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You can date anyone on your contacts list. You must meet people first to get them on your contacts. If you meet them and you flirt with them, you get a small boost. I'm not sure if it's the same for every game but the top 3 guys in my game are and Max Morr.., Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Answers for the iPhone - iPad. cities or back to LA: #1 to find extra money, gold coins, and energy. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood lets you lead the life of a celebrity right Stars, cash, and energy don't grow on trees and you'll want to make Date as many people as you want and you'll climb to the top of the A list even faster.

Hollywood has multiple rewards, and each can be earned different ways. The most obvious here are the little green dollar bills that fly to the ground whenever you successfully complete an activity.

Money can be earned from almost anything, and is spent on everything from travel, to dates, to less-luxurious items of clothing or accessories. It's the easiest thing to obtain, surprisingly, so it will only take you so far. The other most commonly dropped item, signified by a little yellow silhouette.

Experience is important, because places in the game like Hollywood, Miami and Vegas only become accessible when you level up. Signified by little blue lightning bolts, you need energy to do almost anything in the game world. Activities like dates, photoshoots or working all require energy to do various tasks, from "checking make-up" 2 energy to "folding shirts" 3 energy to "smiling with your eyes" 4 energy.

Every time you use energy, it must replenish, and it takes 5 minutes for one piece to come back.

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That often means waiting to finish an activity until you have enough energy available, so make sure you have an abundance before you start an activity. K Stars are the most premium currency of the game. They are handed out sparingly; you might earn one to two per level. These are used to unlock the nicest haircuts, clothes, accessories and cars in the game, which you can never purchase with real money.

If you want anything nice in Kim's world, you'll have to fork over real dough to get it. The K Star shop in 'Kim Kardashian: Dates are key to your success "For the first week I was playing, I didn't know how to ask anyone on a date. My first boyfriend in the game dumped me because he said I wasn't asking him out enough," Stowell said.

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Dates are a huge way to expand your fan circle, and you can ask your current crush out on one by entering any bar or restaurant and tapping the heart over the table. But Stowell said dating around is actually encouraged by the game's mechanics; it gives dramatic rewards in fans for the first two levels of relationship status, which can be attained quickly.

But Stowell said it takes so many dates to reach the next level and another fan boost, it's less time consuming to start a new relationship. Take the high road Your game introduces a rival very early that varies depending on your gender. So even if you use your bf for your gigs it wont affect the personal relationship.

And the perks are that you get to reach the next level faster, but be warned that you spend a lot of money. Once you reach the press will tweet about you and he will just say something about how he wants to see you more often just do the usual once a day date way and idk how far the relationship could go honestly.

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And no you can't use him for gigs Posted on: Cupcakes First off, you can't date the 1 ranked guy until you ARE 1. The guy will continuously reject you, just like anyone ranked above you. You should hold off dating until you are 1 ranked. Dating doesn't really have any perks. It eats up your money and your date constantly insults your clothes. Dating costs a lot of time, money, patience, and energy. Once you reach 1, you get to visit their apartment, where you pretty much get to do nothing.

You can only use those who you networked with for gigs just like in Stardom: My advice is avoid dating until you are 1 ranked, rich, and completed a lot of the quests. Dating in game is a huge waste of money, energy, and time. Angelinajolie If you don't date him for 24 hrs he will ask for breakup or you need to charm him by using k stars.

After reachingyou'll move to points and he will say you are his gf and media will tweet your relationship. Afteryour relationship will grow to max level after you can go to your bf apartement. If u date a lister u will be invited by your bf to calabasass. And you can't invite him for gigs. Gigs are gor friends network Posted on: Kay You have to date him atleast every 24 hours.

But I've personally never dated till because you have to comeback and it cost allot of energy and money. Ps you can't use anyone you flirt with as a "helper" at gigs. You have to network with them. Cat88 - date him every two days, at the most.