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childfree dating website

The best way to avoid this judgment is to find a childfree dating site. Here you can freely express why you don't want children and share other hobbies and. Jan 11, I explicitly stated at the very beginning of the profile that I am infertile, do not want to adopt kids or date single dads, and am not on a dating site. Childfree dating sites that cater to singles that are childfree by choice are often too niche to have a steady stream of new members. So it's difficult to be assured.

Exiled Creatures: An OKC experiment reveals the best dating strategy for childfree people: don't.

Unfortunately, these sites are few and far between and not many childfree people know about them. The selection is small here with many potential suitors being in different states or countries.

childfree dating website

Eventually, you find yourself back on the more popular sites. So you make sure to ask your potential suitors early on how they feel about having children. This is where I tell them some of the reasoning behind my childfree choice.

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This is finally it. I found the one! What else would I do with my life?

childfree dating website

Nothing is wrong with wanting kids. Just like nothing is wrong with not wanting kids.

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Being Childfree Presents New Obstacles Some people are true fence-sittersunsure of where life will take them and how they will grow as a person. You can have a perfectly healthy relationship with a fence-sitter but you may worry that your opinion will influence them or drown out their own thoughts. You may worry that down the road they could resent you if they truly did want children.

childfree dating website

So I designed an experiment using OKC, that festering collection of douchebags cloaked in anonymity, to demonstrate what it's really like out there for CF folks.

I did not contact anyone on the site or reply to any messages.

Child-Free Dating Sites

Simply put the profile out there to gauge responses. The same profile pictures were used for all three variations. This is the normal version of myself, childfree Chelsea, with truthful and accurate details throughout. I explicitly stated at the very beginning of the profile that I am infertile, do not want to adopt kids or date single dads, and am not on a dating site for random chit-chat.

Number of "likes" to my profile you get a like if someone rates your profile highly: Wants kids, might want kids, doesn't want kids, or no answer. Number of guys who stated they were single dads: That was the entire message. Not a single one of the guys who contacted me indicated that he doesn't want kids, and many of them were single dads.

childfree dating website

The first guy who asked me out stated on his profile that he "wants kids". The second guy invited me to drive from Olympia to Seattle lol, romantic to have a drink. I do not drink alcohol. He also stated he "might want kids" which is dating profile talk for "I don't want to specify because I want to attract as many women as possible, but you can safely assume I want kids". - Child Free Dating Site

A third guy sort of expressed interest, and claimed he was everything I was looking for. On his profile, his details section described him as a 34 year old unemployed overweight college dropout his words, not mine who might want kids and lives in Georgia. Same profile as before, except I removed all mention of being infertile and not wanting kids. Changed my offspring details from "Doesn't want any" to "Wants kids".

Did not change any other details, pictures, or anything else about the profile. Still included the statement that I don't want to date single dads.

childfree dating website