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I have deliberately changed them for their own security, given the number of other residents who beg to remain nameless.

Controversially, he says the police asked them to change the group's name, but they refused. But his decision to go public has led to a backlash from those he seeks to keep away. And the fear is that this injunction is only temporary. If it doesn't last, then the fear is that these travellers will be back here just to make a point. The injunction protects 'parcels' of land across the town - including parks, playgrounds and schools - and is believed to be 'unprecedented' in its scale Indeed, it's led to an astonishing row between the Tory MP for Harlow and his fellow Tory Police and Crime Commissioner, who has accused him of stoking up local tensions.

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Robert Halfon MP had written to the Home Secretary voicing his constituents' fury that Essex Police were apparently ignoring illegal behaviour by travellers — such as aggressive driving on cycle paths — which would not be tolerated if committed by others.

The MP received a stern letter from the Essex Police Commissioner, Nick Alston, accusing him of 'exacerbating' the situation and insisting that there had only been 'relatively few' incidents. He also criticised the MP's call for a 'zero tolerance' approach towards such lawlessness, warning that it could be misinterpreted as 'zero tolerance towards travellers'.

Relations are now said to be much-improved since a recent meeting, though there remain some core disagreements. Mr Alston, like the local Labour council, argues that new laws are needed, along with more official traveller sites. The Government position, on the other hand, is that police already have the powers they need while the Department for Communities and Local Government has given extra powers to local councils to combat illegal development. Harlow is just 25 miles from Dale Farm, pictured, formerly Europe's largest traveller camp The episode serves to illustrate just how toxic this issue has become in many parts of the country.

And in marginal constituencies such as Harlow, it could have a big influence on how people vote in May's General Election. So how did Harlow get into this mess — and out of it again? A post-war new town bolted on to the smaller Georgian original now called Old Harlowthis is a community of 83, souls.

In the autumn ofa convoy of caravans belonging to two extended families of Irish travellers arrived in town. They had just been thrown off Green Belt land in neighbouring Epping after losing a seven-year legal battle with the council.

Chelmsford prisoners staged 'dirty protests' with 'human waste', report finds

Given that a third of Harlow is open, public space, the travellers had plenty of options for what the council call 'cat-and-mouse games'.

Mr Mitchell reels off lists of incidents, each one minor in its own right but part of a broader pattern. For example, the woman who was too scared to drive to the industrial estate where she worked because it had become a traveller camp and children would kick balls against her car.

Ellen, a company accountant with a seven-year-old son, gives me a dispiriting account of how, very slowly, little things built up until she snapped.

But the officer just said: The travellers themselves, having moved on, are unavailable for comment. But what is very clear is an alarming and hypocritical streak of racism among certain travellers who are only too quick to accuse their own critics of the same poisonous charge. Infor example, a Tory councillor in nearby Thurrock was reported by a traveller group and investigated for 'hate crimes' by police after issuing a press release describing an illegal campsite as 'my big fat gipsy cesspit'.

There has, though, been no police investigation into the Facebook page which Mitch Mitchell and his neighbours opened last year to chronicle incidents in Harlow.

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One traveller who has his own blog about gipsy life bombarded the page with threats and bigotry. On another occasion, he warned that 'the travs av got a vendetta against the creator and one or two ringleaders of this group'.

Mr Mitchell has now started a new, members-only site. As tensions grew, Labour-controlled Harlow Council, came under attack for not doing enough to address the traveller problem. However, its critics were not aware that the council was already secretly working on an ambitious solution — a massive, town-wide injunction.