Dating a douchebag

The Basic Douchebag - DBAG DATING

dating a douchebag

The Studying Hours (How to Date a Douchebag, #1), The Failing Hours (How to Date a Douchebag, #2), The Learning Hours (How to Date a Douchebag, #3). For far too many women, the online dating experience has been peppered with unfortunate interactions with salty-ass dudes. It's been a banner. Let's keep it real: no one likes a prick! If you've had enough of dating slimeballs, these pointers will help you steer clear of unsavory companions.

If home was lonely and unkind, you may attract partners that ignore, withhold affection or criticize you.

Seven signs you could be dating a 'douchebag'

If home was fearful, you may attract partners that are emotionally or physically abusive. In your subconscious, love and therefore sexual attraction is equated with the negative feelings that you grew up with.

We attract and are attracted to the type of people who treat us how we treat ourselves or subconsciously think we should be treated. Here are some red flags — and signs you should kiss him goodbye: Does he take you out?

dating a douchebag

Now even if he is broke, he can still make an effort. If he only texts you after 10 pm wanting sex, it will never magically turn into the relationship of your dreams.

dating a douchebag

Start as you mean to continue and be too busy for a booty call. Does he listen to you and show interest in your life?

If all he talks is about himself, then the relationship will be all about him, as well. A man who only cares about himself is called a narcissist and will never be able to give love in a healthy way. Does he pay for things? A man that is stingy with his money is usually not generous with other things either.

How to Date a Douchebag Series by Sara Ney

Does he have a girlfriend, wife or live with an ex? Stay away until he is. If he is truly the love of your life and wants to be with you, he will leave her to make that happen.

dating a douchebag

Is he emotionally available? Does he say that he does not want a relationship or a commitment or hung up on another woman?

dating a douchebag

Not the one you are making up with a fantasy ending. If he needs space as big as the outdoors, assume you are going to be left out in the cold.

Find a man that wants a relationship too. Does he hate a particular race, his family, the government, his ex-girlfriend, certain clothes you wear, your friends, other drivers, animals, strong women, successful people or clowns?

60 Painfully Obvious Signs The Man You’re Dating Is A Total Douchebag

If you are in a relationship with an angry man, you can be guaranteed that one day he will spew it all over you. Does he tell you what to wear, where to go, who you can and cannot talk to or how you should live your life?

The controlling man was a speciality of mine. One of my best friends is a musician and that dude traps more fur than Daniel Boone. Other than the fact that his music can melt the panties off J. Edgar Hoover I think this is simply because his music is emotionally apprised, can command a room full of people and looks good doing it. His music is responsible for more pregnant women than a black man at a Jenny Craig convention!

The Basic Douchebag

The Stripper — Why we love her: This girl is full of hopes, dreams and excuses why those dreams never came true. The Fronter — Why you love him: Much like The Boaster, this guy gets off on his own accomplishments even though none of them are really even his to own.

Even if he made it on his own that Caddy is a lease, that house is a time share and he had to check his credit card balance before charging that flight to a warmer climate.

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The clock is ticking on this disillusioned little fawn so throw a couple quick ones in her, get a new watch and set of tires then best be on your way. The Show-off — Why you love him: This one must trigger some cavewoman logic where Ug slings down a sabretooth tiger, beats his chest then drags you back to his cave. You love him because he will be your puppet for as long as you give him attention. Sorority Girl — Why we love her: In the split second we meet someone we all have a hard time deciphering arrogance from confidence.

This guy thinks the world of himself for the same reason chubby girls think one night stands might actually like her: The Hard 7 — Why we love her: Worth, Texas in no time.

The User — Why you love him: Because you have daddy issues. Super Stoner — Why you love him: This guy is so agreeable that after dating the next guy on this list, being able to make up your own mind and never having to debate movie night, date night or girls night seems like a God send.

dating a douchebag

The Hippie — Why we love her: If you run Showtime you should definitely sponsor me.