Dating a mexican jehovah witness girl

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dating a mexican jehovah witness girl

Along with our main investigation into Jehovah's Witnesses, W5 has also The religion has previously provided a number of dates for the end. Whether single or married, Jehovah's Witnesses are convinced that the best decisions in life are those based clearly on Bible principles. A resident opened fire 19 times because female Jehovah's Witnesses kept trying to talk to him when he told them to get off his property.

I would get angry and snobbish and self-righteous, but now, I liked the attention. I never once heard my husband tell me that I was pretty or that he loved me.

Jehovah's Witness Dating Rules

I began to crave more. My husband reluctantly allowed me to go, although he was not happy about it. The first day there, we all decided to go to a fancy martini bar that someone knew about. I had never been in a bar before. I was in for quite an amazing awakening.

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Friends, drinking, flirting, and fun. Men hit on me over and over that night. Later, we all piled into a cab to continue the party at our hotel.

It was the best night of my life. Later, friends started to leave for their own rooms. I was nervous and had a knot in my stomach, but I was also invigorated and excited—and my boss was certainly aware of my frame of mind. I woke up the next morning in my own hotel room. I knew what had happened the night before, but the details were blurry.

I had no guilt, no remorse, only a smile from ear-to-ear. I felt so alive.

dating a mexican jehovah witness girl

I finally understood why my friends talked about their sex lives. I began to feel guilty. One evening, I had built up enough courage to ask my husband for some extra money to buy a new outfit for work. He had always been the one to pick out my clothes.

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In fact, I was not allowed to go shopping alone. He always accompanied me and had me try things on for him so he could be sure I was covered me from head to toe. Not only my clothes, he picked out my shoes and stockings—everything. Our marriage had become distorted. We were no longer husband and wife; it was a twisted father-daughter relationship. In any case, I had convinced myself that I had the strength to ask for some extra money.

I was so distracted by my own feelings of anxiety about asking for money that I forgot to knock on his office door before I entered.

I walked in and he was sitting there in his leather chair, in front of his computer, with his hands down his pants. I had walked in on him masturbating to porn. I ran out and went to our bedroom. I felt hurt and betrayed, but I had no idea what to expect him to do next. I am five feet tall and he is almost six feet. He came into the bedroom and closed the door behind him. Maybe to some people, porn is not a big deal, but to a devout JW, it is an abomination.

Then he pushed me down, and while I had tears streaming down my face, he masturbated on top of me. I could not look at him after that day. I knew I had to get away, but suddenly, I felt like such a hypocrite. I had become afraid of this man, this monster.

I had no idea what to do. I had no friends in the congregation I could discuss this with. Besides, my husband was unfortunately right; no one would believe me. And even more, part of my story was that I had become an adulteress.

Who would want to talk to me? Who would believe a JW who had her own secrets? I made a plan. I would just leave him and not tell him where I went. When I got my next paycheck, I went straight to the bank and opened my own account. The same day, I went to look for my own apartment. He suspected that I was doing something to protect myself, as just as I was pulling into the parking lot to go to work, I spotted him carrying a bouquet of flowers for me.

He had never given me flowers before. I accepted the bouquet and then I lied and told him I had been to the bank for work. I told him I had to get back to work and I hurried back into the store. We threw things into the back of our cars and drove off. I spent the night with a woman friend, with my cell phone turned off. I called my mom the next day to let her know I was fine.

I asked if I could come and talk to her. I went and told her everything, including what I had done on my weekend away. She held me and comforted me. She begged me to go to the Elders of the congregation and confess everything.

I had no desire to confess to anyone. A few days went by with my husband showing up at my workplace, an entourage of Elders accompanying him.

I kept them at bay as long as I could, but they grew frustrated and demanded to know why I had left my husband. One Elder in particular called me on the phone one day and asked me if I had been in the company of another man. He said that my husband had heard that I had had other men over to my apartment. I was in fact already seeing the man who would later become my husband. My now husband, had spent one night at my new apartment after we had been on a few innocent dates, my brother and sister spent the night in their vehicle and took turns watching my apartment all night.

In the morning they saw him come out of my apartment. Believing that Armageddon is coming to separate believers from non-believers, Witnesses spend much of their time knocking on doors to preach their beliefs to others. When it comes to relationships within this faith, certain dating rules apply. Baptized believers are expected to follow the moral code outlined by church elders.

Failure to do so may result in expulsion and shunning by the church. For Jehovah's Witnesses, certain dating guidelines apply. Meet Singles in your Area! Dating within the Faith Church rules indicate that individuals should only date other witnesses of Jehovah. Dortmund is home to the largest district convention of Jehovah's Witnesses in the country.

The majority of those following the faith in Germany hail from the Ruhr region, which is densely populated and has relatively high unemployment. Some 40, Witnesses are expected to attend the event on each of the three days it will last.

Now they are standing in the Westfalen Stadium, embracing fellow brothers and sisters. Melanie is busy catching up with a friend.

There are many young people, among them young straight-backed men in suits. The girls exchange secretive looks and giggle.

dating a mexican jehovah witness girl

At first glance, it could be a wedding party. The girls' skirts might be a little longer and the children might look a bit more nicely coiffed, but it would be difficult to assign this group of people to any particular faith community.

It's only their purple plastic nametags that give them away: Written above the name is the phrase "Let God's Kingdom Come! They have been married for 12 years. Both have been Jehovah's Witnesses since they were young.

They spend 40 hours per week doing missionary work, preferably side-by-side. They are nice, peaceful people. They offer strangers licorice and apple slices, spread out wool blankets against the cold and help old people up the stairs. They listen quietly to the speaker on the lawn below. They sit close together, still and pious in the seats usually occupied by cheering, swearing fans of the Borussia Dortmund football club. They hold their Bible in front of them like a silver tray: Their entire life is in this Bible.

There are passages explaining why nicotine is forbidden but a glass of wine at the end of the day permitted, why blood transfusions are to be avoided and why non-believers must be converted. At least, they claim that's what the Bible says.