Dating ibeacon devices

dating ibeacon devices

Startups are betting that Apple's micro-location technology can improve everything from dating to your pet collar. A startup called Mingleton is introducing a new mobile dating application that uses iBeacon technology to help you connect only with people. In terms of revenue, the beacon technology market generated USD happening in the beacon space, it's important to stay up-to-date with.

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The team also paired up with the MBTA to integrate beacon technology with the app so that users have enough more insight as to how near or far away from a stop they are. Other helpful information to know besides how far away a bus stop is, would be when the bus will arrive. News Apps can connect with beacons to receive news that is applicable to them based on the location of their users.

OtherWorld uses beacon technology to deliver location-relevant news to readers. This type of beacon is especially helpful for those hoping to keep up to date on current events but also has the ability to be utilized by companies and apps that utilize emergency alerts. For example, RapidSOS is using Bluetooth beacons to ensure that in an emergency, your location can be more accurately detected.

dating ibeacon devices

Starwood Hotels recently completed a trial using beacons to help concierge connect with customers for a faster check-in process, give insight for housekeeping as to whether or not guests were still in the room, and even tested a method for guests entering their rooms without a key.

Travel There are airlines and airports that are working towards using beacons for passengers in lines at security to notify which airlines have passengers that will run late for their flights. More and more companies are beginning to think about beacons through the lens of the user experience and are considering what how beacons can provide extra delight and surprise within their products. What makes beacons compelling? In the end, what beacons do best is to help a company find new and exciting ways to communicate with their users in a strategic, targeted way.

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Do you have a project in mind? Maycotte April 9, Buzz continues to build around beacon technology worldwide, an innovation with the potential to transform real-time marketing for nearly every industry, especially retail, events, entertainment and travel.

What Data Can a Beacon Actually Collect? - Multichannel Merchant

For these innovative brands, the benefits of beacons are two-fold: The Walgreens-owned chain drugstore based in NYC is rolling out an iBeacon offering that will push coupons and discounts to customer smartphones when they are shopping in-store. The idea here is simple: Most Apple stores have been outfitted with iBeacon tech, as well as select Walmarts across the country.

dating ibeacon devices

Via beacons, brands can push notifications about products including specs, stock and prices, as well as discounts and coupons. The only push-back thus far for retailers is this: Beacons utilize Bluetooth Low Energy BLE technology, a more energy-efficient variant of other Bluetooth tech that allows two-way communication between devices, triangulating the location of each within a set perimeter. However, a beacon is only activated when an in-store customer who has Bluetooth enabled and has downloaded the store app — and agreed to the terms and conditions — is in proximity.

Without the app or Bluetooth turned on, beacon technology does not work. This still leaves the necessity for a popular mobile app, not so much a problem for the Walmarts and Duane Reades of the world.

The technology relies on apps collecting the data from an iBeacon and using it to do something. In the case of retailers, a store may place an iBeacon on a specific endcap with the newest television on it.

What is Beacon Technology and How Are Businesses Benefitting?

In fact, an iBeacon can talk to Android and other smartphones as well. Any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch can also become an iBeacon itself.

How to integrate iBeacon technology into your app

And this is how some clever developers are discovering that iBeacons are good for a lot more than just selling you stuff. Mingleton uses the iOS-only feature of iBeacons.

dating ibeacon devices

Installing the app on your iPhone turns it into an iBeacons transmitter. The app then broadcasts your profile out to other Mingleton users within a meter radius. This is why we came up with the idea to allow people in the same space to anonymously find out who wants to meet and to make it easy for people to discover their commonalities so they are more likely to want to socialize.