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The Department of Public Safety (DPS) at Butler University is dedicated to keeping and employees who have been affected by sexual assault, dating violence. TPC chairs and members can update their personnel data like affiliation in SoftConf only. Please update your data in your SoftConf Profile. This page is updated. Apr 6, That's according to Senate Rules Committee Chair Charlie Huggins, Alaska Safe Children's Act includes teen dating violence prevention. Senate Bill 37 still requires public schools to provide age-appropriate K sexual.

Darryl is not impressed with Andy's acting ability, to the point of bluntly saying Andy needs to have a job that will tolerate his inevitable and chronic mistakes Andy cluelessly thinks Darryl is expressing strong covert support for Andy's dreams and later avoiding him during the Finale's reunion and other events, but he is visibly impressed with Andy's speech at Cornell and gives him a hug.

Gabe Lewis[ edit ] While initially having a neutral relationship with Corporate liaison Gabe Lewis, after he began dating Erin in the summer ofAndy has since developed a dislike for him. In the episode, NepotismAndy imagines Gabe being eaten by a whale. He bluntly tells Andy that he asked for his permission before pursuing Erin, and says that Andy needs to accept the situation and move on. After Jim hides Andy's cellphone from him, Andy attempts to search for it in Phyllis's desk drawer.

She harshly closes it, and Andy loudly exclaims "I don't trust you, Phyllis! Phyllis immediately answers that Julia is "Out of [Andy's] league". An offended Andy attempts to rebuff her opinion, stating that he has been with numerous beautiful women, leading Phyllis to knowingly ask "Sexually?

Andy then tells her that if she says anything incriminating about him, he will "Break off the temples of [her] glasses and stick them in [her] eye sockets". Later, when Nickthe IT guy, reveals that Andy was, indeed, the whistleblower, Phyllis hides Andy's carry-on bag in the ceiling, coldly telling him "You deserve it". When Andy is upset about Gabe and Erin's possible sex life, Phyllis agrees to ask Erin leading questions to learn the truth.

Robert states that the reason he chose Andy for the Manager position, is because he is "All surface Uncomplicated, what you see is what you get". Season 3[ edit ] Andy is introduced in the season 3 premiere as the Regional Director in Charge of Sales at the Stamford branch, where Jim has transferred to.

There is rivalry with Dwight Schrute over whether his title is higher than that of Dwight's Assistant Regional Manager, fueling an intense power struggle. However, Michael becomes agitated at Andy's sycophantic attitude and poor salesmanship, as does the office at his obnoxious singing. Jim hides Andy's mobile phone that rings with Andy's rendition of " Rockin' Robin " in the ceiling, enraging him into punching a hole in the office wall.

A producer's cut of the episode explains Andy's departure from subsequent episodes as due to being sent to anger management training. This unexpected trip leads Andy to the discovery that his girlfriend is a high school student. However, he falls plight to the sabotage of Angela Martinwho favors Dwight, and ends up in a sumo wrestler costume drifting away into Lake Scranton.

A preview clip for the fourth season features Andy taking up inner-tubing. The fourth-season premiere, " Fun Run ", has Andy competitively participating in Michael's superfluously named run for rabies prevention through strategically drafting Kevin, although he falls prey to "nipple chafing.

He also develops a relationship with Angela, not being aware of Dwight and Angela's previous romantic interludes. He steals an elaborate ice sculpture for Angela's launch party, and serenades her later in the same episode with a rendition of the ABBA song " Take a Chance on Me ", receiving a rare, yet quickly suppressed smile in return.

Andy discusses the exclamation of "Oh, D! This is evidenced later in " Did I Stutter? However, in a deleted scene, Jim reveals Andy was invited in order to benefit Jim, as Andy's pride for Cornell would push the client- a graduate of Dartmouth- toward him. The scheme plays out as intended when the client invites Kevin to play golf with him again but denies Andy's request to join them.

Angela accepts his proposal with a somewhat irritated "Okay"; shortly thereafter, though, she rekindled her intimate relationship with her former lover, Dwight, which is witnessed by Phyllis and the camera crew, who walk in on them making love by her desk. Season 5[ edit ] Between season four and five, Andy plans his wedding with Angela, although his ideas are often rejected by her.

It takes until " Customer Survey " to convince her on a wedding concept, although Angela has manipulated Andy into having the only option to satisfy her demands being Dwight's farm.

However, Andy has already placed many non-refundable deposits on other wedding ideas and lost them to Angela's indecisiveness. In " Business Trip ", Andy and Oscar bond over Andy's failed attempt to set Oscar up, drunkenly calling Angela and asking why they haven't consummated their relationship.

