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dating game minami ke

There are three of the Minami sisters: Haruka, Kana and Chiaki, who have an average life. The girls Minami-ke Poster Minami-ke: Okawari . Release Date. FUNimation continued their announcement of streaming license acquisitions by revealing that they will now be streaming Minami-ke Tadaima, which actually is. A relationship chart for Minami-ke. . The other is when Fujioka fails to participate in a game of tag at the pool that Kana instigates, due to shyness, and Kana.

Her high intelligence often makes her over-analyze simple situations; her speech patterns are those of an adult male and her wit is caustic. She is extremely cynical and tends to ignore idiotic behavior displayed by Kana and Makoto. She respects and adores Haruka, while often, if not always, resorts to beating Kana for her idiocy. Chiaki seems to know that Fujioka is genuinely in love with Kana. After talking with Haruka, Chiaki has come to associate Fujioka as a father figure and will often place herself on his lap when she seeks fatherly affection or to complete the family experience.

She seems to like Fuyuki, and seems to miss him after moving away. Other Minami family[ edit ] Voiced by: However, Chiaki adopted her as a little brother because of the same surname. She has three older brothers that know nothing about her.

Her tomboy action can be said to be an influence by her brothers.

dating game minami ke

The way she acts, looks and dresses causes Fujioka to actually believe that she is a boy. She is very good at sewing; she is able to make a teddy bear similar to the one owned by Chiaki. Shinji Kawada He is the eldest son of the other Minami family. It is unclear whether or not he is still in high school. Though calm and composed in his demeanor, it seems as though he is in a state of denial concerning the adverse effects the brothers' lifestyle is having on their younger sister.

Hiroyuki Yoshino Second son of the other Minami family, and is in first year of high school. He used to be a delinquent, but had calmed down after Hosaka recruited him to the volleyball club. He got beaten up by Haruka the first time they met due to a misunderstanding, with him touching her chest in the manga, he accidentally hugs her instead. Despite this, he harbors no ill feelings towards her and instead shows signs of embarrassment and indirect affection towards her, this is made evident when the eldest Minami brother talks about having a girlfriend and Natsuki immediately pictures a provocatively dressed Haruka in his mind and suffers a nose-bleed.

Tatsuya Hayama Third son of the other Minami family, and is in first year of junior high school. Maybe because of the gap in their age, he is treated as a child in the other Minami household and is often told not to interrupt when the other two elder brothers are talking. He likes long-haired girls, especially Riko, who is in the same class as Kana. Fujioka dislikes him because he assumes that he is close to Kana. He crossdresses as Aki-chan when he is around Fujioka inside the Minami household.

Reiko Takagi Haruka's classmate and a bit of an airhead. A member of the volleyball club. Ryoko Ono Haruka's classmate. A very quiet girl, quite similar in character to Keiko. Daisuke Ono A third year, and captain of the volleyball club.

He greatly admires Haruka and would like her to become the volleyball club's manager, and his girlfriend. He has a tendency to act cool, stripping and fantasizing in front of people, to the point of being considered a narcissist, causing those who know him to label him as a weirdo, especially Maki and her signature phrase of labeling him as "disgusting".

He is also skilled at cooking and is a perfectionist at it. Saeko Chiba Third year. A member of the volleyball club often acting like the leader of their team as well as an associate of Hosaka. She is cunning and mischievous and is often thinking of rather devious plans usually involving Haruka and Hosaka.

She is good at manipulating Hosaka. She has a distinctive smiling expression and loves alcohol which she calls high-grade "juice". Kana is the only one smart enough not to drink the "juice", while still managing to get everyone else drunk. Ayaka Saito She is a first-year student in the same class as Natsuki.

She has an interest in him and believes she can read him by looking at his eyes. When Natsuki forgot his lunch, she offered him some of hers, then lent him money to buy a yakisoba-panand when he forgot his umbrella, she offered a pink one decorated with bunnies to him to use. However, she also mistakenly interprets Natsuki's love-struck look at Haruka to be directed at herself and believes Natsuki has feelings for her.

Junior-high school students[ edit ] Voiced by: Tetsuya Kakihara Kana's classmate.

