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commando dating stories

Apr 1, She came back out, very obviously embarrassed at going commando under her dress, and pressed a Improbable as it is, we're actually dating now, years later. . Read this: 66 Creepy-Ass Stories That Will Ruin Your Day. Ever been on an awkward first date? Of course you By any chance, will I find there his side of this story too? Go commando and end the date early. Don't. Oct 8, If you'd like to really spice up your next date night, nix your knickers. That's right gals, go commando. Keep your sexy secret underwraps until.

He shows up and I was impressed that he actually is as handsome as his photos as opposed to the guys that send you pictures of themselves under really "good lighting". I was horrified but thankfully the place had loud music. I stuck it out as I was trying to decide if his looks were enough to compensate for that voice. After a few drinks, he suggested we go dancing yippee a place with even louder music!

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We get into his car and as he pulls out of the parking garage, he takes out a bottle of vodka he had hidden under the driver's seat, pours the vodka into an empty Starbucks cup and starts drinking while driving.

If things could not get any worse, he asks if we can pass by a bank machine. Needless to say, I was not impressed and I had to put up with his incessant messages for weeks afterwards calling me "babe" and "sweetie" and asking if we can do the "wonderful" night all over again. He even started getting upset and accusing me of being "weird" when I would not reply to his messages.

Morgan, Toronto I met a guy one weekend on a ski trip and gave him my number. He was really into me that night and said he'd call to set up a date. Sunday evening rolls around and he leaves a voice mail: The message is 3 minutes long and completely inaudible.

He must have accidentally pocket dialed me. Weird thing was he also sounded like he was at a bar, on Sunday night, after a weekend of heavy drinking - weird. Throughout the evening I receive numerous calls from him and I ignore them all.

I wake up the next morning and start getting ready for work and play the messages on my speaker phone. Turns out he was at a bar and turns out he was trying to pick up a girl. I listened to soundbites of, "oh just come home with me" Story continues below advertisement Best part was the girl turned him down.

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Did I mention this is all happening on Valentine's Day? I waited all day before I texted him If you don't mind deleting my number and never contacting me again. I definitely did not feel bad for him. Shortly after meeting him, it was obvious that the night would likely go badly. At dinner, he ordered a Singapore Sling and teased me about eating "rabbit food" a simple salad.

And he didn't leave a tip — not because he was mean but perhaps it was a combination of naive and cheap. Mortified, I never ate there again. Then he took me to see a movie and cried so hard during several scenes that a year-old boy seated behind us asked him to shut up. Story continues below advertisement As he drove me home, he broke wind several times.

Then he questioned why I cracked the window, despite the fact that it was raining. I declined the offer of a second outing, which — sadly — upset the folks who'd set us up, and our friendship was never the same afterward.

Your fairy tale date stories: Vonda, Ottawa We were introduced by his roommate and we were both instantly drawn to each other. We went on twelve dates and he still hadn't kissed me. Fearing major halitosis or lack of interest, I confronted him and was shocked by his reply.

He said that if he kissed me he knew he'd want to marry me and he had to make sure it was right. We've been happily married for 26 years now and he kisses me every day. Sharon, Carleton Place, Ont.: He arrived at my door with roses and a bottle of wine.

commando dating stories

We drove up to Chelsea, Quebec for a tour of an art gallery, then we spent the rest of the evening in the Market in Ottawa, sharing our stories with one another. I left, and got home using my GPS.

I searched through Facebook for people with her first name that went to the school in town, until I found her. Back when I was a freshman in high school, I had a ridiculously huge crush on this friend of mine. I ended up winning the bet, and so at the end of the night, the girl nervously went into the bathroom and took off her panties.

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She came back out, very obviously embarrassed at going commando under her dress, and pressed a fistful of black cotton panties into my hand straight away. I guess this post would be creepy enough if I simply said that I was turned on by holding her freshly-used and still warm panties in my hand, but nope. That night, I went home and meticulously scrutinized the panties, everything from the scent to the pattern of white discharge left behind on the inside of the otherwise black and flawless pair of panties.

I slept with them under my pillow, one hand still intertwined with them beneath my head, and even woke up once during the night to sniff them some more. I think I may have licked them too.

commando dating stories

Still worse, the next morning, I actually wore them for awhile, trying to feel some indirect contact between my genitals and hers. I had sex with a stuffed gorilla before I was producing, so instead of cumming I peed all over it. I once had like 6 dudes jacking off in my room at one time, I was included. I used to dig in my ass hole to get the shit out whenever I was constipated.

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I used to film myself fapping so I could see if I looked like the dudes in the pornos. I injured my spine trying to suck my own penis as a kid, had to go to the doctor, told him I fell off my bed. I stared into the reflection of myself on the car window next to me to fix my hair and check if I had anything in my teeth.

To my horror, I looked closer and discovered there were people inside the car staring back at me, terrified. When I was a teenager a girl left her pillow at my place. I used to masturbate in class all the time.

commando dating stories

I would just discreetly push a pen against my clit through my pants. There I would fuck myself quickly to completion and then come back to class. When I was 16, I went to go visit a friend out of state, I ended up staying in her moms house with her 3 sisters.

It was a very old house. The house has a ton of little holes in it, you could see through cracks in the wall straight into the shower or into other bedrooms. On the second floor there were cracks on the floor that let you see onto the floors below. Then as if to make things worse, one of the bathroom doors was a curtain that went down to about your knees.

The girls were all very attractive and I wanted to see them naked.

commando dating stories

So me being a pervy little kid, I spied on the 3 girls. One was 15, the other was 18 and the last one was in her late 20s. I would intentionally try to look under the curtain in place of the bathroom door so I could watch the girls when they got out of the shower. The year-old would sleep in a shirt and panties so I would get up in the middle of the night and peep into her room in hopes that I would see. The year-old would walk around her room in the nude so I especially paid attention to her.

She would stand in front of the bathroom mirror forever so I even contemplated buying a little wind up camera so I could photograph her after she showered, I never followed through with that. And then one day, I went to go visit my friend at her part time job, and I noticed something odd.

commando dating stories

She was ignoring me, as were all of her friends, it was very strange. And everyone around town knew it. So now I was the town pervert.

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I suspect that it might have been a time while I was trying to peer under the bathroom curtain thing, I was laying on the floor pretending to read a book and I kept glancing over there trying to catch a look at one of the girls when she stepped out of the shower. The thought that somebody saw me do this is terrifying.

I came home, deleted her from my myspace, facebook didnt exist yet threw away her phone number and never spoke to any of them ever again. Never again, never again. Feels good to have gotten that out there. I feel horrible about what I did, even though I was a kid I had no excuse spying on these girls during their private moments. This was the last time I ever violated someones privacy in this manner. I feel dreadful for doing this and if I could somehow find them I would like to apologize.