Browning takedown 22 dating

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browning takedown 22 dating

The Browning 22 Semi-Auto rifle, also known as the Semi Automatic 22 or SA, is a takedown rifle produced by FN Herstal based on a John Browning patent. Browning still offers a fitted case for the takedown rifle but it has a different look and I am not Click here to date your Browning firearm. It was also known as the 'Browning Semi Automatic 22' or 'SA'. A leaf rear Dating pre '56 rifles can be difficult, in as much as matching numbers to dates.

A John Moses Browning original design.

browning takedown 22 dating

Receiver Machined from steel. Grade I engraved with scroll design and a polished, blued finish. Grade VI models available in polished blued or satin grayed finish. Sights Gold bead front. Adjustable, folding leaf rear. A cantilever scope mount for 22 style grooved mounts is available separately.

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The barrel not the receiver is drilled and tapped for these special mounts. Barrel Same quality and precision as found on Browning centerfire rifles.

browning takedown 22 dating

Drilled and tapped to accept a scope mount. Trigger Blued on Grade I.

Browning 22 Semi-Auto rifle

Gold on Grade VI. Safety Manual trigger-blocking, mounted on trigger guard. A key on the end of the follower is turned to unlock and the follower pulls back.

browning takedown 22 dating

When pulled back about two-thirds of the way you can drop loaded rounds into the port on the side of the buttstock directly into the magazine tube. You then return the follower tube into the magazine tube, lock the key with a quick turn and you are ready. Spent casing are ejected downward.

The cocking button is on the underside of the receiver.

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Browning design was the first semi-auto rifle made for the. It has been called a rifle that was appropriately designed for its cartridge — slim, light and easy handling. Production continued at FN untilwhen it was moved to Miroku in Japan, where most Browning rifles and shotguns have been made ever since.

browning takedown 22 dating

This Limited Edition SA commemorates the th anniversary of the rifle. A similar rifle was made by Remington from to as the Model 24 andunder license from Browning. The main difference in the Browning and Remington versions had to do with a slight variation in the take-down system for removing the barrel.

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The Brownings were also cosmetically a bit nicer, with attractive checkering, wood, fit and finish. I recall as a youngster seeing my first Browning. I was especially impressed with the. My experiences with Texas fox squirrels taught me that.

Over the years I kept telling myself that I really needed one of the Short models, but somehow I never got around to buying it. The most noticeable is the downward ejection of empties.

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