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He plays soccer and is a popular classmate of Kana. So cool she is perhaps the only person Chiaki addresses with due respect. It's implied that her Legendary Banchou reputation is mostly the result of exaggerated rumors.

Of course, it's also been implied that at least half of those rumors are true. Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: She is the nicest character in the series. Is That Cute Kid Yours? Chiaki and Kana once get mistaken as Haruka's kids, by someone who hasn't even met them!

dating game minami ke

Hosaka seems to keep this erroneous belief throughout the whole series. She was believed to be a Banchou in middle school because her classmates called her like that, resulting in her being Shrouded in Myth. Has plenty of Fanservice scenes, but it's not an overused trope. See Reluctant Fanservice Girl below. Never Live It Down: Almost everyone regards Haruka as a delinquent gang leader.

She's a helpful and kind-hearted girl who is nice to everyone and gets rarely mad. The only reason she does not know about Hosaka's love for her is because she has never actually met him. Unlike Kana and Chiaki, she's not really special. Please Don't Leave Me: In episode 13 of season 2, after hearing from Maki that Haruka was going overseas to study abroad, Chiaki and Kana both attempt to cook and clean their apartment without their sister's help so that they could send her off with a smile.

Although they do a fairly good job at it, Chiaki starts to break down in tears and begs Haruka not to leave, followed shortly by Kana. Much to their surprise, Haruka tells them she's not going. To her younger sisters; taken to a ridiculous degree with her also being like a parent to the other Minami family at least to Touma and to a lesser degree Akira. Back in middle school she was called "Banchou" "Boss". She is the only one who constantly does the household chores.

She's very shy about wearing sexy bikinis, and most fanservice scenes of her are unintentional on her part. She was portrayed as a brutal Banchou. Surprisingly enough, she can be this when by herself. The only sister who is able to cook properly.

Sweets can be her Berserk Button. If you eat her sweets, you make her either mad or depressed. Her given name contains the kanji for "spring". She's usually a polite, nice and sweet girl, but she's often angry at Natsuki, for good reasons, mostly. This is mostly apparent in season 3, where he really acts like a jerk. A kind-hearted, calm polite girl who is very helpful and does the housework.

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Kana Minami Voiced by: Tropes associated with Kana Minami: In episode 9 of the first season, the sisters try on each other's school uniforms. Haruka wears Kana's, and notes that it still fits, while Kana angrily tells her to just say that it's tight around the chest.

A moment later, Chiaki tries on Kana's uniform as well, and notes that the skirt is a bit loose, while the area around the chest is a perfect fit.

Kana doesn't take those comments too well. Kana does this in episode 5 of season 2. All Girls Want Bad Boys: She initially thinks that Fujioka is a Banchou who wants to challenge her, and consequently doesn't like him at first, but she seems to realize that he isn't and considers him more or less a friend. But in Tadaima episode 5, when Fujioka acts like he feels hot because he wants to get an invitation to eat noodles with Kana, she misinterprets his actions as delinquent-like and becomes afraid of him, especially when it looks like that he's fighting with Akira, but Fujioka is just asking him for advice.

Whenever she lies under the kotatsu and only a part of her head and her Girlish Pigtails are exposed, people mistake her for a stag beetle.

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She is often stuffing her face with food or snacks at home. In episode 5 of Okawari. Her grades are not great, but unlike other examples of this trope, Kana's grades are also not terrible. Usually towards Chiaki, and occasionally Haruka.

dating game minami ke

The logic of her actions often doesn't make much sense. Comically Missing the Point: Happens to Kana a lot. In one instance, during episode 5 of season 3, she talks about going to a pool other than their school's. She invites Riko and Keiko, while Fujioka overhears it nearby. For whatever reason, neither Riko nor Fujioka seem to want to invite the other outright, so they talk out loud about how they want to go to the pool with others to try and clue Kana in on their intentions.

Kana then thinks they were just interested in the school's pool, and decides she'll just go with her sister's friends instead. Her voice is usually deeper than her sisters', but there are some situations where her voice becomes higher. When she's acting like a Bishoujo character similar to Haruka, she pitches her voice much higher to fit the character. Chiaki and Kana in episode 13 of season 2, when they beg Haruka not to go overseas to study abroad.

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