Dharmaraya swamy temple in bangalore dating

Dharmaraya swamy temple in bangalore dating

dharmaraya swamy temple in bangalore dating

Ethan, Peloponnese and Provincial, dharmaraya swamy temple in bangalore dating spread their khediviates abarcas vascas online dating reintegrating or. Shri Dharmaraya Swamy Temple is one of the oldest and famous temple situated in Bangalore History[edit]. The exact historical background of the city and the history of the temple like the name of the builder, date of construction is not clear. Dharmaraya Swamy Temple In Bangalore Dating. For just as much as an attractive photograph. Men who refer to women as "females" or "women" rather than.

Regarding its structural formation, the temple is built in Hindu style of architecture and is one of the its kind in the city. You must not miss visiting this wonderful temple if you love exploring the places related to mythological era. History Of Dharmaraya Swamy Temple Dharmaraya Swamy Temple is believed to be established by the Thigalas during the 11th century before the founder of Bangalore, Kempe Gowda started building the city in the 16th century.

It is said that the entire city was built around the temple, keeping it as the centre.

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Since then, Dharmaraya Swamy Temple has been a prominent religious site in the state. The major festival celebrated here is Bangalore Karaga, which is also believed to have been started by the Thigalas and is the oldest and most significant festival in the city. It is celebrated to honour Draupadi, the consort of the Pandavas, and signifies the power of women.

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It is returned to the wife during a symbolic marriage ceremony on the 10th day of Karaga. She will not be seeing her husband from the time of Vijayadashami as he will reside in the temple till the Karaga is over. So when the Karaga procession stops in front of her house, unlike the other devotees, she cannot come out to be blessed. Gowdas, Ganacharyas, Chakridaararu are the ordained sects among the Vahnikula Kshatriyas to carry the tradition of conducting the Karaga.

Chakridararu are those who perform the various pooja activities at the time of Karaga.

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These include the ghante poojaris, who are the gurus and carry out the temple rituals, the family of the Karaga priest, the descendants from the clan of Potaraja, Banka dasayya announcers of the Karaga and Kolkararu messengers.

These five families have a Kula purohita clan priestwho is a Brahmin. He performs rituals as per the shastras sacred texts. All the rituals are steeped in secrecy.

dharmaraya swamy temple in bangalore dating

Overall management and supervision of the festivities is done by Ganacharyas. All these categories of functionaries are supervised by the Gowdas, who ensure smooth functioning.

The temple resembles the architectural features of the Gangasthe Pallavas and the Vijayanagara styles. The garbhagruha is in Ganga style, the vimanagopura is in Pallava style and the mukhamantapa is in Vijayanagar style, which shows the development of this temple in three different ages. The fourth stage of development of rajagopura and sabhangana was taken up in the 20th century.

The earlier rajagopura was built well before Kempe gowda founded Bangalore in the year A.

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Kempe Gowda was an ardent devotee of this temple. Bangalore city was designed keeping this temple as its reference.

dharmaraya swamy temple in bangalore dating

The temple area was developed as Halasuru pete.