Capricorn woman dating an aries man

Capricorn Woman & Aries Man Love & Marriage Compatibility

capricorn woman dating an aries man

Relationship between Aries and Capricorn is a reflection of their a way, for they would need to understand what they both could become if the right person or. And if we have these two dating, then the confusion just goes to the next level. Seriously, can an Aries man and a Capricorn woman be. If an Aries man and Capricorn woman meet at a social gathering.

While he tends to go with the flow while following his gut feeling, she plans everything out, evaluates the pros and cons, and ensures that all the unwanted "accidents" that can result in wastage of her focused energy have no room in her life Yes, this guy can either be the biggest or the best "accident" in her life.

Aries Man and a Capricorn Woman: A Not So Good Match? A Ray of Hope If both are of the same age, his immature nature may put her off.

Therefore, if he is older than her, the relationship is more likely to sustain. Well, when it comes to these two, you can't really say. Both have quite similar strengths, albeit they have different ways of using them! For instance, both of them desire success and power, if they want something, they will do anything to get it.

It's just that the Aries man will move towards his goal with passion and aggression, not analyzing his actions logically, while the Capricorn woman will move slowly and steadily, evaluating and formulating a strategic plan to catch the fish.

This will make them great partners at work, as each will balance the shortcomings of the other. But, is this enough to sustain a long-term relationship on a personal level? When it comes to being friends, the relationship is quite unlikely to remain just there if both of them are attracted to each other, and yes, there is quite a lot of attraction going on here!

His charm, his body language, and his assertiveness are highly seductive, strong enough for this strong-headed woman to melt pretty soon. He on the other hand loves her because she seems to be too hard to get. She masks her true self behind the curtains of responsibilities, ethics, and morals, which intrigue him, while she draws nearer to him, being awed by his carefree and easygoing nature. He seems powerful, confident, truly manly, and promising enough to give her the security and status she needs her man to give her.

Just two people accepting and learning from the different point of views. Don't bring egos in between. The initial love affair between these two is intensely exciting. The Aries man ruled by the element Fire, meets the woman ruled by the element Earth.

He doesn't understand where I'm coming from. Hesays he loves me and he doesn't want to lose me and that he doesn't want tolose me. I'm a Capricorn girl dating an Aries guy.

The chemistry, in my opinionis amazing. We are very different, but it works out. We balance each otherout. He is wild and crazy, I am quiet and keep to myself unless I know you. We've been friends since middle school and now that we have both grown andmatured, I think it's wonderful that we are making it work. The sex is amazing,which is weird for me because I am generally a reserved person. But he justmakes a completely different side of me come out.

I am still in awe over him. He isn't ashamed to tell anyone that he is datingme, which helps me with my low self-esteem issue. He has cured most of mypessimism and for that, I am truly grateful. I would hope to stay with him. Only time can tell.

Listen Aries ladiessss, those cappy men that boss you around areidiots and those that try to control you are also idiots too and insecure. Iused to work with a cappy guy myself and I could see how stupid calculated andan idiot he was and I am a cappy man ma self ya know, but I have an Ariesrising. My gal is an Aries and I love her to death she tries to control mesometimes though but that is not a problem for me.

I give her all the freedom shewants and the more freedom she he's the more I love her. I normally can tellwhat she is up to anyway and it does not bother me because I know that sheloves me. I know its a challenging relationship but I love challenges. There isnot reason to be judgmental to a sexy Aries lady not only to her but toanyone.

I love her for who she is and that's why I fall in love in the firstplace with her so why would I want to change that. I love her for who she isand she is a wonderful beautiful soul. She tries to change me sometimes but I have told her that you fall for me the way I was, so why are you trying tochange me. Anyway if you love someone you'd love them for who they are and I dobelieve that its a big mistake to try to change someone to fit you.

We met up again 6wks ago and we have being seeing each other every week and we text everyday. I feel like were in a relationship except his told me that his only in it for the sex.