Andy does admit Angela makes him a "better man" during his talks with Oscar, although he fails to hear Dwight in the background of the call.

In the morning, Angela pushes him back to first base, although Andy feels better from the closer relationship he's gained with Oscar.

During a tour of the wedding chapel, Andy portrays Angela's father and Dwight as Andy in a wedding rehearsal that Andy is oblivious to be a real wedding whose marriage license Angela later voids. This forward act by Dwight pushes Angela toward committing to Andy in the long run. While he is in another room, Phyllis reveals that Dwight is having an affair with Angela. Andy then returns, unaware of what the rest of the staff know and decide not to reveal, and goes home with Angela. They meet out in the parking lot, where Dwight realizes that Angela has had sex with Andy as well, despite telling Dwight that she had only been sleeping with him.

Realizing that they have both been lied to, Andy cancels his wedding cake, and Dwight throws out the bobble head in his likeness, implying the men's relationships with Angela are now over. Everyone panics, and Andy attempts to escape out one of the doors, but burns his hand, as Dwight had previously heated it with a propane torch.

When Dwight sets off firecrackers, Andy believes that "The fire's shooting at [them]! He then teams up with Jim, and they attempt to use the copier as a battering ramagainst one of the locked doors. Later, he miserably notes that Dunder Mifflin also lost the account.

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Oscar informs the other staff that Andy is attending one of his honeymoons, which puzzles Michael. Oscar then explains that when Andy was making plans for the wedding, he put down non-refundable deposits at multiple destinations, and ended up going to all of them, to fulfill the deposit. Andy is later called "that new jackass" by Bob Vancewhen he and Phyllis are having lunch with Jim and Pam. With the rest of the staff, Andy insists that Michael stop before he makes things worse for himself and for everyone else.

Later, in the Break Room, when Michael decides to start his own paper company, he offers him a job, to which a visibly uncomfortable Andy is about to reject Michael, when Dwight enters the room, and Andy refers Michael to Dwight, before leaving. However, he mistakes Pam's rejection of Jim's ideas as Pam controlling him. Andy assumes the role as Jim's emotional rock, which Jim goes along with, as a prank.

When Andy makes an announcement to the office for them to respect Jim's emotional needs, Phyllis informs him that Jim is just messing with him. When he goes to confront Jim over the matter, Jim tells Andy that he is very happy with Pam, and assures Andy that, while his breakup with Angela was "A bummer", he will find someone else.

In the last scene of the episode, Kelly and Andy are seen in the men's bathroom, where she is about to give him an ear piercingsomething that he fears the pain of, as well as worrying that he will be pierced on the "Gay ear". However, the pair are both too timid to reveal their feelings for one another. In " Murder ", Andy asks Erin out on a date while playing a game called Belles, Bourbon, and Bulletsbut is confused whether she was just playing along with the game. When she implies that she said yes as Naughty Nellie, he says that he also asked her out in character, leaving both disappointed.

He then proceeds to give Erin the Twelve Days of Christmas. Subsequently, Erin becomes injured by the geeseterrorized by the other gifts of birdsand angered at whomever is her secret Santa. Michael, disgruntled by the fact that Phyllis was made office Santa that year instead of him, reveals to the entire office that Andy is Erin's secret Santa.

Unfazed, Andy hires 12 professional drummers to perform for Erin and the rest of the staff at the end of the episode, which Erin enjoys. Andy confesses that he had never done the splits before, but he is motivated to perform this dance move to impress Erin.

Pam takes Andy to the hospital the night before her wedding as everyone else is too drunk to drive. In " Sabre ," he believes that after hiring professional drummers for Erin, she should ask him out. However, she believes that he will ask her out and she can't wait to see how he "tops [the drummers]. In " New Leads ," after Michael distributes the sales leads to rest of the staff, Erin hides Andy's leads.

At the end of episode, a "hot-blooded" Erin offers a cold Andy her jacket in a landfill where they share their first kiss. Earlier in the episode, Andy lets the new sales leads get to his head and greatly offends Darryl. He, along with the rest of the sales staff, is convinced by Jim that their poor attitudes have alienated everyone else, and agrees to Jim's proposal to smooth things over with the staff.

During " Happy Hour ," Andy and Erin's attempts to keep their relationship under wraps, backfires constantly when they're too overzealous about hiding it.

Committee Of Public Safety

Finally sick of hiding the truth, Andy declares their relationship during the company's happy hour gathering. In " Secretary's Day ", Andy pulls out all stops in making sure that Erin has a memorable Secretary's Day, even asking Michael to treat Erin out to lunch, which the boss reluctantly agrees to do.

