Dating old photos uk

Date an old UK photograph

dating old photos uk

Reources, Tips and Tutorials for Photo Restoration and Photo Dating Note: Please do on Tuesday 21 August 18 BST (UK) . Date Old Photo Please . presents free photo research tools and information. Includes: Photographers Database, Dating Old Photographs, Biographies (historic with an approximate date range when that form of media was popular in the UK. Sarah Williams offers tips on dating old photographs. It made me think of our feature on postcards in our Christmas issue written by photo dating expert Jayne Shrimpton that Try as an example.

Although usually long gone, you may be able to find them listed in directories.

dating old photos uk

There are also websites that collect details of photographers. For the 19th century, sleeves can be quite a good starting point. Again, look online for different sleeve shapes through the ages and try to find ones that match those in the photograph. For the 20th century, dress length can be quite revealing. Always judge by the younger women in the photograph if possible.

dating old photos uk

Older women are much more likely to be conservative and still be wearing a favourite dress from ten years ago! This can be difficult as there were whole decades of the 19th century when women had a centre parting but when a new fashion comes in with hairstyle it is quicker for people to update than clothing. Of course, it is worth looking at everything that the men in the photograph are wearing but how you tied your cravat or the shape of your collar was something that was cheaper and easier to update than a whole suit, so more likely to reflect the date of the photograph.

Email and social media make it easier to contact more distant relatives. Reach out to those distant cousins. Skipping this step is tempting, but avoid that temptation!

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Could the photograph s be of her sisters, parents, or cousins? Check with your cousins, aunts, uncles…. You may not have much oral history in your family or a large extended family to ask. You can still have options for determining the date or age of a photograph. Characteristics of the photograph itself provide clues to its age.

dating old photos uk

What to do when you don't know who that ancestor is in your old photo areyoumycousin Click To Tweet Type of Photograph The type of photograph can place your photograph in a specific time period. If you know the time period a photograph was taken, you can narrow down possible candidates on your family tree. The photographic process makes the photographs appear to float.

dating old photos uk

Instead of glass, the image was on an iron plate. Early tintypes were in small, hinged cases like the daguerreotypes and the ambrotypes. However, the cases were soon replaced by paper sleeves. The carte de visite gained popularity quickly during the Civil War as soldiers and family exchanged photographs. Norfolk jackets were popular as were more casual clothes. Ladies wore tight fitting jackets, high white collars or ruffs a brooch at the neck, lots of buttons in rows, tight fitting sleeves, odd little hats, hair plain or curls usually pulled back.

Dating and Identifying Your Old Family Photographs

The back of the card is quite filled with print, with medals, famous customers, branches, and could be artistic. Studio furniture and chairs look as if from a fine country house.

Sleeves became wider until by the 'leg of mutton' shape with sort of upstanding 'wings' on the shoulders.

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Collars were high and with a ruffle or lace under the stiff outer. Sleeves became tighter by and frilled bodices came into fashion.