"you end up in Canada. Perry admitted to New York Magazine that he wasn't overly concerned with being geographically accurate. I fell in love with the line.

It's only been in the last few years that I've learned that there is no South Detroit. But it doesn't matter. The song played in the background while you controlled various band members, helping them find the space ship while avoiding groupies and evil promoters. Steve Perry of Journey in Was it on the radio or in the pub? At a festival or a wedding? Was it sung by Journey themselves, the cast of Gleea fan on YouTube, a choir of schoolchildren or a drunk friend on a karaoke machine?

Boxfresh pop songs such as Tinie Tempah's Pass Out might have a decent claim on being the sound of Britain in but nothing has wriggled its way into every corner of the culture quite like a slow-burning power ballad that's about to celebrate its 30th birthday.

Let's take some figures. The year began with the curious sight of Journey's song at No 6, with the Glee version at No 5, and it has barely left the top 75 since.

In the US, download sales have passed 4m, making it by far the biggest-selling 20th-century catalogue track.

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Americans have had longer to live with it. It was a hit there back inand it's had so many phases that even its comebacks have had comebacks. Its path from obscurity to ubiquity mirrors its unorthodox structure: Journey started life as a jazz-rock band in San Francisco inbut they were floundering and hitless when, four years later, they recruited singer Steve Perry, who was having little luck himself.

Their fortunes drastically improved, but the sentiments of Don't Stop Believin' harked back to the lean years. Each time he called home in despair, his dad would tell him: Cain had nothing but the climactic chorus when he brought the stub of a song to Perry and guitarist Neal Schon, and they worked together on how to get to that moment. They all liked the concept of two lovers fleeing their hometowns by train a reverse homage to Gladys Knight's Midnight Train to Georgiaand Cain told Perry about his time in LA, hence the "strangers waiting up and down the boulevard" line.

We felt that every young person has a dream and sometimes where you grow up isn't where you're destined to be. In the US, however, it was a substantial hit, the first of many from 's multi-platinum Escape album. Perry left inand then again after a brief reunion in the mids, confirming the sense that Journey were yesterday's men. One of the best non-Journey renditions of it.

My band Raised On Radio usually starts our sets with this song.

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Southfield, ironcally is north of Detroit. Brendan from Cape Town, South AfricaThe line after "streetlights, people" sounds like "heaven just a fun emotion" Any other suggestions? Paul, MnThe lyrics say "Streetlights, people Bob from Dumbsville, BelarusWow this song is beautiful! Everytime I'm down, I listen to it and it gets me back on my feet again. This song just defines 80s music. Journey will just never be the same without Steve Perry leading their crusade.

Morten from Sydney, AustraliaI'm an 80's music tragic but suprisingly had never heard of this song! Thanks to Family Guy for introducing me to this gem! When "South Detroit" is mentioned the city of Windsor is what they are talking about. If your ever around my town and stand at the river your compass will point north.

Julie from Taylor, TxWhen this song comes on Melanie from Seattle, WaScott from Boston - what a cool story! Haha I want to go write that on a stop sign now! D This song is sooo good. Steve's voice is amazing. One of the players starts singing it in the change-room, and it turns in to a full-stage concert. It mocks the sports movie cliche of teams turning it around with an uplifting theme song, and also references the Chicago White Sox World Series.

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Liquid Len from Ottawa, CanadaWhat a great song! The only song Journey did in the 80s that wasn't horrid! And I love it when ametuers sing the lyrics! Scott from Boston, MaDuring cross country last year there was a stop sign we always ran by during practice and it said "don't" above it and "believing" below it. It became our team's song and we often sang it very out of tune during runs. Also, that Family Guy episode is awesome as most are.

Edgar from Kings Park, NyThis song reminds me of my failed suicide attempt. Brian from Detroit, MiAnyone from Detroit will know what i am saying, but "south detroit" refers tothe area south of Outer Drive, Detroiters refer to the area as "downriver.

don stop believin love hina dating

Eamon from Motherwell, ScotlandTHis inspirational song was played every night in a juke by me when I was teaching summer camp in up state New York back in Being from Scotland, I loved the American rock scene and this classic just typifyies it.

I had the pleasure of seeing Journey in Glasgow earlier this year and it was a real highlight. One question - I have heard different lyrics for this some say "Heaven is a funky mouse? Sergio from Miami, FlI have been listening to this song for a long time now. I grew up listening to it and I admit, its my all time favorite.

It is so cool now to see a new generation fall in love with it thanks to Family Guy, Scrubs and Sopranos. I dont think it matters if South Detroit is correct or not cause whenever they performed it live with Steve Perry he always replaced Detroit with the city they were in at the moment. I always thought that was a nice touch and he always got a cheap pop for it. I know I will always love this song and just dont get sick or hearing it. Journey was a fantastic band with some great musicians.

Mary from Canyon, TxThis song was my junior class song way back when in ancient times, not too long after it was first released.

Southeast to be exact. The song is cut short and the screen goes to blank. I love it and so did my class Whenever I hear those first few piano keys play, I will alway go back to my high school gym, on a hot june day, walking to the stage to graduate What a great season!!!

What a great song!!! Maria from HoustonTxI agree with most, his voice is awesome!!!! Kara from Cadillac, MiArtists magic is what happens when you take a group of extraordinarily talented people and put them together, allowing them each to do what they do best.

Journey - Don't Stop Believin' (Audio)

Journey is what happens when it all fits together and creates something wonderful. They're not just a band- they're an era. Neal Schon is with out a doubt one of the most gifted guitarists ever. His knowledge and presentation of his craft are nothing short of brilliant.

don stop believin love hina dating

Steve Perry's vocals are masterful. They, along with Schon's guitar work, gave Journey a distintive sound. I have a Journey album that was made prior to Steve Perry's joining and listening to that makes me know that Journey would have been great no matter what because they had the talent to be great.

don stop believin love hina dating

I know there were changes in the lineup, but Ross Valory's bass playing was also part of what made Journey what it is to me. Journey was a concept, a feeling, a part of life, an important accent to memories in my life and continues to contribute to important events in the lives of my kids.

Don't Stop Believin': the power ballad that refused to die

Two of my sons play guitar and are greatly influenced by Neal Schon. One of them is currently overseas serving in the millitary- he will marry his high school sweetheart when he returns and their wedding song will be "Open Arms".

The two sons that I have at home have recently been getting into Journey - "Generations" and I have found that I love their music now as much as I ever did. I lived in San Francisco too and always knew that "Lights" was about that city - even if it was written in or partially in L.

Does anybody ever question why "Still They Ride" has traffic lights in it? Because it's a truly amazing song about times changing before people are ready for them to with an outstanding guitar lead and excellent vocals.

Get over the details. This is legendary music by exceptional musicians. J from Boston, Maand I mean in the last comment in the chorus part at the end. J from Boston, MaAbout the streetlight line, I think the first time the line is done, it sort of sounds like streetlight with a little extra sound on it.

don stop believin love hina dating

However, the second time the line is sung, he definetly says streetlights. As the song fades out, I think he says streetlight. I then heard the song during an episode of Scrubs Season 3 called "My Journey" and decided I had to download it. Peter from Detroit, MiNo matter what, at least once a month I hear this song at the bar.