However, when Michael reveals that Andy was engaged to Angela, Erin reacts badly. She even throws cake in Andy's face when he tries to serenade her with one of his songs, and wants to take a break from their relationship. Michael does smooth things over a bit with Erin, but Erin does not change her mind about breaking up with him, and Andy remains distraught.

During " The Cover-Up ", one of his clients informs him that their Sabre printer catches fire, which worries Andy. When he decides to investigate the matter, he enlists Darryl to assist him. However, Darryl wants to get revenge on Andy for almost getting him fired a while back over mistaken shipments, and goes along with the ploy by playing up his fears.

But when Andy video tapes the printer that catches on fire, it confirms his suspicions. This prompts Darryl to call off his prank, when he realizes it could get himself in trouble. When Michael is revealed to be dating a married woman in " The Chump ", Andy is furious because of his own cuckolding at Angela's hands, and is driven to make Michael realize the error of his ways.

dating ering committee of public safety

Andy drives Michael to a high school baseball game that the woman's husband is coaching and makes the two meet, making it uncomfortable for Michael and eventually leading to him ending the affair. Andy initially denies it, even though he is accused of this. But he eventually comes clean with the truth by admitting to submitting a letter to a news editor and the video he recorded of a printer catching fire.

Andy admits this as he doesn't want to see the printer fire cause a catastrophe to a school or hospital, but finds himself harassed throughout the day by the sales staff when they all suspect he did it. However, as he leaves at the end of the day, Andy is commended by Erin for his bravery, and he leaves smiling. He invites the entire office to come and is particularly hopeful to impress Erin with his performance—but when Erin agrees to babysit for Pam and Jim's daughter Cece so that they can attend, Andy nearly blows the performance checking his phone for word from her on stage.

Erin ultimately is revealed to have been watching from the back, Cece in tow, to Andy's delight and to Jim and Pam's chagrin. Andy is sad once again when Erin leaves quickly to attend to a cold-suffering Gabe, but he then sings for the delighted office crew and finishes his evening on a happy note.

In " Costume Contest ", he mentions in a conversation with Darryl that he wrote daily op-ed columns for his college newspaper, "The Cornell Daily Sun. In " Sex Ed ", he holds a sex education seminar for the office because people are insulting Meredith, but is really only doing so to find out if Erin and Gabe are sleeping together the answer is "Yes". When the employees make fun of him, he gets angry and throws a pizza box at the wall.

Later Gabe bluntly tells Andy to never behave like that again, especially after Andy gave Gabe permission to ask Erin out over the previous summer, but Darryl cheers him up.

Committee of Public Safety

In " The Sting ", Andy gets jealous over hearing of a former Here Comes Treble member's musical success, and forms an underwhelming but enjoyable office band with Darryl and Kevin. In " Christening ", Andy joins Michael Scott's plan to travel with the church group to Mexico, as both men are deeply unhappy with their personal lives in Scranton, but they quickly realize their mistake and return to their regular lives.

In " Viewing Party ", Andy isn't happy to be attending a " Glee " viewing party at Gabe's apartment, and takes so much of the obscure Asian potency items Gabe had collected that he becomes visibly ill. In " Ultimatum ", Andy reveals that his New Year's resolution is to "learn how to cook for one", since his regular cooking leaves him with twice as much food as he needs. He flatly tells Pam that he's not going to meet anyone, and that "some people are destined to be alone".

He later goes with Darryl and Dwight on a trip to a bookstore, and they later have fun at a local roller skating rink. In " The Seminar ", Andy holds a small business seminar in the office with some special guests because he needs to overcome his pathetic sales figures.

dating ering committee of public safety

At the end of the seminar, Andy is able to sell three packages, thanks to the advice of Michael. Andy is at first reluctant but relents at Erin's friendly urging. The hunt starts with a puzzle picture, which leads to Gabe's stereo in Darryl's office, which leads to glow in the dark stars in Ryan's closet, leading to sparkling cider with Hank the security guard, and finally to a Valentine's cookie in the break room. When the cookie tells her to enjoy her Valentine's kiss, Erin thinks she's supposed to kiss Andy.

Andy points out Gabe blowing a kiss through the window and leaves awkwardly.

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When the staff gathers in the Conference Room to see the screening of Michael's movie "Threat Level Midnight" in the episode of the same nameAndy is shown playing a character with a New Jersey accent named Billy the Bartender. Jim starts laughing uncontrollably at a particular scene, causing everyone else to laugh with him. Michael angrily stops the movie and takes it away, to which everyone protests, including Andy, who says that some people are doing a superb job in the movie.

