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dating sim games deviantart browse

Aug 11, Festival Days -§ion=&q=+Sim+Date#/ Theres a game called MyCandyLove what is a flirting game, its. Discover best Dating Simulator images and ideas on Bing. Updated See more images and ideas about Download Full Version, Shark Games, Simulator Games . See if you can win Ryo's heart in BuzzFeed's first dating sim. Sumeragi Kohaku / Via Share On Facebook.

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When she gets stuck in the past, Nathan buys Saige some clothing that's more appropriate to the time period. It comes with a pair of goggles. Goggles Do Something Unusual: If you choose to fly with Roland, she'll at least use them to keep the wind out of her eyes.

Toko, the shop manager, says "Out of all of the peeps around here, I gotta say that Emmett's the most 'kawaii' Landon starts off explaining the Time Jumper quite normally "Push this button to travel through time" and then suddenly goes off on things like Hit Points and Relationship Values.

dating sim games deviantart browse

Hello, [Insert Name Here]: While the player character's official name is Saige, the player can change her name if they want. Emmett promised to return Saige's handkerchief.

dating sim games deviantart browse

So, naturally, when the wind blew it out of his pocket, he just jumped off the moving train to catch it! Emmett's grandson is identical except for his hair color. I Gave My Word: Emmett runs on this.

dating sim games deviantart browse

Bianca, who seems to be pretty sheltered due to being a doll made by her father. Landon asks Saige if they can get married one day and promises he'll wait for her forever if he needs to. Landon and Oz both like cats. When given a teabag as a gift, Emmett says it's "not really my cup of tea", then apologizes for the bad joke. Oz finds them funny and bookmarks the site on Saige's computer.

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Bianca is an interesting twist on the trope: To do this, the character must have 4 hearts with both characters and have done the special declaration attempt scene at the garden house. After this, one of the [? However, the protagonist must complete all this before Autumn 2, otherwise she will enter a monogamous relationship with whoever has the higher likeability.

After Winter 15, the protagonist is no longer able to gain any more likeability.

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Instead, the game initiates the ending plot, whose events are based upon who the protagonist is closest to and how many hearts she has with him or her. A Normal End is achieved with any heart rating and can also trigger if already engaged in a relationship.

dating sim games deviantart browse

A heart rating lower than 8 with any character is required for the True Ending not to set in. The Normal Ending initiates everytime the True End cannot be reached.

dating sim games deviantart browse

A Bad End happens if the protagonist fails in any way during the End sequence while being in a realtionship eg. It also happens if she is on the right track for the True End, yet fails to have 10 hearts which will also result in a Bad Ending. For a bad Ending at least 8 hearts are required. Further possibilities not yet found out, add some if you find them! Finally, a True End occurs if she succeeded in getting full likeability with any character and in some routes chooses the right answer in the end.