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Units you view that early will probably be taken by the time you make a final decision — and agents will not be very keen to show you places too far ahead of time.

You can start giving your agent your criteria, though, so they can advise you on which areas may fit your needs and your budget. One month or less to go? By now you should have a good idea of which areas you want to focus on and what you want in a property. Work with an agent or do it yourself?

You can work with as many agents as you want, but keep them to different areas if you have multiple agents — to avoid confusion when two agents try to show you the same place. Personally, I prefer to stick to one agent, who then gets to know our preferences well and can do a lot of the pre-screening for us! A good way to find a reliable agent is to ask friends who have recently moved. Some agents specialize in particular areas of the city while other agents specialize in working with either singles and young couples, or families with kids.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a place to rent. Places within walking distance from the MRT are best for getting around, but that convenience comes at a premium. Before paying a premium for condo facilities, ask youself — do you really need that gym, pool, or tennis court?

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A common but illegal practice is for landlords to rent out their HDB flat without HDB approval, keeping one room locked.

Better to be safe than take the chance of losing your deposit or having to move unexpectedly. An easy way to make sure your landlord has approval to rent out their HDB flat is to ask to see a copy of the approval letter, when you go to view the unit. Regardless of which property you choose, you will need to be a legal resident of Singapore a permanent resident, or on a long-term pass such as an EP or work pass in order to rent a place.

That is, after they receive an offer and a check from a prospective tenant, they continue to show the apartment and solicit higher rental bids. So make sure you get your landlord to sign that Letter of Intent as soon as possible and the Tenancy Agreement, if you can. Be a responsible renter — help discourage the practice by declining to view or make offers for units where the agent tells you the landlord has already accepted an offer from someone else.

Other things you should know: You can often negotiate to one or two new appliances or pieces of furniture for free, such as a dryer or a microwave oven. If you need some furniture or appliances removed because you have your own, ask before signing the letter of intent. Space is at a premium in Singapore, and your landlord may not have anywhere to store the items if they are removed from the apartment.

Ask for a diplomatic clause, which will allow you to terminate your lease early if you get transferred to another country or leave Singapore. The landlord should do a one-time servicing of the unit before turnover. This includes general cleaning, repainting, servicing the aircons, and so on. Looking for more tips? Take a look at the Property Rental guide over at Orient Expat.

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