In " Todd Packer ", when office administrator Pam gets a new computer for the receptionist's desk to replace the current, ancient one, Andy wants a new computer too. Pam states that if she were to get a new computer for one sales rep Andyshe would have to get one for every sales rep, which leads the entire office into believing that new computers are being freely handed out.

Since Pam refuses to give him a new computer, Andy switches his computer with Erin, a trade Erin seems to be fine with. Pam is angry with him, saying that the computer was not meant for Erin personally but for the receptionist's desk in general, and therefore it was not hers to switch. Pam tells Andy that the only way he can get a new computer is if his breaks, which leads to him accepting all cookiesintentionally opening pop-up adsand placing food in the disc drive.

Pam then buys Andy a new computer, which they scratch up so it figures into Pam's fake cover story finding a spare model in the warehouseand Pam later doles out some vacation days to Darryl to keep the whole lie nicely bottled up.

As the instruction booklet is not with the game, Andy and Darryl make up the rules as they go along, much to Kevin's objection. Eventually, Kevin notices the money they had bet on the game with is missing, and storms out. As Darryl and Andy look at each other in confusion, Kevin reveals to the cameras that he has the money, stating, "And that Deangelo loves the antics of Andy, who has resorted to physical comedy when his jokes fall flat, getting to the point where he pours hot coffee on his pants and, at Deangelo's urging, eats soap; Andy tells the camera with dazed sadness that "this is my life now".

In " Goodbye, Michael ", Andy is given Michael's client list as a going away present, and after losing one, requests the help of Deangelo to retain them. Deangelo nearly screws up a relationship with a client, but Andy gains enough confidence to salvage the sale.

Meanwhile, Erin confides to Michael over dealing with breaking up with Gabe, that she might be in love with Andy again, while Gabe becomes venomously angry towards Andy because he wrongly believes Andy triggered Erin's brutal public breakup with him. In " The Inner Circle ", Andy is shown to want in on Deangelo's "inner circle" of office workers, but changes his mind about Deangelo when the women say he's sexist.

However, when Jim brings the rumor of Deangelo being sexist to his boss's attention, he replaces Jim with Andy, who eagerly accepts. While Andy says he going to infiltrate and change from within the circle, as soon as he steps into Deangelo's office, he calls the meeting place "man cave" and barks like a dog before closing the door. In " Dwight K.

Schrute, Acting Manager " Gabe makes Andy promise not to date Erin while crying to which Andy agrees in order to get Gabe out of the room. When Dwight becomes the interim manager, Andy suffers temporary hearing loss when Dwight accidentally fires a gun near him. Erin runs to his side out of concern. Later, when Andy and Erin are talking, Gabe tells Erin what Andy said about them not dating, but Andy shuts Gabe up by pointing out Gabe's pathetic crying fit, and tells both of them that he's keeping his final view on whether he wants to date Erin or not "between me and my diary".

Also, Erin asks Andy out on a date and he eventually refuses, claiming that he has gotten over her. However, Andy later tells the camera that he does think Erin is great. Andy also remains a managerial candidate once Gabe's behavior gets him transferred out of Scranton, and tells the office he won't make any changes at all, but his status like everyone else's is left unclear as the episode ends. Season 8[ edit ] Robert California, selected by the search committee, declines to become Branch Manager and convinces Jo Bennett to give him her position as CEO, thus giving Robert the authority to appoint Andy as the new manager between the events of " Search Committee " and " The List ".

Upon discovering a list that divides the office into winners and losers and being moved into the loser division after questioning Robert about it, he retaliates by hosting a pizza party for the losers and publicly confronts Robert with the positive attributes of the losers. This act earns the respect of Robert and the office, in addition to an extended Columbus Day weekend. In " The Incentive ", Robert California urges the doubling of sales growth, which Andy attempts to fulfill with an incentive program.

This program spirals out of control when Andy has one of the prizes of the program to be a tattoo on his posterior, worth 5, points. In comedic fashion, the office pools their points and succeeds in winning this prize, to which Andy bravely owns up to, only for the office to change the originally more-raunchy tattoo design to one that honors Andy's nickname of "The Nard Dog.

Darryl, depressed from the fact that he didn't win the lottery because he works in the office now, assembles a conference room meeting with several potential new hires, but utters several discouraging remarks about the job and exits, leaving Andy alone to take charge of the process.

