Disfellowshipped jehovah witness dating advice

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disfellowshipped jehovah witness dating advice

Jan 19, I put “dating” in quotations, because as ex-Jehovah's Witnesses know, JWs don't really “date.” Dating leads to sex, therefore it's better to get. Consider how some of these relate to the subject of dating. footnote) Still, when it comes to dating, many wisely seek the advice of mature Witnesses who have. When it comes to dating and marriage in the JW faith, all parties have If found guilty and/or non-repentant, JW's fear disfellowshipping, Dating Advice.

It took over six months for me to come up with a list of twenty-five things — not an easy assignment.

disfellowshipped jehovah witness dating advice

Looks and money were not allowed. I was learning about and setting up boundaries.

Is it alright for a Disfellowshipped Jehovah's Witness to Date?

Dating no longer equaled sex the way it had before. I knew more about myself, I knew what I wanted, and I was no longer willing to settle for just anyone that came along. I became a happy single woman. I even enjoyed living alone. I met the man I am still with today during this blissful time in my life and while still on my honeymoon with myself, so there was no rush. I felt no need to be with someone to fill a void in my life.

My Unscriptural JW Disfellowshipping

I found him interesting and wanted to get to know him better. As in all fairy tales, everyone lives happily forever and ever. The Fantasy of Non-Believers.

Some outsiders are attracted by the strict moral values of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Is it alright for a Disfellowshipped Jehovah's Witness to Date?

And because of that they wrongly assume that a JW can become a good partner. Men especially are attracted to JW women who are trained to be submissive and loyal.

See Equality They are aware it won't be easy, but they are willing to take a chance. They believe it can work and religion doesn't matter if two people really love one another. This is a fantasy.

disfellowshipped jehovah witness dating advice

Most outsiders have no intentions of being baptized into the JW faith just so they can date someone or perhaps marry them. Some are just thinking about dating a JW because there is an attraction. If you decide to date a JW, you are in for a huge learning experience you'll never forget.

disfellowshipped jehovah witness dating advice

If you don't have a problem with emotional pain and heart ache, go ahead and date a JW. Otherwise stay away from JW's no matter how hot you are for someone. For some, our advice is too late. They are already in love. Relationships can end when this happens. A disfellowshipped JW is emotional troubled because of Watchtower religious programming A disfellowshipped JW wants to be reinstated i. If you are an outsider and a JW is pressuring you into studying with them and joining their faith so you can marry them, the odds are high that they've never had any intentions of leaving their religion.

You've been set up from the very beginning. They're expecting you to become a JW, or the deal is off.

Dating Fantasy.

If a JW is serious about marrying you just the way you are, - without trying to change you and make you into something you are not, they would have already left the organization. Even then, dating is a risk. Recovery from their experience as a JW can take years, - even decades. Some never fully recover. Some end up going back to the organization.

disfellowshipped jehovah witness dating advice

If you want to be a JW, do it first. Physical Relations As with most Christ-based religion, premarital sex is forbidden to a Jehovah's Witness. It is believed that this physical act should be shared only by two married adults who share the same religious faith. Daters are expected to remain "pure" until after marriage.

Kissing, hand holding or other signs of affection should be kept to a minimum if allowed at all, especially if the couple is dating without the intention of getting married. Time Issues Jehovah's Witnesses are expected to go door-to-door spreading information about the faith, to regularly attend church group meetings and Bible study and spend time reflecting with the Bible. In a healthy dating relationship, there must be a balance of time to ensure that couples are growing closer together without losing sight of their faith.

This can especially be an issue if a Jehovah's Witness is dating a non-believer.