Dating gilbert clocks 1807

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dating gilbert clocks 1807

Vintage Gilbert Mantel Clock, Walnut Wood, Winsted CT, New England. restoration and movement rebuild. The clock is believed to date from around. Shop for-and learn about-Antique and Vintage Gilbert Clocks. William L. Gilbert was one of the foremost clockmakers of 19th-century Connecticut, a state. William Gilbert c. paper label 2. William Gilbert c. paper label. William Gilbert c. paper label 2, William Gilbert c. paper label 2.

The clock movements in antique, vintage and reproduction clocks require the use of a Gilbert key to keep them operational. While the Gilbert key was designed to wind the Empire-style shelf clocks and other spring-wound clocks made by the Gilbert Clock Company from the mid-nineteenth century through the s, Gilbert keys work on most antique clocks. Winding Pegs The winding pegs for antique or reproduction clocks are typically square and found in a small hole on the face, side or rear of the clock, depending upon its make.

How to Wind Old Clocks With a Gilbert Key

Some clocks might have only one peg for winding but others may have as many as three pegs. Typically made from brass, the Gilbert key has two large ears and a short round shaft. If it it includes a smaller shaft that juts out between the two ears, its use is for regulating the clock's speed.

Adjust the Time Clocks that require winding also need careful handling. If you don't wind the clock correctly, you can overwind or break the internal clock spring, which will require a clockmaker to repair it.

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Start by adjusting the time on the clock face by moving the minute hand slowly. Pause at the half-hour and hour markers to let the clock chime, if it is a chimer. Never move the clock hands counterclockwise past the 12 or 6 o'clock settings.

One-Day or Hour Clocks To wind a clock that requires daily adjustment, establish a routine by winding the clock at the same time each day.

dating gilbert clocks 1807

You'll get the feel of how far to wind the clock if you do this daily. Turn the key slowly in the direction it winds, which is typically clockwise. Its a rather ugly clock in my opinion.

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It still is mechanical and old which makes it cool so I will get it running again. Currently it will run for about 5 minutes and stop which could be anything really but I have a hunch its dirty and probably has some worn out pivot holes just like every other movement I mess around with.

The first thing to do is to get the movement out of the clock.

dating gilbert clocks 1807

I had to remove the wood back and expose the movement. Remove the four screws and remove the clock face hands and the movement just falls out the back.

Its an old one and has the date stamp on it. I removed the movement.

dating gilbert clocks 1807

I found some worn out pivot holes and marked them with a marker. Make sure to mark the side that is worn.

dating gilbert clocks 1807

You can put some force on the main spring wheel and observe the pivots moving around. It will move towards the worn area of the hole and if there is too much wear the clock will stop.

William Gilbert Mantle Clock – Repair

Some guys use pencil but I find it hard to see so just clean off the marker later. I take many pictures of the clock movement before I take it apart. Movements all are very similar but I still forget where some wheels go and some have extra levers or different mechanisms.

Pictures work perfect and I always have to go back and look!!!

Antique Gilbert 1807 Winding Mantel Clock

Make sure to secure the main springs with strong zip ties or wire before you unwind them. When its all apart, I clean everything with mineral spirits and a tooth brush. Remove all the old oil and grime around the pivot holes. Clean all the clock wheels.