Dating based on horoscopes

Dump Or Date: Which Zodiac Signs Are The Best And Worst In Relationships (His And Hers)

dating based on horoscopes

Dating based on horoscopes - Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find a woman and meet a woman online who is single and seek you. Men looking for a . Find out if you and your love interest or partner are soul mates, best friends, or a recipe for disaster. But no fear - even opposites can attract. Find out how you. There are lots of choices when it comes to online dating apps, so pick best dating app for each zodiac sign to use, based on their horoscope.

The first is a white lie that an Earth sign will tell you to either protect themselves or you from being hurt. The second kind of lie that Earth signs will tell involves lies about themselves. They do this for various reasons. Then all hell breaks loose!

Although expressing emotions is definitely not a sign of weakness, to the stubborn Taurus it definitely feels that way. It takes her a while to come out of her shell and form emotional bonds with people.

Zodiac Signs

In the early stages of dating someone, you want to make a great first impression because you want to be liked. This is especially important for Virgo who is her own harshest critic.

This is a far cry from who Virgo really is: Although this seems like a white lie, it can land Virgo into hot water. She might, for instance, have to follow through on being a so-called spontaneous person. This will just increase her stress levels. Featured Today 9 Capricorn: Take this scenario, for instance: Although she might lie once in a while, Capricorn is generally extremely honest.

She can also spot a liar from a mile away, so be careful with what you say to her! You have been warned.

People Go On Blind Dates Based On Their Horoscope

Lie To Avoid Emotional Problems Processed with VSCO with a6 preset With a strong focus on emotions, Water signs are all about lying to prevent emotional problems with people they care about in their lives. They might lie to hide an affair that can upset their partner, in the case of Scorpio, for instance.

Love Compatibility between Zodiac Signs -

The problem is that the lies can cause even greater issues, such as resentment and hostility. This, too, can be very damaging in the long run. Pisces seems to be the least likely of the Water signs to lie, and her little white lies are just used when she wants to get out of sticky situations, such as if she pretends to love your new hat or trousers because she sees that you love them. In reality, she hates them but will never let on!

The Water signs clearly have different depths of deceit, with Pisces being in the shallow end of the pool, Cancer somewhere in the middle, and Scorpio in the deep end. She could be lying. When she does lie, she obviously really means it. As explained on Good Golly Astrology, Scorpio sees every fact, statement, and opinion as being layered with meaning and different interpretations based on the psychological state of the observer.

See, things can get pretty complicated inside the intense brain of a Scorpio.

dating based on horoscopes

One of the secrets of the Scorpio personality is that people under this sign love being secretive and mysterious. It actually gives them a kick. All the more reason why your Scorpio girlfriend would have to lie to you about her affairs or attractions. Out of all the Water signs — and Zodiac signs in general, actually — Pisces is the least likely sign to lie to her partner.


Upend the balance and take back control for once by being the one to end it before he does. In her constant pursuit of perfection, she will never stop working on, never stop trying to better, herself or her relationship, because she knows that both parties deserve it.

Owing to this, the Capricorn woman is likely to take the lead in the relationship, but only because she knows how to get the best in life.

This bull-headed sign is known for being extremely particular about what they do and do not like and will stubbornly defend it to the end. Because of that, it can be difficult to form a relationship with them since they have everything mapped out according to their specifications.

Taurus The exact opposite of a clingy girlfriend, we have the Taurus lady, who is independent almost to a fault. Her uncompromising standards also mean that fights come fast and frequent, and will often end in a breakup because this bull can turn cold fast. More likely than not, a relationship with this guy will blossom from a friendly rivalry or partnership into something with romance because the competition is his aphrodisiac. She rushes into things, which means she can run hot and cold with her BF, and her short temper means that fights are a guarantee.

He knows how to socialize and entertain and he will never make you feel like you have to take care of him, meaning that bringing him into your inner circle is a no-brainer. In fact, they may end up liking him more than you!

dating based on horoscopes

Communication is a major part of any successful relationship, and Libra men are the great harmonizers of the zodiac world. He would much rather discuss an issue with you than have it turn into a fight, and is more than willing to compromise. Libra One of the kindest signs in all the zodiac, Libra women are social butterflies who have people flock to them on account of their positive energy.

She will always go out of her way to put her boyfriend or partner first, which sometimes means that she puts her needs second. Virgo Like Capricorn men, Virgo men can be very particular. Unfortunately for any woman dating a Virgo guy, they can also be extremely jealous.

The Lie She Will Tell While Dating, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Naturally analytical with a keen eye for detail, a Virgo dude is likely to overanalyze even the most innocent of situations to give them a nefarious edge, which can lead to arguments or the kind of freeze-out silent treatment this sign specializes in. Virgo Nag, nag, nag!

The Virgo lady is so critical of everyone and everything that she is impossible to please! Honestly, Virgo is a sign that is often considered better off alone, because no one is ever good enough for them. Pisces A little shy at first, the Pisces girl will quickly prove to you how worth it she is because she is someone who is sensitive, strong, and supportive.

Failure is something that happens but she will always be there to pick up the pieces. They want relationships to work and will do whatever it takes to make it happen.