City of seattle standard plan 420 dating

Archives West: Seattle Engineering Department Unrecorded Subject Files,

city of seattle standard plan 420 dating

would conflict with the City's transportation master plan and PSRC's regional transportation plans, and it .. A standard, project-specific geotechnical investigation to determine where to avoid near- .. These assumptions are based on the latest information, but project dates can change. delineated inSM C Signature. Printed Name & Title. Date. See Attached Engineer's Comments the current City of Seattle Standard Plans and Specifications Road, Bridge and .. Houser. RCA. 1. 1. 1. 3. Emerald City Trapeze offers Flying Trapeze, Circus Arts, Aerial Arts, and Pole classes in Date Night - Beginner Acrobatics and Flying Trapeze - $99 / Couple.

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Must be 12 years or older Aerial Open Gym Membership For professionals or advanced aerialists currently enrolled in classes. Aerial space and rigging points are available any time classes or rehearsals are not in full swing.

All Open Gym students must take a brief safety and rigging class prior to their first Open Gym session. Please contact our front desk for more information about open gym certification dates and times. And now for something completely different, but not really. Aerial hammock is a fun and different way to ulitize silks skills, some of which you though were just for conditioning. This is a beautiful apparatus with some wonderful flows and drops.

Must be 12 years or older Date Night Need a twist on the usual dinner and a movie? Searching for a fun way to rekindle the love?

city of seattle standard plan 420 dating

Book in advance to reserve your space! Dip your toes into the world of circus with our Date Night Package! Need a twist on the usual dinner and a movie? Throw in an Acrobatics class followed by some Flying Trapeze and take your relationship to a whole new level! No experience is necessary! Through a variety of postures, instructors will focus on the efficient use of the body, resulting in strength conditioning and increased flexibility.

city of seattle standard plan 420 dating

The second part of the evening involves Flying Trapeze! You will learn to fly through the air with the greatest of ease!

city of seattle standard plan 420 dating

Let go of your inhibitions and trust that your date will hold the camera steady! This is your chance to fly!

Must be 18 years or older and under pounds Schedule: Fridays at 8pm Rate: Want to improve your overall fitness? Need to take your circus training up a notch? Open to all fitness levels, first timers and circus junkies alike, this class is designed to teach the fundamental principles for a wide range of circus disciplines. While improving your strength, power, endurance, flexibility and wellness, this well-rounded circus workout will get your body strong and fit to take your training, from wherever you may be, to the next level.

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Be ready to sweat! Please bring water and a towel. No obstructions to pedestrian visibility should be present within 30 feet of an intersection. These include parked cars, street trees, signal control boxes, sandwich boards, utility poles and landscaping mounds. Variations from standard sidewalk construction: In general, variations from standard sidewalk construction are required to meet ADA requirements.

There may be locations where asphalt walkways are appropriate on non-arterial streets such as industrial zones as specified by the Land Use Code. Please refer to the figure for more detailed information. The area between the curb and property line, including sidewalks, is the maintenance responsibility of the abutting property owner.

city of seattle standard plan 420 dating

When the existing sidewalk adjacent to a project is in disrepair or is damaged during construction, it shall be repaired or replaced by the property owner. Pedestrian facilities shall be designed to allow all users to logically connect to other pedestrian facilities e.

They shall be in compliance with current ADA requirements in all cases. Sidewalks and walkways should be constructed with accompanying curb ramps, including companion ramps, as required by current ADA standards. Sidewalks in the vicinity of transit stations: Applicants proposing new development in the block adjacent to a high or intermediate capacity transit station must accommodate high volumes of pedestrians in the vicinity as follows.

In the block adjacent to the transit station, the sidewalk shall be feet as follows: The following shall be considered when establishing the dimension of the Pedestrian Zone: Ridership projections for the station; Anticipated pedestrian volumes from adjacent land uses; Right-of-way dimensions; Block length; and Location of bus transfer zones. SDOT staff will work with the applicant to make the final determination of required sidewalk width.

Available right-of-way dimensions; Direction of adopted Street Design Concept Plan or other adopted plans. Improvements in these zones shall meet or exceed the accessibility requirements defined by ADA as well as applicable local and state standards. SDOT also requires curb ramps with tactile warning strips at legal crosswalks refer to Chapter 4.

Chapter 4: Design Criteria - Right-of-Way Improvements Manual

SDOT will require the transit agency to assess the conditions within the quarter mile of the station entrance, and add or repair existing sidewalks and curb ramps to provide access to the stations consistent with ADA guidelines. In this scenario, the minimum dimension of clear, unobstructed sidewalk width shall be retained within the Pedestrian Zone.

Provide adequate sidewalk width, especially at locations such as transit stops where pedestrians can be expected to congregate. Sidewalks and walkways should be buffered from the motor vehicle lane by a planting strip, street furniture, parked cars or a bike lane.

Sidewalks in the vicinity of high and intermediate capacity transit stations: Consistent with the City of Seattle Comprehensive Plan policies that encourage pedestrian access to and from public transit facilities, especially in Urban Centers and Villages, the following shall be considered: High and intermediate capacity transit stations have unique needs for pedestrians due to the high volumes of pedestrians exiting stations and onto the adjacent streets.

Transit agencies are typically required to size station plazas and waiting areas according to anticipated queuing and exiting volumes. However, the requirements do not typically extend outside the boundaries of the station site. The sidewalk on the street fronting the station is the primary location for high volumes of pedestrians congregating, making transfers to other modes or walking to a destination.

city of seattle standard plan 420 dating