Dating a danelectro guitar effects

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dating a danelectro guitar effects

Join Date: Jun ; Posts: So my band has a danelectro U2, which we bought off a good friend of mine as a backup guitar. . that he is some form of god. no mere mortal has that many guitars/pedals/amp/anything. i got a really nice condition peach colored danelectro at guitar center today for 95 $ but i cant find any info on it. it looks closest to the Join date: Feb Guitars: Epiphone Dot Studio Amps: Fender Stage SE Effects. Join Date: Nov ; Posts: share. Share · Tweet. #1. 90's Danelectro's. 01 , PM. I was wondering how the Danelectro's made in the 90's are regarded? is a big part of the dano sound and I really don't like the finishes. I am not a Dano expert, but I seem them as cheap guitars, with quirky appeal.

Has anyone else ever had these or played them? I looked through the web and I couldn't find any photos of it in brochures or catalogs.

How to Date a Danelectro Guitar

Anyone have any links or information about these guys. I am curious what year it was produced, and perhaps how many of them were made. I have an opportunity to buy one of these. I really did this amp.

dating a danelectro guitar effects

It's in great shape and has foot pedal. I think it was made in Is that a good deal. It is posted in the Fort Wayne, Indiana Craigslist listings. Hello - Need some help identifying this 6 string Danelectro Longhorn guitar.

dating a danelectro guitar effects

Nice sunburst color, coke bottle headstock with silver lettering down the middle. Three lipstick style pickups, two F holes, rosewood neck. I can send pics if anyone would like to see it. Not sure if it is from the 60's or a reissue.

The guitar is clearly set up as a 6 string bass it has bass tuning machines,nut and saddles,and is tuned E to E one octave lower than a guitar. It doesn't look like a simple string swap is going to make a conversion. The guitar has a U2 body and looks like the baritone classic except for the head stock which is not painted. I dont know the year but the seller said they bought it in Can this be converted without alterations?

Does anyone have experience with one of these? Hey, I have played on a danelectro U-2 that had ernie ball baritone strings on it. I have seen on a couple msg boards where people bought the danelectro VI, which was apparently kind of supposed to be a crossover between a bass and a guitar, so, i think it actually CAME with bass strings on it. I had a local tech look at it and he said kind of the same thing.

The guit does need a set up and truss rod adjust. The pick ups have a nice twang and its a Dano so it looks cool. I am looking for Specs or schematics for a Danelectro Corporal amp.

I believe its a 50's or 60's model with one tone and one volume knob with 3 inputs and 2 x 8 inch speakers. We can't seem to find one anywhere.

dating a danelectro guitar effects

Even if you have something hand written, we need all the help we can get. The power tubes seem fine but something is wrong with the pre amp circuitry. Danelectro Models "" Model. First Dano models have tweed covering, bell shaped peghead, 1 or 2 pickups under the baked melomine pickguard, solid Poplar wood single cutaway body that is Most are painted ginger color.

dating a danelectro guitar effects

Common colors include black, copper, royal blue, coral red, surf green. Models numbers include the "Standard": Same as Standard Shorthorn models but pointed control knobs and different colors and trim. Model white 2 pickupdark walnut 2 pickuphoney walnut 2 pickupwhite 3 pickupdark walnut 3 pickuphoney walnut 3 pickup. Smaller normal shaped pickguard, pointed concentric knobs. Basically a Standard Shorthorn model with vibrato. Model black 1 pickupblack 2 pickup.

Concentric controls on the 2 pickup model. Six string guitar and 4 string bass, single pickup for each neck, white to brown sunburst, concentric knobs.

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Bass and Guitarlin models. Bronze sunburst, 4 string model Also made a 6 string model Both 2 pickup with concentric knobs. Double cutaway shorthorn body with a round soundhole to be used either acoustically or electrically. No pickup, blond, model One pickup, blond, model Bellzouki 12 String models. Single pickup model with a tear-drop shaped body, white to brown sunburst, 12 strings.

Also made a 2 pickup model with a four point, tear-drop, sculptured body. Brown with gold flecks, 1 pickup model with "Tilt Neck" design. Body shape a unique "bow tie" shape. Guitarlin longhorn model White to bronze sunburst, 2 pickup, concentric pointer knobs. All have Fender Jaquar body style longer bass horn.

The "3" Slimlines have 3 pickups, the "V" Slimlines have a vibrato, the 2N12 has 2 pickups and 12 strings. Slimline type body, different colors and pickup configurations, short scale student model guitar.

As the letter goes from A to E, models get slightly fancier. One pickup, round body shape, bulb peghead, no drone strings. The lack of drone strings make this a far less desirable electric sitar. Solidbody Poplar body construction. Coral Models Coral Longhorn. Vinnie Bell Coral Sitar. Has 13 drone strings that move from the vibration of the usual 6 strings.

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Three pickups, 2 for the 6 stings and 1 for the drone strings. Crinkle burgundy finish, 3 point body shape. Has a "buzz" bridge which similate the sitar sound. The resonation from the buzz bridge vibrates the top of the body and the drone strings.

Clear pickguards protecting the drone strings and Vinnie's name on the lower 6 string clear pickguard. Body is made entirely from Poplar, with a semi-hollow construction. Coral Hornet, Scorpion, Wasp models. Much like the Danelectro Dane series. Hornet available with either 2 or 3 pickups, with or without vibrato. A Vinnie Bell signature design. The Scorpion is the 12 string version, the Wasp is the bass version. Hollowbody made in Japan body, much like a Gibson ES Hollowbody made in Japan body, thick body style, conventional hollowbody design, "F" holes.

Silvertone Models Silvertone model The single cutaway bodies were made of solid Poplar wood, and are known as the "peanut" body shape at Then used a solid aluminum bar running from the peghead to the bridge for strength. This model was also available under the Silvertone brand name with the "lightening bolt" peghead.

This included flame red with black sides, yellow with black sides, bronze with mint green sides, coral red with white sides. Model 1 pickup2 pickup. Available in black enamel color.

Model 1 pickup, bronze2 pickup, bronze1 pickup, black2 pickup, black3 pickup, black. Model 1 pickup bronzeModel 1 pickup black. New Dolphin style peghead. Amp in Case model 1 pickup.