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dating a gangster girl

Dating a gangster may look thrilling and glamorous to young girls, but it's a dangerous move that could end in despair, disfigurement – and. She's tall, beautiful, smart and she's dating a gangster. She's Dating the Gangster is a Philippine coming-of-age romantic comedy drama film John Uy as young Mickey; Allan Paule as present Mickey; Eslove Briones as Sara's date; Joe Vargas as Gang Leader; Elisse Joson as Mean Girl.

That's where you will find them," she says, referring to girls who wait to bail their boyfriends out of jail. These guys trust their girlfriends with everything, Cain says. He basically needs to know that you would use that gun. While it can be seen as a romantic notion to stick by someone's side regardless — it could be argued women have een taught to do so for centuries — with the wrong guy and especially in the street context, it can turn dangerous.

Morgan says for young women in communities with few support systems, it's ultimately about survival, and many issues — poverty, racism, family issues — have to be seen in context to understand why a young girl puts up with it. Everybody rationalizes his or her way out of the situation. Or would I rather not tell anyone that he's keeping a gun here and let him see his daddy every day,'" she says.

Gangster girlfriends: Women trapped by fatal love

Cain says what's needed is for young women to look within themselves to find the confidence to leave. Two years ago after meeting Carlos, who she calls loving and responsible, she felt ready to have a child with him. Now the young mother is working hard to pull it all together. It was as if Brianna had two lives: Sometimes it was like, you know But they are really, really not looking past what happens at 2 a. It is not to discuss a legitimate business proposition.

She is obviously aware of what is going on. So she is allowing herself to be along for the ride. This is not a criminal. She was a girlfriend.

dating a gangster girl

This was a horrible choice on her part. And he has threatened to name the killers and openly plotted revenge. He was out on bail on charges of theft, possession of stolen property and trespassing at night when Johnson was killed.

Although the young mother struggled with addiction for years, her slaying happened because of a conflict someone had with her boyfriend, Bobby Digeorgio, who was also killed. The problem she was facing was that her daughter still had to make the decision to leave. But some of the women, he said, are suffering from a kind of Stockholm Syndrome.

You need to take real precautions to do it safely. You might need to be in a safe house for some of them. Since then, several more young women have contacted her and she has become an accidental specialist on the subject.

So they are not all in the same kind of stage. I think they get recruited in a different way because it is a sexy lifestyle. Nothing will ever happen to you: You are my girl. There are no guides for counsellors to help women in this situation, she said.

Gangster girlfriends: Women trapped by fatal love

Many assume the young women are responsible for their own problems, having taken up with a criminal. They are exposed to things at a very slow pace, so that one thing becomes okay, then something a little bit more severe happens. Later on, someone might show them a weapon. And there is huge guilt that goes along with that. It can take years to slowly untangle yourself, especially if your name is attached to financial issues.

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She would like to see a community plan implemented to help gangster girlfriends who want out. It takes years to repair. It is like brainwashing. She thinks a good start would be a special transition house for young women trying to leave criminalized boyfriends or husbands. We all pushed her and supported her so that she knew she had somewhere else to go. She heard a little more on the news as she was getting ready for work. The victim was in a black pickup. She pushed the thought away again and went to work.

He's got two underlings on the left, two more on the right - cool brother.

dating a gangster girl

I look at him. He looks at me. And the cool explodes into another primal rage crazy screaming fit. He runs towards me, and he's shouting and crying in front of his boys. I don't know what he's saying.

If Your Girlfriend Was A Gangster

And I'm trying to tell him how sorry I am. It's a crap situation, and he deserves better. Did she tell you, why? And then he leans on my shoulder and sobs, big, racking shutters of grief, and I comfort him - even as he tells me he has to kill me. See, killing me won't solve anything.

dating a gangster girl

She's setting you up and you deserve better. We have to at least give you a beating. But that's what she wants you to do. Isn't that what she's counting on? We - you and I - are not going to give her the show she's looking for - look at me. And we bro hug it out. And I'm on the way back down the stairs when I hear him say my home address into his phone and I almost [bleep] my [bleep] pants - before I realize he's not calling his boys on - he's calling them off. Now, Glynn, that's all well and good but why - why did you tell me this story?

OK, well, let me assure you there are more people who have almost been killed by gangsters for love than there are prince charming stories. Believe me - but you'd never know. The man doesn't want you to know. He wants you to believe that your relationship history is the problem.

dating a gangster girl

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