Dating someone who stutters

How to Talk With a Person Who Stutters: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

dating someone who stutters

There's this guy in one of my classes, and he stutters, to the point where he can't So I'm curious would any of you date someone that stutters?. Suppose your significant other stutters like 30% of the time while having usual conversations and especially bad when meeting someone new. Your friend sounds like a loveley, FLAWLESS human being. thegerg. Would you date a guy with a stutter? I would date a girl with a stutter, don't see the issue.

With the right mindset, you can learn to use your stuttering to your advantage regardless of how committed you are to speech therapy. Stuttering encourages us to improve ourselves Fortunately, shame can sometimes be a good thing.

It motivates us to improve ourselves.

dating someone who stutters

Stuttering gives us the drive to be the best person we can be and to overcome obstacles that even fluent people are afraid of. For example, many people who stutter win public speaking awards, become leaders, pilots, lawyers, and other roles that require a lot of speaking!

dating someone who stutters

While switching words may not have been the ideal battle plan some of us may have hoped for, building a thick skin and forming a strength out of a weakness definitely is. If shame occurs when we get caught up in being the person who we are not, then the only productive alternative is to be the person who we truly are, taking our stuttering along with us.

During his keynote speech at the National Stuttering Association conference, he said: And if you go into adulthood still stuttering, you can handle anything… You have been tempered by the fire. As you can imagine, stuttering can definitely add another element of anxiety in networking.

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I was still new to networking and slowly building a thick skin towards stuttering openly to strangers. But as I took one baby step of personal courage after another by striking up conversations with more and more strangers, I was struck by how everyone saw me in a much more positive light once I told them about my podcast and my stuttering.

Even though I was nervous inside about getting through small talk, I was being viewed as a confident man. And women dig that.

dating someone who stutters

Pursue your interests The more I pursued my interests, put myself in speaking situations and let myself stutter openly and explain what was going on, the more positive feedback I got and the more I enjoyed being in my own skin.

I also got to enjoy some unexpected opportunities — and more speaking challenges — such as giving presentations at conferences and being interviewed on national TV and radio. If I had kept my mouth shut and stayed well within my anti-social comfort zone, I would have never come to realize that nobody actually cares that I stutter. I can still be an effective communicator.

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It just takes me a little longer to say my words. My friend, Grant Meredith, is a repeat winner of the lecturer of the year award at his university. I am sorry if I come off harsh but I find your post very disturbing.

dating someone who stutters

Why even ask when you see this person the way you do? My God I wish I didn't read your other posts. I'm sorry that I've offended you or your son. That was not my intention. Honestly my post did come from a place of ignorance because this was my first experience getting to know someone that stutters.

Would you date someone who stutters?

I was also being honest-my reasons for being unable to are because of my own limitations, I don't have the patience or focus that is required for someone that has a moderate to severe stutter. It isn't necessarily the stutter either that is the problem but the ability to quickly come to a point or form a discussion that is clear and concise are points that matter to me in a partner.

I've dated men that don't have a stutter but take too long to get to a point or form thoughtful conclusions and I often found myself growing bored with the conversation or completely missing his point and its a huge pet peeve of mine.

I have ADD and prefer someone that I can talk with without feeling distracted by what he is or is not saying.

Who Said Dating as a Stutterer Was Easy??

What I've observed from the guy in my class that stutters is that it takes him several times to get an entire sentence or thought out and by the time he does even he struggles with remembering what he wanted his point to be. A mild stutter is not a big deal to me, but a moderate to severe one would be problematic.

Your son sounds like he's had wonderful experiences and like his stutter has not detoured him from achieving what he wants in life.