Borderlands 2 lilith dating roland

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borderlands 2 lilith dating roland

Lilith plays a noticeable role as NPC in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. After the opening of the Vault and the defeat of General Knoxx, Lilith and Roland traveled . They talk about a past relationship between the 2. They are no longer together, so I doubt Lilith still likes Roland. Friends, resistance leaders. Has anyone else noticed that Lilith makes multiple comments about /r/ Borderlands2 accepts non-text posts. my boyfriend" meaning Roland, since the next mission is saving him. Which would imply that she is dating Lilith.

If Jack had her at around age 20, he's around 40 now, and he just seems too young for that in TPS. In BL2 he only has one streak of grey in his hair I think he doesn't have one in TPSand maybe he dyes it, but most people I know are already pretty grey or bald, or both around Also, his intro scene at Helios he seems quite young. I'd put Jack at around 30 during TPS ; young enough to still have a crap job as a coder at Hyperion, but old and smart enough to have set BL1 in motion.

But that'd mean that he got Angel at around age If I'm generous and say he has a youthful appearance, that'd still mean he got Angel when he was around 18 or so.

borderlands 2 lilith dating roland

Sal has a receding hairline, I think, and it's hard to pin an age on Zer0. Presume that with "BL2 Hunters," I mean Maya, Axton, and maybe Gaige, although she seems a bit younger again, while Krieg looks older, as far as I can see with his mask on. Maybe a little younger, even, Maya and Axton seem a bit on the young side.

Then again, Axton was married, and I simply can't fathom being married before you're Jack doesn't seem much older than that. Then again, his mask concealed most of his "true" facial features.

Greetings, Traveler!

Anyway, I can't see Jack being more than 10 years older than the BL1 Hunters, but again, that'd make him nearly 40 in BL2, and he just seems too Not that I picture everyone older than 40 to be completely worthless in combat, but he just seems to be too energetic to be that age. That'd still mean Jack got Angel at a pretty young age. But a complication arises that may put their holiday plans in jeopardy.

After encountering another siren named Maya, She is dragged into the conflict with Handsome Jack while the forces of Dahl scheme in the background. While discovering why she has been brought back to life. Is mainly Adventure with some Romance. Unknowingly, one of the daughters Sheya Maverick sets off to find her missing sister Tabithawho has disappeared from New Haven days earlier. Leaving an ECHO trail of her where about's, bandits are on a mad pursuit for the millions promised for bringing their corpses in.

He has powers to achieve his goals, but at what cost?

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If only the Gemini Corporation weren't so conniving… Rated: Friendship, purpose, and more blooms in the most unlikely of places. How will this change the story we all know and love? T because Borderlands and may change to M if I'm feeling really pervy by the time I hit a certain point Rated: I listen to explode you. I'm stuck on you. T - English - Sci-Fi - Chapters: However, their bright scientist, Dr.

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Clay, has better ideas for the super company. He sets out to make the perfect assassin, but will his thirst for recognition lead to his downfall?

borderlands 2 lilith dating roland

T - English - Drama - Chapters: