Dating your diet

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dating your diet

An exciting romance can be good for your happiness level, but bad for your waistline. According to an Obesity Society study, women who were dating put on an. Our bodies are our secret admirers, desperate for our attention and if we ever want to discover true self-love, we have to open our eyes and. Researchers say your partner can cause you to pack on pounds to stick to healthy eating habits and continue weight-loss efforts while dating.

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Dine out without derailing your diet Dating often goes along with eating out and drinking more. But just because he can polish off an entire pizza doesn't mean you should.

dating your diet

To keep from matching your date bite for bite, begin eating after he does, suggests Antonucci. When the food arrives, tell a story to give him lead-time. That way he'll finish first and you'll be less likely clean your plate.

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Another trick is starting with a filling, low-calorie appetizer, like gazpacho or tuna tartare. Once you realize where you splurge when sharing a meal together, set rules for yourself. Suggest ordering wines by the glass instead of a bottle.

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If he enjoys dessert after every meal, split one with him or have a cappuccino instead. You can also bank some calories by carving out time for exercise before meeting up. Sneak in a sweat session while he's watching the game or during your lunch break. Plan active get-togethers Dates don't have to revolve around food.

Go for a walk in the park, followed by a picnic. Dieting While in a Relationship Research has shown that people who are in relationships tend to gain more weight than those who are single, despite healthier eating habits from non-singles. The most likely culprit? You no longer have to worry about attracting someone, and as you grow more comfortable in your relationship, you put less effort into your appearance. With a little planning and a lot of communication, both your diet and your relationship will be just fine.

Instead, ask if they would be open to trying new recipes with you or heading to the gym with you every so often. By offering to include them, they can still be involved with and supportive of your efforts. Get support from other people.

dating your diet

Ask a close friend or family member to join you. Talk about it ahead of time.


Mealtime will likely be different, and you may have to cook individual meals entirely, so be open about it. Ask for their support because this is an important decision for your health. Dieting with Your Significant Other We all know that exercising with a partner can improve your workout, but did you know that dieting with a partner can help with weight loss?

They can provide emotional support and help with accountability.

Dating & Your Diet

And though it sounds counter-intuitive, dieting with your significant other may even be more difficult than dieting on your own. They may not be the best diet buddy for you, depending on what your needs are. Think about if you really want your partner hounding you about skipping the gym after work or for adding an extra cheat meal to your week, and if you want to do the same for them.

Keep the following in mind if you choose to diet with your significant other:

dating your diet