Did scott moir dating jessica dube videos

A Virtue-Moir kiss creates waves - The Globe and Mail

did scott moir dating jessica dube videos

Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. . It is clear that figure skating looked at the emergence of Virtue and Moir in the early-mid-0s .. When Tessa Virtue was fat .. but Mazel Tov to the happy couple . Mar 27, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada perform the ice dance "It's been a little bit of a challenge (being as one), especially the last couple of years, They haven't dated since Virtue was seven years old and Moir was nine. Nov 30, David Pelletier is actually not, nor has he ever, dated Tessa Virtue. So if you kick that one to the curb - why the hell did he and Jamie bust up? .. In the ISU video, Scott isn't saying "Me and my girlfriend Jessica along with.

Even if mommy and daddy have barely cut the cord, you're not safe from being drafted for the cause.

This passion for efficiency undermines plausibility, but Team Virtue Moir isn't exactly playing to a tough crowd. They're not famous - they're just figure skaters. We're all like family. None of the "it's nonsense" stuff even hits most fan brains to get processed. Visual cues fire, conclusions happen, the usual fans piggyback with lies and embellishment - mission accomplished.

did scott moir dating jessica dube videos

Helpful brothers Charlie and Danny both procreate, so when two baby bathtub ducks are presented to Scott and Tessa after the short dance, nobody thinks - gee, why give Tessa one of the ducks - Tessa isn't even close enough to the Moirs to go to Danny's wedding - that's not much of a "congrats on your short dance" gift to Tessa!

We've already had the requisite side-by-side smiley sham photo with Scott in his Fred haircut. Do we need to pile on with infants? A dual "mo-vember" shout out Scott and Semple. When Aunt Joyce's blog was scathingly blasting Tanith Belbin and Evan Lysacek post after post, Tanith didn't corrupt every aspect of her life as a defensive measure. She and Evan didn't take more and grosser, inappropriate photos, didn't get competitive with fans. For those who didn't believe they were an authentic couple - it still served its purpose just fine.

But it takes common sense. Why make Tessa suck up a duckie when this past spring it was pointedly underscored she's not even close enough to be a guest at Danny Moir's wedding? Meantime, Jessica, whom we're meant to believe practically assisted with Quinn Moir's delivery, goes duckless. It's Jessica at all the family events - births, Christmases, weddings, birthdays - not Tessa.

Maybe they're implying Scott and Jessica are secretly married? She certainly rates as family. Where was her duck? Where are the normal questions? Why just show and not tell? Let's hear it, Scott, so we can watch on youtube forever.

did scott moir dating jessica dube videos

It's clear that right after anything of note occurs in the Moir clan the thought is immediately - let's use this to promote the Jessica and Scott hoax. It's so OTT it's like they have too much time on their hands or their lives aren't interesting enough. Why doesn't Scott put a ring on it? What's she gonna do this Xmas - cook the turkey?

Jessica Dube Loves Scott Moir:

What's Jessica going to get as a gift? Or maybe a History of Hyundai? Will she start skating with a diamond ring later this season, pose with it, but be coy about who gave it to her and what it means? Tons of married figure skaters compete. Bet Jessica's made of the same stuff. Especially the part about Bryce and Scott "used to be" friends. Let's get up to date on that and see if they've made peace. It's not gossip - it was initiated by the subjects themselves, with direct participation from Jessica and Bryce.

They brought it up because they wanted to enlighten the public about their private lives. They're the sharing kind. If that's your aim, you don't do icky photo shoots in swim wear. You don't have Jessica with a Moir newborn shouldn't she be in scrubs? It's innocuous as a mantra for an elite athlete although some day I'd like her to explain how one becomes "vast", or is able to choose brilliancebut as words to live by, it's insipid and exclusionary.

I'm not fond of the "follow your passion" truism - it's not real. It avoids dealing with or even acknowledging the many inherited privileges that make that pursuit possible for very few at a young age, while, due to systemic realities, it's out of reach for most people due to the mundane need to, you know, survive.

And let me say that's quite a favorite quote from someone as chickenshit - and procrastinating - as Tessa and Scott when it comes to something that would require real, non-instagramable maturity, courage, conviction, and honesty - outside the bubble of her sport where they exist as exceptional.

It would require humility. They prefer the marketable kind of courage and passion.

did scott moir dating jessica dube videos

It makes no bones. Read the below on tumblr from a woman claiming to work in pr - it's something we already know, but it nutshells things so well: The PR firms and the PR teams. This tumblr vent went on to say that the goal of ALL pr - her agency's goal, every agency's goal, is to make people feel bad. She CAN feel him up on a nationally televised reality show though, as part of their Olympic prep - isn't that sort of thing the primary reason one hires expensive ice dance choreographic talent?

They have boundaries only when they're not getting paid to to violate them. If someone offered them big bucks to come clean, they'd lose their scruples, I promise. Virtue and Moir were little amateur trailblazers in the fake news arena, but there was a tidal wave right behind them and they jumped aboard.

did scott moir dating jessica dube videos

Both Scott and Tessa do a lot of "empowerment" signaling I ripped that off from virtue signaling, and how I hate the word "empowerment while sustaining a ten year history of gaslighting their fans, who are mostly women. It's exploitation at its most basic, and built upon the inherent inequality.

did scott moir dating jessica dube videos

Nobody can argue that Tessa and Scott didn't manipulate and lie above and beyond, a hundred times over than what was arguably necessary to "protect" whatever they claimed they were protecting.

They were aware of what was being said by fans, and fed it back, even when it contradicted earlier narratives. They didn't have the common respect to account for discrepancies - it was always out with the old that we previously insisted you to believe, in with the opposite.

A Virtue-Moir kiss creates waves

Fans were like a bug you poke under a magnifying glass. They were often uber-controlling, overheated and intense about it, trying to crawl into fans' heads, which I've never understood.

They always made fans wrong, even about the skating fans loved Carmen, Virtue and Moir claimed they didn't. I never understood why they needed to humiliate fans so completely.