Blase an der lippe aber kein herpes dating

blase an der lippe aber kein herpes dating

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Gradually, inguinal swelling decreases, fever, malaise, body aches, and nerve involvement subsides. Normally, eliminates all external symptoms and physical manifestations of infection within twenty-one hours, and the bubbles is dried and dissolved.

A particularly surprising, beneficial effect provided by this inventive medicine is that when it is applied at the first sign of an outbreak, the prodromal stage, omitted all the symptoms and signs of further infectious outbreak! There occur no outbreaks or any further escalation of symptoms of the infection. The outbreak literally stops! Desirably includes the novel medicine medical composition inhibitors of microbes, microbial infections of diseases which are caused by microbes, inhibit, suppress and stop.

Die Hemmstoffe von Mikroben umfassen phytochemische Stoffe von mindestens einem Teil von Echinacea purpurea. The microbe inhibitors comprise phytochemicals of at least a portion of Echinacea purpurea.

The microbe inhibitors can inhibitors of viruses to viral diseases such as herpes simplex virus type 1 HSV-1herpes virus type 2 HSV-2varicella zoster virus herpes zostercytomegalovirus, HIV to inhibit Epstein-Barr, papilloma virus, viral influenza, viral parainfluenza, adenovirus, viral encephalitis, viral meningitis, arbovirus, arenavirus, picornavirus, coronavirus and syncytial virus, include.

The microbe inhibitors can also inhibitors of bacteria to inhibit, include bacterial diseases such as cellulitis, staphylococci, streptococci, mycobacteria, bacterial encephalitis, bacterial meningitis, and anaerobic bacilli. Under some circumstances, the microbe inhibitors can include inhibitors of fungi. Es werden bessere Ergebnisse erzielt, wenn Echinacea purpurea im Arzneimittel nicht in seiner rohen, unbehandelten und unverarbeiteten Form verwendet wird.

Better results are obtained if Echinacea purpurea is not used in the drug in its raw, untreated and unprocessed form. For even better results, the drug Arabinose, betaine, cellulose, copper, fructose, fatty acids, galactose, glucose, iron, potassium, protein, resin, sucrose, sulfur, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and xylose may exclude.

The improved medical treatment provides a novel method and a novel method of use in treating the above infectious disease prepared by applied, the microbial inhibitors on the microbiologically infected area and maintains the microbe inhibitors on the infected area region or surface until the external symptoms and physical manifestations of the infection disappear, stay or dissolve around the infected area. The drug can by spraying, speckle, scattering, Auftupfens, applying with a sponge, swabbing, casting, spreading, covering, or heavily coating the medicine on the microbial infected areas, such as the oral mucosa, nasal mucosa, vaginal tissue, lip tissue, anal tissue, peri-anal tissue, lips, skin tissue, subcutaneous tissue, ocular tissue, conjunctiva and eyelids are applied.

While the medical treatment and medicine homo sapiens are particularly useful for inhibiting herpes and other infectious diseases in persons human beingsthey can, such as in dogs for veterinary purposes for treating viral and bacterial infections and infectious diseases in animalscats, birds, horses, cows, sheep, pigs and other farm animals as well as in rodents and other animals that can be seen zoos, his young pigs and adult animals useful.

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The improved medicine, medical composition or microbial compound is a phytochemical concentrate which is combined with benzalkonium chloride and preferably a carrier, solvent or diluent, and applied simultaneously or simultaneously to provide a microbicidal drug solution. For this purpose, the microbicidal solution of interest comprises an antimicrobial detergent with plant extracts.

Pallets are useful to mix the ingredients to keep the constituents in solution, and a simple method of application to the affected area whether to provide by spray, dropper, or applicator.

While an aqueous solution, preferably a sterile aqueous carrier and solvent is preferred for best results, it may in some circumstances be desirable to use other liquid or solid carriers, such as: The phytochemicals contained in this new drugs and medical treatment can arabinose, betaine, copper, echinacen, echinacin B, echinacoside, echinolone, enzymes, fructose, fatty acids, galactose, glucose, glucuronic acid, inulin, inuloid, iron, pentadecadieneinclude polyacetylene polysaccharides such as arabinogalactan, but not limited to, potassium, protein, resin, rhamnose, sucrose, sulfur, tannins, vitamins A, C and e, and xylose.

For better results, the phytochemical concentrates include the above phytochemicals, excluding Arabinose, betaine, cellulose, copper, fructose, fatty acids, galactose, glucose, iron, potassium, protein, resin, sucrose, sulfur, xylose and vitamins A, C and E. Die Phytochemikalien werden aus Teilen von Echinacea purpurea abgesondert, extrahiert und isoliert. The phytochemicals are separated, extracted and isolated from portions of Echinacea purpurea. The inventive technology, treatment and the drug lead to very attractive, unexpected, surprisingly good and consistent results.

