Dating hammer guns

Hits and Misses: Dating a Scott Double-Barreled Hammer Gun

dating hammer guns

I recently acquired a hammer shotgun of uncertain age in bad repair because I thought I could learn more about antique shotguns by hands-on. represent the single hardest category of firearms one can research properly. since the gun was proofed in a national proof house after original manufacture. Company in and since that date . The Purdey Hammer Gun, now THE HAMMER GUN IS AVAILABLE IN DEDICATED 12 AND BORE ACTION.

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Its buttplate is iron, which protected the butt when it had to be placed on the ground for loading from the muzzle. Following close on its heels is the snap-action the gun locks the barrels to the breech as soon as the shooter swings the barrels closed.

dating hammer guns

Like a pinfire, the Weston is a breechloader, but it takes centerfire cartridges, so it has to date afterwhen George Daw introduced what was essentially the centerfire cartridge Akehurst, The Weston has rebounding locks, which means that the hammers do not stay down on the firing pins when the gun is fired but rebound to half cock.

As a result, the shooter did not have to place the hammers on half cock before being able to open and reload the gun.

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This feature was introduced about by Stanton Hadoke, The development of the rebounding lock also meant that the hammer position could be varied. The early centerfire hammers followed the position of the pinfire and percussion hammers: On this gun, the hammers are in a medium position, neither high nor low: The barrels seem not to be choked, an innovation popularized by W.

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Of course, not everyone wanted this new invention. Hadoke quotes Greener praising its hardwearing qualities as better than any other: The barrels are relatively heavy, weighing five and a quarter pounds, and that robust weight, together with the 11 bore, slightly larger than the 12, suggest that the Weston perhaps was made for water fowling.

dating hammer guns

Greener says that an ordinary pair of 12 gauge barrels which would be a bit lighter than ones for the larger 11 gauge would weigh only a little more than three and a half pounds For duck shooting, Greener likes the 10 gauge weighing 10 pounds; he argues that it will shoot heavier loads with better effect than a 12 gauge, while it can also shoot larger-sized shot better than a 12 gauge What is not here provides some useful, if negative, evidence as well.

Weston, he may have been the maker, the retailer, or the owner. I would like to hear from anyone with more information about him. The bores are good, but not perfect, but the bores are bright and shinny and the slight pitting is shallow, and predominantly in the left barrel. The chequering is still present and relatively clean, if not sharp. There are small losses around the left and lock plate.

Richard Ellis set up in Birmingham in and the address on the rib of 11 Leadenhall Street in London is not one I can find referred to.

dating hammer guns

A 12 bore back action double hammer gun by Cox and Son of Southampton. The damascus is attractively browned stub twist. The stock has a reach of 14".

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Horn tipped fore end, and a Jones rotary lever action. The chequering is tidy and clean. A very useable and handsome hammer gun. The Midland Gun Company existed from through until when the business was taken over by Parker Hale.

This gun has certainly seen plenty of life, but is still a perfectly useable hammer gun. It has rebounding hammers. There is a an old repair at the toe of the butt. The barrels have light pitting. It would make a an ideal foul weather gun or just gives the chance to own a serviceable English Hammer gun at a reasonable price.

dating hammer guns

The history of the Manton brothers John and Joseph provides the bed rock on which the british gun making reputation has been built, but is a complicated one. John Manton made finest quality guns and was the elder of the two brothers. He was joined by his son George Henry Manton in There was then a partnership with a William Hudson and John Manton's nephew Gildon Manton who joined the business in Mrs Manton inherited the business in and made the works foreman Charles Coe a partner.

All this is relevant as the barrels appear to be much earlier than the locks.