Darwin dating rules

Darwin dating rules

darwin dating rules

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Darwin dating

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Business Rules, Not Technology: Review of WHAT Not HOW by CJ Date

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darwin dating rules

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darwin dating rules

Business Analysis To the best of my judgment, almost everything Date says in this book is correct. He is a widely-published author of books and magazine articles, with a justly deserved reputation for good writing that indicates clear thinking.

He is also the author of other writings in this same on-line publication. Still, I feel that some things in this book warrant discussion. The first part of the Preface talks about business rules as an exciting new technology. Business rules are exciting, but as Part I makes clear, it is not necessary to get into any discussion of technology to reap the benefits of business rules.

In a brief discussion on why entity-relationship modeling is incapable of dealing with integrity constraints, a major type of business rules, Date points out that drawing pictures may not be the best way to do database design. A point well taken. But the role of modeling of any kind is not limited to database design. The more difficult task is involving business people directly in the process of business analysis.

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A good picture, say an effective E-R diagram, with complete definitions, is a useful human communications tool. It will be harder to implement systems that do work, systems that do what they're supposed to do, and systems that can be changed more easily, if the necessary human communications are truncated or ignored. Pictures are a good way to do this and a good place from which to start deriving business rules.

Gathering business rule statements, business ramblings. These are the first steps in starting the human-technology communication necessary for physical design.

Date and I differ on the definition of the scope of the topic of business rules. A good discussion of business rules and other business topics is as, or even more, important in producing good systems as the appropriate supporting technology in the form of databases, rule engines, and a good query language. Zachman Framework As previous readers of my writings know, I try to place almost everything I encounter into the Zachman Framework.

The Framework is a useful tool for classifying any aspect of a business. The set of business rules describing a business are a model of that business, and the Framework is very useful for classifying business models. Because What Not How covers two subjects, the "how" of business rules and also various relational and technical concepts, the book includes different kinds of material that can be put into different places in the Framework. Date's ideas on justifying why business rules are a good solution fits into the "Why" column of the Framework, which covers motivation issues.

The relational and technical material, more weighted toward implementation issues, seems to me to belong in Framework row 3 a systems analysis view and row 4 a design view. Some may even touch row 5 a systems building view.

darwin dating rules

Audience In Part I, Date attempts to lay out an understanding of what business rules are. Proceeding systematically, he takes us through a set of eight short chapters.

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These include a problem statement, examples of kinds of rules, how rules are connected to a data model, and some potential advantages and disadvantages of a business rule approach. If the intended audience is managers, then I think Date has succeeded in putting business rules into a useful general perspective.

Since the book subtitle includes the phrase "Application Development," technical people still may be looking for that content as they finish page 66, the end of Part I. Part II is just the opposite. Proceeding like a mathematician solving Fermat's Last Theorem, Date marches us through a set of eight short rigorous technical chapters. He goes through many essential relational ideas in a compact review.

Date ties in business rules in Chapter 14, just before the Part II summary.

darwin dating rules

Framework rows 3, 4, and 5 people will easily zip through the relational material, since it is explained in simple and easy-to-understand terms in the text.