Studies have shown that the microbicide solution medicine and medical treatment to heal and control herpes outbreaks, to reduce the viral load, to expand the latency periods of the disease as well as drastic inhibition of the virus are extremely useful as they generally for the patient and the environment are safe.

A more detailed explanation of the invention is presented in the following description and the appended claims. There are a microbicide and a treatment for herpes virus provided to ease pain, heal lesions, resolve infectious outbreaks rapidly and herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2 HSV 1 and HSV 2 to inhibit. Desirably, the microbicide and treatment against herpes inhibit the herpes virus and other infectious microbial diseases completely and are safe and non-toxic to humans, animals and the environment.

The microbicide and drugs against herpes comprise from 0. The preferred microbicide composition further comprises an aqueous diluent, preferably a sterile aqueous diluent. The benzalkonium chloride provides a certain debridement of epithelial cells with a broad spectrum antimicrobial activity. The solution may comprise various concentrations of benzalkonium chloride by weight, from 0. The phytochemicals in the plant Echinacea have demonstrated impressive activity against bacteria, viruses and some fungi.

Der genaue Mechanismus ist nicht bekannt. The exact mechanism is not known. When tested in vivo topically to HSV 1 and 2, they are reasonably effective for treating of infectious outbreaks of herpes simplex.

When tested in vitro, it showed some inhibitory activity against HSV 1 and 2. Die phytochemische Konzentratzusammensetzung umfasst die folgenden isolierten Bestandteile, Pflanzenextrakte, mikrobiellen Hemmstoffe und antimikrobiellen Isolate: The phytochemical concentrate composition comprises the following isolated constituents, botanical extracts, microbial inhibitors, and antimicrobial isolates: For best results, the antimicrobial isolates of the phytochemical concentrate comprise by weight based on the total weight of the inventive medical composition: The diluent dissolves the benzalkonium chloride surfactant and phytochemical concentrates and can act as a carrier in sprays, tubes, and bottles pot.

The preferred diluent is an aqueous diluent and most preferably is a sterile aqueous diluent. The ratio of water in the aqueous solution to benzalkonium chloride can range from 30, The ratio of water to the combined concentrates of benzalkonium chloride and phytochemicals can include a range of 2: While water is the preferred diluent, and the preferred support, it may be desirable in some circumstances to use other carriers in order hindurchzutreiben or concentrate through a sprayer in order to achieve a higher solubility and efficacy.

It may also be desirable in some circumstances to include an agent that regulates the viscosity. While it is estimated that the shelf life of the improved medicine for herpes is two years, it may also be necessary to add a suitable preservative.

Blase an der lippe aber kein herpes dating

For the preferred application, the medical solution should medicine during any outbreak or physical manifestations of any of herpes and preferably at the first sign of the prodrome stage of tingling, itching, or irritation of herpes be applied topically to the infected area.

The affected infected area should be dependent on the location of the outbreak as dry as possible. The method of topical application of the drug can be done by: The coating with the solution medicine should be maintained until all external symptoms are completely eliminated, wherein the coating every time when it is smaller, for example after a shower, is reapplied as needed.

Anionic soaps and anionic detergents, and especially protein-containing soaps can be contraindicated. Preferably, the infected area should be washed before application of the drug, be cleaned and dried. Benzalkonium chloride is a rapidly acting anti-infective surfactant with a moderately long duration of action.

The surfactant is active against bacteria and some viruses, fungi and protozoa. Bakterielle Sporen werden als resistent angesehen. Bacterial spores are considered to be resistant.

Solutions of benzalkonium chloride are correspondingly the concentration bacteriostatic or bactericidal. The exact mechanism of action of benzalkonium chloride on bacteria is unknown, but it is believed that it is due to enzyme inactivation. The activity of benzalkonium chloride generally increases with increasing temperature and pH. Grampositive Bakterien sind gegen Benzalkoniumchlorid empfindlicher als gramnegative Bakterien.

Gram-positive bacteria are more susceptible to benzalkonium chloride than gram-negative bacteria. Leider wird Benzalkoniumchlorid durch Seifen, anionische Detergenzien, Serum und bestimmte Proteine inaktiviert. Unfortunately, benzalkonium chloride is inactivated by soaps, anionic detergents, serum, and certain proteins. Benzalkonium chloride has fallen in many laboratories for the above reasons in favor.

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