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When we are together there is no mistaken that he cares about me maybe even love me and yet he does not want to be in a relationship. Am I just kidding myself with hoping that he will change his mind? Oh my God all I can say I am so much in love with him he is aggressive and I am calm and composed but some how we have a great time together whenever we are with each other.

capricorn woman dating an aries man

After talking and had an intense connection he came to visit me for a weekend in DC. He said he doesn't care that I had sex with the first night I met him. He went back to ATL and we talk everyday and he said he really likes me. Anyway we were trying to plan my trip to visit him in ATL and I asked him to call me when he gets off work to book my ticket because it was getting late to book at an affordable price.

He didn't call me until 11pm at night. Prior to that he moved dates on me prior to family arrangements. I got upset and yelled at him for jerking me around and told him I don't have to go ATL and I don't have time for dudes who don't take me seriously.

Since then I haven't called him. He texted me the next day and I answered with a on e liner. We haven't talked in 3 days!!! I don't want to call Do you think its over? At first we started off as sex buddies. I have three kids. His a great role model. I think its better that ive met him later on in life, cause if I was in my twenties I don't think I would have given him a chance. Ive never met a Aries man, but ill tell you what in my situation he is fantastic in so many ways. We see each other about once every two weeks, its mostly just for sex, but now I am noticing I am developing more than just a sexual interest.

His personality is just as attractive as he is physically.

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I would like to see him more, but I don't know how to I think if I show more interest he will run, I tried it but got no response!

So now what, just wait? Do I ignore him, say no, or ask him out? Please help, I have never been with an Aries before. Biznitch I am a 33 year old Capricorn woman. I dated a Aries man when I was It was very intense but I couldn't see it going anywhere because he seemed to have no direction or ambition.

I got married when I was 24 to another man and have a 3 year old daughter with him. I am now in the process of separating from my husband and recently ran in my Aries ex at a small outdoor concert. We sat and talked for hours after 13 years. I found I couldn't stop thinking about him and have seen him a few times since. It feels so right to be with him. In my head I know we are so different but I can't help how I feel. I have not had sex with him again but he's very difficult to resist.

He has had addiction problems in the past. He now has his own business and is a successful musician. He also has 3 children with three different women. I have read that Capricorn Aries relationships do well when both people are in their thirties and I hope this is true. I struggle with my need for control of my life and how his passionate, fun loving energy makes me want to let go.

The sexual chemistry is like nothing I have even experienced. Just kissing him makes me lightheaded. I am normally fairly sexually passive but he makes me feel like an animal.

I find myself needing and wanting things I would never even consider with someone else. I know the sex will be still amazing and this scares me. I am not one for sexual flings and don't trust myself to not fall hard for him when I do.

If you want advice on getting in to one of these relationships be forewarned that it will leave you wanting more. But if you're looking for stability and predictability it's probably not for you. As a capricorn, I have always noticed that the "most compatible men" never truly are and are always big sissies who can't handle me.

Like the tauruses and virgos I have dated always end up crying and falling apart about the dumbest things. Caps and Aries get bad marks on the compatibility scale, but I have been in a relationship with an Aries man for over three years now. Initially, like any aries, he was very combative and we fought and broke up a lot.

Ever since then, it has been a very stable relationship and he treats me wonderfully. I just called off with my man who is Aquarius sun but his mars, Venus and rising are all aries. He is more of an aries. He wanted to control me BUT he wont be seen with me and we still live together.

He sees other women, ex women, new women. Cant stand him anymore. Cant wait to move out by the end of the month. Soon as I forgive him, he goes back to his old ways.

We met when I was 17 in a club for minors, and she definately didn't look her age. The chemistry was spot on from the first time I laid eyes on her, and it apparently was mutual. We faced a lot of challenges in the years to come such as my prents not liking her at all, her going through being raped and molested by a neighbor, alcohol and drug abuse, my going into the Army, and when I returned, the general B.

We had some really blowout type arguments at times, but resolved to "never go to sleep angry" which made for some interesting sex to say the least. The best part was that she was not only my lover, but she was my best friend as well. She had some tom-boyish ways about her, but could really drop your jaw when she decided to be a woman! We both were very adventure spirited, both in our activites as wel l as sexually.

