Deutsche welle schoenheit ist relative dating

How to Study for AP German Language |

deutsche welle schoenheit ist relative dating

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The bottom line for reading is to use context clues. This sounds easy, but it is something you need to train for. You can probably relate to this. Think about a time when you had to read something difficult in German. Make sure you know the context of the reading. The overview will give you background information like who wrote the text and when, where it was published originally and other useful information.

Keeping the theme and overview in mind, skim the text and look for words you do know. Using words you know, make an educated guess on the meaning of other words, particularly nouns.


Sometimes they can change the meaning of the entire sentence. As always with German, look to the very end of the sentence for important things like infinitives, prefixes, and participles. Use multiple choice questions to not only clarify the meaning of a passage but to help you focus on particular parts of the reading.

Listening Strategies Listening may be the most stressful part of the exam for you.

How to Study for AP German Language

Remember that you get to hear each reading selection twice and that you have time to read over the questions first. Here are the best strategies for audio selections on the exam: Take a deep breath and try to relax. You have been honing your listening skills, right? You can do this! The more stressed or nervous you are, the more words and context clues you will miss. Reading the theme and overview is always important, but never more so than for audio selections.

Make notes or underline important words. You will have time to read through the questions before you listen. Use the time wisely. Read each question and underline key phrases or words to listen for.

Take notes while you are listening. After listening the first time, look at the multiple choice questions again and see if you can already answer some.

deutsche welle schoenheit ist relative dating

For the questions that remain unanswered, make notes. During the second listening, focus on those questions and notes. Interpreting Graphs Graphs usually have keywords versus complete sentences.

Being familiar with some of the common vocabulary ahead of time is important. Here are some additional strategies: Read the theme and overview. Pay attention to who published the graph and where.

deutsche welle schoenheit ist relative dating

This is valuable background information. Make sure you know what the data in the graph represent.

deutsche welle schoenheit ist relative dating

Is it a survey? If so, who was surveyed? Is it research data? If so, who did the research? Does the graph show numbers, percentages or relative values?

deutsche welle schoenheit ist relative dating

Who or what do these values refer to? Read all headers or labels so that you can understand the background of the graph. Use the multiple choice questions to help you understand what the graph is about.

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deutsche welle schoenheit ist relative dating

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