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However, the GIF has become the preferred file format of animated . It might sound strange to recommend Tumblr's GIF creator when you can. Explore and share the best Funny Tumblr GIFs and most popular animated GIFs here on GIPHY. Find Funny GIFs, Cute GIFs, Reaction GIFs and more. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Whether it's fandoms or philosophy, fashion or felines, Tumblr is where .

The GIF file format and I'm not going to get into the debate as to whether it's a hard G or a soft G may not be as popular on the Web as other image file formats. But they have one cool feature. GIFs can be animated to appear as short video clips that will loop over and over again.

  • See, that’s what the app is perfect for.
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Though watching a looping GIF file can get dizzying after a while, the right type of GIF can add some humor and fun to your Tumblr post. Tumblr, a Yahoo-owned social media site where you can post and follow short blogs and comments, has also decided to embrace the GIF format.

So how can you search for and embed a GIF into your Tumblr post? At the Tumblr Dashboard section where you can add a new post, click the Text icon from the toolbar. The small window appears where you can type your blog. In addition to the usual icons to add a file -- add a video, add a horizontal line and add a read more link -- you'll now find an icon to add a GIF. Click the icon to insert GIF. Tumblr displays a random selection of animated GIF files that you can browse and insert.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

But if you're looking for a specific type of GIF, you'll want to run a search. Type your search word or phrase in the Find a GIF field and wait a moment. A gallery of GIFs that match your term will start to pop up. Browse through the selection of GIFs.

You can tweak or change your search term to look for more GIFs. Giphy is the biggest name in GIFs. Giphy is often the source of the GIFs you see in your text messages, on social media, and wherever GIFs are available as a stock feature. Type in just about any subject, and Giphy will show you an array of GIF options.

If you do want to make them, though, Giphy is a pretty good way to do so. Via the Giphy app, you can turn just about any video into a fairly impressive looking GIF. It starts with a video.

How to Make a GIF on Your iPhone

Record or download whatever video you want to turn into a GIF. You can also use the app to record a video. Use the camera roll icon to select your desired video.

If necessary, tap the video. This is where Giphy shines. It offers an array of possibilities and lets you customize most of the available options.

How to Save Tumblr Gifs on PC or Mac: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

From that screen, you can start sharing it. Those are the basics of using Giphy. There are so many GIF-making apps that are easy to use, versatile, and often cheap or free. On top of that, GIFX can be learned in mere minutes. Other apps may be the universal standard, but in terms of overall features, GIPHX should probably be your go-to app. You just search the Giphy library, drag and drop them onto your AR world, and share the chaos you create if you want.

Honestly, though, the sharing feature is the least interesting part of this app. Anyone can create simple Gifs using this simplified software. That makes it a very appealing option for low-level users. First off, Tumblr has a very active GIF community.

That popularity is a big part of the reason why Tumblr bothered to add a GIF maker to their app in the first place. However, it does add an extremely helpful selection of GIFs to most messaging keyboards you use. Give GIF Keyboard a shot and see how much you actually get out of it.

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From controlling the speed of individual frames to cinematography features, Giffer Pro is for the GIF maker that wants their creations to look professional. For some, there is no point to paying for a GIF maker at all. For those with the need, though, this is a great app. That feature came later.