I guess our favorite "thrill" was going to strip clubs. She is also bi-sexual so she enjoyed going to the strip club as much as I did. She would wear a skirt with no panties and sit there and tease the shit out of me and some of the dancers then strip down and pretend to be a dancer giving me a lap dance but we were actually having sex. I am still amazed that none of the other patrons ever figured it out!

While we had one hell of a sex life, I still have to return to the connection we had. I hate like hell that we let life beat us down to the point where we split up. We divorced when I was 27 and she was I had already started growing up and developing real goals and desires for some measure of success, and she was still full force in party mode.

She eventually became enamoured with a so-called friend of mine and told me she was "tired of living like she was 40, she wanted to be 24 for a while". When she left, I literally felt like I had lost my soul! I even contemplated suicide for a short period of time. She ended up getting pregnant by my so-called friend and has paid dearly for her indiscretion, as she puts it. We still talk, but live in differ ent states.

She has 2 kids by him, but no longer lives with him. I got remarried to a Leo big mistake and had a son by my second wife.


I am now divorced for the second time, and I would like to think that we could reclaim the love we had if we gave it another shot.

It has been roughly 10 years since we split up and I am worried that we have changed to much. I also have reservations about trusting her again, but then I don't really trust anyone anymore based on my life experiences. I want to trust her, but noone has ever proven trust worthy in my life. Who knows, given my Arian spirit, I will probably take a trip to Florida one weekend, for old times sake, and end up staying. I know my family would shit a golden duck if they knew I was even contemplating it, though.

I would surely be disowned! Everything was going great. I asked her to do me a favor she said yes then the day the favor was to be full filled she backed out. Things haven't been the Same sence that day.

What am I to do? The favor wasn't even important I just wanted to see if she was down for me. I'm dating an Aries now. Something I haven't ever seen before in my life. He is so sweet, so thoughtful, so caring. Yet can be out of control, flipping out punching shit over nothing that intense. I have the strength for both of us in this relationship and he'll even admit it. Because of course Aries don't consider the next day or the future. Mine has Chron's Diease, which he doesn't realize, I've never been with someone with a stomach alignament.

I don't know how to act. Do you want me there constantly for your doctor's appt. I do love him, I am full heartedly in love with him, I just don't understand the hostilality. He's had a real bad childhood, but so have I so has everyone, but I am strong enou gh to say fuck it, I will move on from my past and this is my future.

I don't understand him, He does love me, he does things that no one ever has before, it's just now I'm thinking of the future and here he is not worrying about tommorrow. I am a 28 yr old cap woman and in a relationship of 6 yrs with a 27 yr old Aries man. We drove each other crazy the first 3 yrs with a lot of arguments but the most amazing sex I have ever had.

I had been hurt and rejected by other guys before I met him and he was the only person that I could bare my soul to completely. It took a while to knock down my protective wall that shields my heart but I am so glad that I eventually submitted to his will and I am so happy! I don't want to be with anyone else and he calls me his wife in his head he told me.

He has tried to break up with me during our first 3 yrs because of huge blow ups and misunderstandings we had common among cap and Aries as we don't initially understand each other. I love him intensly and he is the only guy that has the key to my heart. Though it has been a struggle, I have learned to bite my tongue and let him think he is right which most of time he is right I don't know our rising suns but his mom is a Aries and has told her Aries son that I am the one. My mom is a mean scorpiao and my dad is a emotional cancer.

Aries man and Capricorn woman

So add that to my natural tendecy to control and a Aries will drive you mad. But as a cap woman, it has taken so much load off my shoulder and its been fun and wild to submit to his aggressivness and need to give me advice and opinions even when I don't ask for it. I love him to pieces. I am 18 year old Cap. We have been dating for a year and broke up once.

Our relationship started out as bed buddies, but our chemistry in the bedroom soon led to infatuation.

capricorn woman dating an aries man

He was really attached and his intensity scared me at times and I was not interested in committing. He was so passionate and cheesy it was hard for me to take his words seriously when he said he couldnt get me off of his mind.