Andy doesn't know what he's doing and all of the workers simply leave. Later, Andy finally manages to hire three warehouse workers. Andy steps up when Darryl tells him to give him the manager job, saying he deserves it and wants that or a pink slip, and bluntly tells Darryl he not only isn't going to do that, but Darryl was not the runner-up to Andy in the selection process; as he brings up Darryl's short temper, his hiring of the unqualified Glen, and his loss of interest in taking business education courses, Darryl finally snaps out of his funk and listens to him.

Andy tells Darryl that Jo Bennett loved him and saw something in him, and he simply stopped striving after that. He convinces Darryl to stay on board. Josh Groban in attendance. However, it's evident that Andy is also trying to prove himself to his parents, who were under the impression that he was CEO of the company until later.

He goes to great lengths to try and impress them, even with a toast that gets progressively worse when Andy resents his father and brother performing a duet that Andy tried performing with his father. This indicates that Walter, Jr. This conversation is overheard by Jim, Pam, Darryl, Oscar and Erin via Jim and Pam's baby monitor, prompting everyone to understand why Andy feels the need to get everyone to like him.

After his family leaves, Andy feels dejected and plans to head home himseld, but Darryl and Oscar cheer him up with food from their impromptu barbecue, and Andy finishes his day smiling as he enjoys good food and company.

In " Spooked ", Andy dresses up as a construction worker. He assigns Erin to set up the Halloween party, as he wants to live up to the expectations set by Robert.

When Robert arrives, he notices that the party is more tailored to kids than adults. Andy asks Angela and Phyllis to help take over and re-tailor the party and asks to speak with Erin at the end of the day.

Andy and Robert later talk with Erin in his office regarding Erin accidentally ruining the Halloween party by putting on a disturbing movie of Gabe's creation. Erin says she got nervous when Andy asked to have a talk with her and that she thought he was about to fire her over the party.

If the regents adopt such curriculum, the curriculum requirement shall take effect no later than the next school year after such curriculum has been adopted. If the regents reject such curriculum, the commissioner shall provide a report as to the determination of the regents to the governor, the temporary president of the senate, the speaker of the assembly and the chairs of the senate and assembly committees on education providing the reasons for such rejection not later than thirty days after the regents reject such curriculum.

The State Department of Education, in collaboration with the Department of Human Services and organizations that have expertise in child sexual abuse, shall develop and make available to school districts age-appropriate sexual abuse and assault awareness and prevention education for grades kindergarten through twelve. Research and evidence-based model educational materials on child abuse and child sexual abuse; and 2. A model for child abuse and sexual abuse response policies and reporting procedures.

Beginning with the school year, the board of education of each school district in this state shall adopt a policy to provide age-appropriate sexual abuse and assault awareness and prevention education for grades kindergarten through twelve. The policy may address the inclusion of age-appropriate education as part of physical and health curriculum or as a separate session provided in consultation with the school's counselor.

All curriculum and materials that will be used to provide age-appropriate sexual abuse and assault awareness and prevention education for grades kindergarten through twelve shall be available through the superintendent or a designee of the school district for inspection by parents and guardians of the student who will be involved with the class or session. The superintendent or a designee of the school district shall provide prior written notification to the parents or guardians of the students involved of their right to inspect the curriculum and material and of their obligation to notify the school in writing if they do not want their child to participate in the class or session.

Each school district board of education shall determine the means of providing written notification to the parents and guardians.

No student shall be required to participate in a class or session providing sexual abuse and assault awareness and prevention education if a parent or guardian of the student objects in writing to such participation. The board of education of a school district that offers a health education class shall include, as part of the class, age-appropriate sexual abuse and assault awareness and prevention education.

dating ering committee of public safety

Such education shall include instruction on the reporting of sexual abuse and assault. The task force shall study the impact public health issue of sexual abuse of children in the state and make a report to the Legislature on the prevalence of sexual abuse of children in the state and make policy recommendations to address the following areas: Every public school that offers sexual health education must assure that sexual health education is medically and scientifically accurate, age-appropriate, appropriate for students regardless of gender, race, disability status, or sexual orientation, includes information about abstinence and other methods of preventing unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, and includes information on preventing sexual abuse and violence and understanding consent.

All sexual health information, instruction, and materials must be medically and scientifically accurate. Abstinence may not be taught to the exclusion of other materials and instruction on contraceptives and disease prevention. A school may choose to use separate, outside speakers or prepared curriculum to teach different content areas or units within the comprehensive sexual health program as long as all speakers, curriculum, and materials used are in compliance with this section.

Sexual health education must be consistent with the January guidelines for sexual health information and disease prevention developed by the department of health and the office of the superintendent of public instruction. The task force comprises: