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chris andersen dating

Nov 14, NBA star Chris Andersen's life was nearly ruined by a complex catfish scandal. Here are Chris Andersen catfish. Today . The Denver Date. Christopher Claus Andersen (born July 7, ) is an American former professional basketball player who last played for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the . Chris andersen birdman dating - If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating man half your age, this article is for you. Find single man in.

Texts From Tom Taylor From there, things took a turn for the worst and began to unravel. Andersen was confused and claimed to have no knowledge of a friend named Tom. Dunn pressed on, thinking Andersen was just toying with her. An incredulous Andersen continued to deny any knowledge of a friend named Tom.

When Andersen went off to practice, Dunn stayed at the home, playing with the dog and taking even more photos. But Tom Taylor kept texting her. He was requesting strange things, making Dunn uncomfortable. She and Andersen continued to exchange messages but the relationship fizzled somewhat. Then the relationship turned frightening. Dunn received tickets from a friend to go meet Los Angeles Clippers star forward Blake Griffin, and she immediately let Andersen and Taylor know of her exciting new plans.

Hooked: How The NBAs “Birdman” Was Catfished And Almost Ruined

On the contrary, the two were furious and barraged her with angry, threatening, and violent text messages. Out of the blue she went from having cordial conversations to being threatened and potentially blackmailed.

Taylor proceeded to send her a link containing all of the x-rated photos that were exchanged. They were going online and Dunn, absolutely shocked and completely powerless, had no way to stop it. She was 17 and just spent a weekend hanging out with a year-old celebrity.

She had lied about her age, lied to her mother about where she was going, and sent nude photos. She was being threatened. Naturally, Dunn informs her mother of the situation and the two head to the police.

The emails are straightforward. A year veteran of the force, she began to trace the origins of each message sent between Dunn and Andersen. International Investigation Headed by Constable Gord Olson of the Internet Child Exploitation Unit and Shawn Cronce, the two worked day and night to uncover the details of each message, email, and text.

After months of investigation, the two realized that each message sent between Dunn and Andersen was intercepted by one house in the small town of Easterville, Manitoba.

And the house where the messages were being relayed out of belonged to Shelly Chartier, the mastermind behind the most elaborate catfishing scheme in history. She grew up in a similar fashion to Andersen, impoverished and deprived of opportunity.

By the sixth grade, she was forced to drop out of school and take care of her bedridden mother. Life for Shelly was miserable. Her teeth were rotting and her only escape from the misery was the internet, that is when it finally arrived to the remote areas of northern Canada.

Catfishing Chartier With the internet, Shelly began to explore the world and escape the trap that was her life.

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Social media began to consume her life and she plotted devious ways to abuse the system without ever having to leave the comfort of her beaten-down shack.

So she started to create fake celebrity profiles, using them to manufacture the human interactions she never had before. She made a profile for Brody Jenner and one for a high-profile New York City comedian, and the list goes on. But it was the profiles she set up for Andersen, Dunn, and Taylor that would send the lives of many spiraling towards disaster.

He was the liaison between Dunn and Andersen. Despite Tom Taylor creeping Dunn out with weird requests, Dunn never became overly suspicious.

It was only when Tom Taylor began to threaten her that she decided to take any action. And how she got a suspiciously fast reply? It came from a fake profile that Chartier set up. With that profile, Dunn was successfully duped into believing she was communicating with the star NBA player. Now Shelly had to set up the other half of the equation and get the real-life Andersen involved with Dunn, and she used the exact same formula.

Somehow, neither victim was suspicious enough of the strange area code to inquire more. Somehow, the fake Facebook profiles looked legitimate enough to not warrant a second look.

So Chartier would pose as Dunn and ask Andersen to send selfies. She would receive those selfies and switch accounts.

chris andersen dating

Now posing as Andersen, Chartier would send the selfies to Dunn, and the cycle would repeat itself. Thus, Andersen and Dunn never directly communicated with one another. Each message they sent would be intercepted by Shelly, the account would be switched, and the information or pictures would be relayed to the other account.

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He, in fact, would have everything to lose from doing that. The web of lies was complex and elaborate. As for the inconsistencies? Those can be explained by Dunn and Andersen never actually communicating with one another until they actually met up in person, a meeting also arranged entirely by Chartier. No NBA team was willing to sign him until his name was cleared, assuming that would happen.

At the time of the investigation, neither Andersen nor Dunn knew of what was transpiring. All he knew was his name and reputation were in tatters and his career was all but over. Then the Miami Heat called. They were the defending champions and in a major slump. Although Chartier had, by this point, been arrested in Canada, neither Andersen or his lawyer were informed of it. Cherish The Championship They offered him a day contract after conducting their own internal investigation.

After the day trial period, Andersen earned a permanent spot on the Heat. As the playoffs approached, Andersen received the most important call of his life. So he continued to receive and endure the endless taunts, and the Heat kept winning. They went back to the Finals.

chris andersen dating

There, and in the Eastern Conference Finals, Andersen was remarkable. He shot extremely well, played sound defense, and protected the rim. In a thrilling seven-game series, the Heat would defeat the Spurs. Andersen was a champion. More importantly, he was innocent. Shelly Chartier was not so lucky.

She was handed a one-year prison sentence and another two years of probation. While in prison, Chartier learned to make eye-contact with others for the first time in her life.

How she was able to play Xbox remains unclear. Yet she still remains trapped and isolated, despite her newfound propensity for eye contact. She cannot enter the United States because Colorado still has warrants out for her arrest. Should she be extradited and convicted, she could face 24 years in prison. Her husband, from New York, can only visit her in Canada periodically.

Today, Birdman is happily married and has fully moved on from the potentially devastating catfishing scandal that ensnared him for months. Dunn landed at the Denver International Airport and Andersen was there to pick her up. What are you talking about? Thinking Andersen was messing with her, Dunn said she just shrugged it off. Dunn and Andersen finished their weekend together and Dunn got on a plane to head back home to California. But soon after, she said she started getting barraged with messages from Taylor.

She said Taylor began sending her angry, abusive text messages. Something just went and just set him off I did not like that.

chris andersen dating

She then said Taylor sent her a link that included all the photos she had sent Andersen. She said the photos were then posted online for a short time. Frightened, Dunn finally told her mother what had been going on and they called the police. Bryant said in FebruaryAndersen was playing an away game in Oklahoma City when he got a strange email and handed Bryant the phone.

Bryant said the writer of the email claimed to be Dunn's mother and said she knew that Andersen had spent the weekend with her year-old daughter. Bryant said Andersen believed Dunn was older and she had lied about her age when she booked her plane ticket to Denver.

chris andersen dating

There's nothing that's happened here that's criminal. You're engaged in extortion. At the time, the Nuggets were in the NBA playoffs and the story made national headlines. Andersen was let go from the team at the end of the season. This was absolutely contrary to who this man was, what he believed in, what his heart bled.