Burns brian may dating serial number

Burns Brian May Guitars

From: ordendelsantosepulcro.info Date: Thu, 27 Dec Picked up my Burns Red Special on December 6th from Deano and the guys at House Music. . The serial number and the "Made in Korea" sticker looks a little cheap. Apart from the poor. Burns Brian May Red Special, BHM , , Red, more Red Special, BHM Standard, No serial number, , Antique Cherry, more Hand built. BRIAN MAY SIGNATURE GUITAR () aka (see Home Page commentary on Brian May Series serial numbers after July ). Body with.

I recorded one CD so far and all my life I have been a guitar man. You know what I mean.

burns brian may dating serial number

During the last year I became deeply involved in trying to solve for myself one of the biggest mysteries of the modern guitar manufacturing. I was trying to buy a Brian May Guitar. After many days spent on the internet, personal inquiries and finally a few meetings with Greg Fryer I became equally obsessed and disappointed with the fact that at that moment there was no Manufacturer in the entire world who would be able to offer an exact authorised replica of the Red Special.

I received no reply. While doing this research I came to the following conclusions: The Red Special has been one of the most outstanding and one of the most unavailable guitars on the market for years. The guitar was something really special from day one. Having become one of the most popular guitars in the world due to the unmistakable Queen Sound it still is an object of desire of many guitarists from young amateurs to mature professionals.

It has been proven that the guitar is very wanted on the market. No other electric guitar draws so much attention of the Internet users. There is no other electric guitar inspiring so many enthusiasts in many different countries. The guitar truly has become a product desperately wanted, but commercially unavailable. The absence of the wanted product on the market for years has lead to a growing number of unprofessionally home made, pirate or hybrid copies. This drastically compromises the idea of the Red Special Guitar and leaves the main problem unsolved: I could feel a passion to the Old Lady, sometimes without even understanding the language the site was designed in!

Guitarists all over the world were willingly sharing their knowledge with me. I could find the colours of Guild prototypes, photos of Grekos, brands of the pick-ups, wiring diagrams, wood selection, dimensional drawings, tuners angles, and so on, and so forth.

burns brian may dating serial number

Most of the information would have been very useful, if I were a luthier. Alas, I am not. All I wanted was just to buy a guitar from anyone, who can professionally build it.

There was no light in the end of the tunnel. About a year ago I started hearing some rumors Burns were going to produce Red Specials in September The final date was being postponed a few times.

There were two photos of prototypes and very sketchy information. I am very grateful to Dave Good at House of Music for his excellent support, courtesy and taking care of his customers. I unpacked the cardboard box and pulled out the case. Case is well done, though it is rather small for the guitar. One can predict that the guitar will earn a few scratches from the metal sideboards as it takes some effort to put the guitar in without rubbing them.

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There is an accessory pack with two Alan keys, extra spring, spare tremolo arm bushing and the tremolo arm as such. The case is deep enough though. Here is the Red Special!

A collection of Brian May solos

Assuming that the guitar has come from the European winter to the peak of the Australian Summer it is remarkable, that it still was almost perfectly in tune. The guitar looks solid. It does give you a feeling of the Red Special. Before I played only two Red Special replicas: Now I received mine. The finishing is quite impressive.

Suffering from perfectionism, I can easily find equal imperfections reviewing any Gibson. Overall finish is very well balanced.

Burns in depth review

The only thing is a few cracks through the lacquer where the neck joints the body. Cracks appear on the topside. The bottom side is OK. The basswood shines trough the lacquer and looks quite cheerfully. In general I like it.

Alan Chow has already mentioned some cosmetic imperfections of the fret markers. Frets are well seated.

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Second string sometimes produces a few squeaks over the first fret while bending. This does not get amplified, though. Nonetheless, I do like the tuners placed parallel to the frets, unlike the original. Also, it was a good idea to put Brian May signature under the Burns logo.

I think it adds some spirit to it. Tuners are very good. They stay in tune long enough. Tremolo required fitting extra spring came with the guitar as an option. As a player I prefer bending much more than using tremolo, so I opted to fit the extra spring. Fitting of the 5th spring helps a bit.

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Potentiometer knobs look cheap. For sake of a couple of bucks, some better could be found. The slide switches work all right so far. Black colour may be a good idea. Tremolo bridge does too, however might have had slightly better polishing.

A good indicator of the build quality. I've tried to confirm any deductions I've had to make about introduction dates, discontinuation dates, body woods, colours, countries of manufacture etc. But I know even now that, despite the care I've tried to exercise, there are going to be errors - probably quite a few!

And that's where I'm asking for your help. If you own a Burns London guitar or bass, and the details on, about or around your instrument differ from what you see on the web page, please e-mail me and I'll see the record's put right. If you have photos of the few guitars that are missing or better photos of any of the instrumentsagain, please e-mail me. Many of the items are available as print-quality.

burns brian may dating serial number

Due to bandwidth restrictions, I can't put all the files up on the site; however, if you need a particular file, e-mail me and I'll be pleased to send it to you. Just be sure your ISP will accept any file you select. As their earlier websites tended to indicate, customers can have whatever colours they like within reason. So, if your '95 Double Six is a fetching shade of orange, please don't feel slighted by the absence of your favourite tint from the list! Next, how a colour is described can be very much down to the distributor of the moment.

Finally, catalogues don't always tell the full story. Nowhere, for example, in the BL literature will you find reference to a Cobra from in "Green Burst". Except I've got one, and it's not a one-off.