Carla morrison dating

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carla morrison dating

Carla Morrison news, gossip, photos of Carla Morrison, biography, Carla Morrison partner list Relationship history. Carla Morrison relationship list. Carla. Get Carla Morrison setlists - view them, share them, discuss them with other Carla Morrison fans for free on!. Carla Patricia Morrison Flores (Tecate, Baja California, 19 July ), better known as Carla Morrison, is a Mexican indie-pop singer and composer. She has .

Inspired by her teacher David Barrios, Mexican lyric baritone, she started to play her first musical compositions by the name of Babaluca. This project was consolidated as a band with the addition of Nick Kizer and Nichole Petta and soon positioned itself as one of the most important projects of the local music scene. This song was later included in her first EP, Aprendiendo a Aprender. Following a short, but productive career with Babaluca, Morrison decided to abandon the project and return to Mexico to pursue her solo career.

Carla Morrison

Soon after, this album caught the attention of the public and media, positioning Morrison among the most interesting projects of the new Mexican scene and taking her to perform in most of the country.

This album led the singer to continue harvesting more success, performing in major cities of the Mexican Republic and conquering some scenes in the United States and Colombia.

carla morrison dating

It is worth noting that this record was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award; at the same time, due to this EP, most of her performances, including those at Teatro Metropolitan and Lunario of the Auditorio Nacional, were sold out. The album won a Latin Grammy Award in the category of Best Alternative Album and its title track was a winner of the same award in the category of Best Alternative Song.

Carla Morrison "Te Regalo" (official video)

In addition, the album was certified Gold in Mexico. Most of the concerts were sold out. Both projects closed this tour appearing at Palacio de los Deportes on August 31,before 20, people.

The opening act was led by Banda de Turistas.

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This presentation was also completely sold out. Most of these concerts were sold out days before the show, which leads to the conclusion that the public of the visited countries was conquered by the artist before her presentations. You know, love has a lot of different colors. It's not only the extremes — there's a lot of gray area that is very complicated, that you've gotta kind of talk about, too.

carla morrison dating

Can I ask you about how place informs what you do? Because you sing in Spanish; you live and make music in Mexico City.

carla morrison dating

And the names that tend to pop up out of the Mexican music scene tend to be really big pop stars, who have a certain kind of mainstream sound. Is there space for more alternative songwriting and music-making, the kind of stuff that you're doing?

Carla Morrison Looks Hard At Love's Gray Areas

I think there's space if you fight for your space, for your place. We kind of have to find it ourselves on social media, because they're not gonna put it on the radio, they're not gonna put it on TV.

They're just not, and it sucks. So when you say you've had to fight — can you give me an example of a moment when it felt really hard?

carla morrison dating

When you were being pushed to compromise when you didn't want to? A lot of times when I would be approached by labels, I would get excited.

carla morrison dating

And then I would get the proposal, and everything was like, "We're gonna decide your art, we're gonna decide who you're gonna work with, we're gonna decide everything. There's been some times when people have put me down or talked down to me just because I don't have a skinny image, because I'm a girl, because I'm tattooed.

Carla Morrison Looks Hard At Love's Gray Areas : NPR

If you're tattooed here in Mexico, it's like you're kind of gross, or you're just not professional. You're not taken serious, and I was a very serious chick. So you had this curvy, tattooed, pretty, sweet girl singing about love — and about real love, not about stuff that just sounds nice. A lot of people were not too happy about it — they were like, "Who is this?

They were like, "Man, this is so real!