Our second go on actual dating and knowing each other is going much better, but it true that the fighting is quite constant. We are both extrememly hard headed adn stubborn and I make him back down more than he would like which makes him unhappy. I try to let him take the lead, btu it is difficult when I am more ambitious and successful that he is.

On the positive he keeps me entertained and brings fun and silliness into my Cap life that is MUCH needed. I try to teach him focus and give him motivation he has taken soem advice but Aries do not liek to be told how to do something. It is a work in progress and a lot of compromise is needed. We have had the most meaningful passionate sex though that I have ever experienced. He will tell me all the things he loves about me and bed, but also can cater to my rough side when we are feeling naughty.

I am not sure if this will last, but I hope so because he is the only person that has kept my interest and taken on the challenge of breaking down my strong Capricorn walls to find the true me. This comes with a price and It is a challange to take a step back for him to feel like a content Aries.

I find most stories to be quite similar to some of my experiences with Aries. They are forgiving people. Need a lot of attention and love.

capricorn woman dating an aries man

Are jealous as are capricorns this will not be a open relationship. If they do not contact you they are either distracted of not interested. I am a 38 year old Aries man. I recently shared a relationship with a Capricorn for the first time. I rushed the relationship and she shut down quick. We were dating for 5 moths before she decided that I took her out of her comfort zone.

She has plenty walls to break down. As an Aries, I understand that I can be very forceful in my beliefs. I put a lot of pressure on her to open up. However Capricorn women don't let people in easy. I would have loved to continue on, but she is already set in her mind that she wants to be just friends.

This move allowed her not to be pressured by me to commit to anything. My love for her was over bearing. I learned that you cant rush a Capricorn. I agree with many of the posts.

capricorn woman dating an aries man

I barely know him 2 months. I feel like he gives me a lot of mixed messages. I also agree with what several have said about the Aries man not going away. I guess when it has gotten to this point 2 months with any other guy i've been with, i'm more sure about where things are going. I have no clue with this Aries guy! Im a Aries Man. Theres this girl that lives down the street from me.

We were real close when we were younger all the way till we graduated. Were both very abstract and artistic people who used to get along great. We always liked each other but nothing ever came of it. We were close until we graduated.

Since then I fell heavy under the radar and we lost touch. She sends a Christmas card every year and thats about the most I hear from her even though we live blocks apart.

capricorn woman dating an aries man

Were 23 now and its been years since iv gotten to talk to her. But yet I never stopped thinking of her. Even in other relationships she always came to mind. I have dreams all the time with her in it and I wake up sad to the fact I cant hear from her. It really bothers me. She pops in my head once a day and then fades away like that ghost weve become to eachother.

Just recently I saw another old friend an they mentioned how this girl had asked bout and spoke of me So I reached back out to her and we spoke. We talked for countless hours all week.

Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

Nothing had changed we talked,flirted and I still knew everything bout what she liked and what she liked to talk about. The end of that week I was invited over to hangout with her and the two other friends who informed me she spoke of me. When we chilled we just sat across from each other in the yard smiling at each other in silence like to retards, lol as The 2 people in the yard did all the talking. We just stayed smiling at each other the whole time and didn't talk.

When I look in her eyes I get lost in a vaccum. Nothing else in the world is even coherent when im thinking of her or talking to her. However, if you let the relationship run its course who knows how it may end up. These natural tendencies are normally negative. To put it more positively, they tend to be neutral with a negative side to it. Just like Capricorn and Scorpio relationships you have to always keep your eye on Capricorn woman and Aries man love compatibility to make the relationship truly pay off.

He has a great job; he has great plans for the future. He knows how to work. He has great connections. He knows how to work with people. All these details are very atractive to the Capricorn woman. All these details to the Capricorn woman implies somebody who is headed somewhere in life.

You have to understand that Aries is a solid water sign. Sure, he may seem like he has his goals. Sure, he might look ambitious. Sure, he might have plans for the future but those factors are based on his own reasons.