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Bullets Over Broadway (DVD) / Actor: Jim Broadbent / Actor: John Cusack / Actor: Harvey Fierstein / Actor: Chazz Palminteri / Actor: Mary-Louise Parker / Actor. With John Cusack, Dianne Wiest, Jennifer Tilly, Chazz Palminteri. In New York, a struggling playwright is forced to cast a mobster's talentless girlfriend in his. Everyone delivers, including central character John Cusack, a self-absorbed and Chazz Palminteri, a menacing goon who turns this backstage caper inside out. And now infatuated with Wiest, Cusack allows his relationship with girlfriend.

I enjoyed the film's message about the separation of the art from the man, and the potential corruption that art faces in order to appeal to a majority. Not one of Allen's best, but considering his wretched contributions to cinema as of late, it left me refreshed.

Bullets Over Broadway

The story is about struggling playwriter John Cusack who agrees to let a mobster fund his new play if the mobster's mistress Jennifer Tilly could have a key role in the play. The mistress's bodyguard Chazz Palminteri is sent to look out for her, but ends up becoming a key writer in the play. This is a well-acted film, with the best performance being John Cusack's. The dialouge was extremely well-written and the film kept the viewer entertained throughout.

One of the Issues I had was that some of the character's relationships became a bit tideous at times, and the direction could have been better poor lighting, some bad staging.

Bullets Over Broadway (DVD)

Yes, we do get much insight into the cocaine business in the early 80's, but the found that the film was a little hard to grip at times. Pacino's screen-hogging routine becomes tiresome, as does his accent. It's not a bad performance by any means, but his character is just too overdone. Another problem I had is that the film is a too trashy.

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This is a good movie, and it's obviously found it's crowd, but not me. Final Destination 2- Not going to waste any time on this. Bad acting, dialogue, too many cliches, the characters a ery underdeveloped. They are possibly more inept than the characters from the original. Cusack was sexy without being macho and smart without losing his coolness. And, he was younger than most leading men of his generation making it all the more impressive that he was as confident and consistently excellent as he was.

Evidence were the golden years: The Sure Thing - Back when Rob Reiner made movies that anyone wanted to watch, the director followed up This is Spinal Tap by casting a 19 year-old Cusack as a brash, fun-loving college student taking an It Happened One Night-inspired road trip with stuffy co-ed Daphne Zuniga.

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Cusack was still a bit rough around the edges, but he proved in his first starring role that he could be charismatic enough to carry an entire movie. As Lloyd Dobler, the actor is funny, sweet, romantic, confident, and completely natural. Every performance that Cusack ever gives is doomed to be compared to his performance as Lloyd Dobler in the same way that boyfriends across the world are forever doomed to be compared to Lloyd Dobler.

While the supporting players such as Jennifer Tilly, Chazz Palminteri and Oscar-winner Dianne Wiest got most of the critical attention at the time, in hindsight it is Cusack who holds the film together in what was his funniest and most assured performance to date. Grosse Point Blank - This idiosyncratic dark comedy was produced and co-written by Cusack and thus was the first film to fully bear his stamp as an artist. He plays a literate hitman who attends his year high school reunion and much bloodshed ensues.

Blank, Cusack takes the intelligence and verbal dexterity of Lloyd Dobler and adds it to a film that visits the dark places that Better Off Dead Being John Malkovich - Cusack at his most un-Cusack.

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Here, he is unattractive and somewhat unlikable, but with the help of Charlie Kaufman's script, he is as funny as ever. This is another example of Cusack holding his own in the important central role, but knowing when to let the supporting cast take over. High Fidelity - Another Cusack-produced personal project, this may represent his peak as an actor.